Back on the Bandwagon

Does anyone ever have those days/weeks where they feel like their life is spiraling out of control?? I think everyone has those indicators in life that make them step back and say hold up, I need to get back on track. AKA last night I had Jimmy Johns for dinner, and at least a pound (not really) of peanut butter/kashi/coconut milk goodness. And I didn’t even work out! Maybe hormones are to blame, but seriously, I woke up this morning telling myself to just hop back on. However, that is always easier said then done.

In an effort to give myself a little boost, I think I will share tried and true ways that I motivate myself to get back to moderation:

  1. Take a break from SUGAR- I swear sugar has drug like effects on my body. While I generally limit my sugar intake by choosing agave or stevia over the pearly white stuff, it sometimes has the effect of creeping back into my body, especially by way of too many M&Ms/girl scout cookies at work, or a flood of sugar cookies/chocolate last week for V-Day. and then I start feeling like I am on a roller-coaster of energy and sluggishness. So when you feel out of control of what you are putting into your body, I swear sugar is a good place to start. Take a break for 24 hours first and see how it goes 🙂
  2. Get some fresh air- Proper nutrition and eating goes hand in hand with exercise. Unfortunately, as we start down a downward spiral of poor eating, often our exercise patterns fall out of wack as well. As I sneak an extra said cookie here and there, I gradually move any motivation to work out at night. But even so, the best thing I can do for myself is go for a walk. Often, as soon as I get moving I am motivated to step up my pace to that of my routine run!
  3. Remind yourself why your healthful behaviors are important to you. Questions that can be asked include: How do I feel when I am treating my body with the greatest care possible? How are the decisions I am making today going to affect me in the future? The most important thing to remember is to not beat yourself up over “falling off the bandwagon.” We are humans facing different levels of stress, hormone fluctuations, and other health issues unbeknownst to us!

I am certainly in need of some encouragement (today and every day!) so will try to remember the following:

  • I feel confident, in control and energized when I am taking care of my body.
  • I am more productive when I have my meals and workouts planned.
  • I sleep better when I am taking care of my body.
  • When I feel more confident, I am happier and more relaxed, and am therefore a better friend, daughter, sister and co-worker!

so while I may feel like this right now:

With this sticky note on my forehead…

I should be feeling like this in no time 🙂


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