Over the next few weeks, I cannot WAIT to show the world pictures my apartment.  Moving into my first (own) apartment has been the a highlight of post-college life thus far (I mean besides landing my first big girl job, duh.)

My step-mom calls it “Nesting.”  I call it peace and quiet.  Nothing beats coming home to a place that I call my own.  My furniture, my music, my bed, my clothes, my time…and my mess [of course] on occasion 🙂  My apartment has literally become an outlet for my creative juices.  I have really developed an interest in decorating, furniture arranging, picture hanging and even the occasional DIY project.  Obviously, doing the majority of these things in the comfort of my own time means everything isn’t always perfect, aka more a few times it has been pointed out to me that pictures are crooked.  but WHATEVER, if you want something done do it yourself, right?  So no,  I will not be offended if you notice a picture that is is slightly off.  It’s not your computer screen, its definitely my hanging job 😉

Here’s a sneak peak at my humble abode NEST (more pictures with diagrams, descriptions to come later +++ a look at design ideas/projects I am playing around with!)

Living Room (aka formal sitting room, yes I am probably the only 20ish year old without a TV in her living room but I LOVE it.  more on why later)

(yuck, apologies for the darkness here- see post#1 re: only own an iphone camera and still learning to use my Mac…)
Kitchen- redone after moving in (without an increase in rent, WOOP)

Bedroom- speaks for itself?

And that concludes the sneak peak for this evening’s viewing pleasure.  Pictures of bathroom, dining room, “bonus” room, foyer and hall way to come later.

BUT OF COURSE, how could I forget one last (most important) part of apartment life.  Yes, by “bonus” room I do indeed mean an extra bedroom, and by extra bedroom I do mean space for my roommate…

…space for her litter box and sunbathing that is!

That’s quite a close-up for her. (she would be SO embarrassed if the above was her cyber-space introduction)

Let’s post another just to get her at a better angle:

Oops, wrong picture, NOT her best angle.  (she is really killing me now).   She hates it when I point out that she’s got a little junk her in trunk.  We just tell her she’s big boned, with a baby head!

A little dark, but the best I can capture on photo booth right now.  Everyone say HI MAIA! Purfect.

No worries, she’s a huge part of my young twenty something (single) apartment life and will be back in subsequent posts.  Until next time, good night!


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