Fabulous (Family) Friday

Like I warned when I published my first post, I am not entirely sure the direction my passion for blogging is heading, but I do know that I am [so-far] thoroughly enjoying this open space for thinking, pictures and KITing **KIT= Keep(ing) in touch!  Despite the last two entries being about food, I don’t intend to have a “Foodblog.”  I would prefer a “live life to the fullest blog,” but not 100% sure what that is entailing quite yet.  For now, I do have a How to Live in Norfolk page coming though!

I do have a few fun posts in the works (and exciting weekend travel plans) but thought I would shoot out a mid-day-what-is-on-my-mind post.  Just because I can and I have absolutely no idea who will read this.

First, I HAD to share my lunch for today.  I knew I would be indulging a lot this weekend, so I packed some veggies and fiber to make me feel nourished and full for the day before I got out of town.  (side bar also was in need of veggies after those quesadilla’s + Marg I had @ Luna Maya, last night, YUM- quesadilla’s were actually vegan, but more on that later!)

Lettuce, half a can of tuna (for protein), roasted Acorn Squash, and leftover Moe’s salsa/blackbeans.  This picture doesn’t truly do the meal justice, but I think squash and beans are such a fabulous combination!  sauteed spinach would be a delish compliment.

PS I hate to admit how often I eat lunch at my desk…however, it gives me the time to let my food digest while I surf/try to upload the above picture 10 times to make it fit, not fun, but what would this be all about if I wasn’t learning??

Second, I have been super contemplative about my grandparents for a variety of reasons last week and this week.  Just thought I would share some recent pictures of them, as I have been reflecting on how grateful I am to still have all my grandparents alive and generally well.  I would truly not be the person I am today without their inspiration, encouragement, guidance and influence.  Reflecting on their lives and accomplishments reminds me that I have HUGE shoes to fill in order to leave my own legacy as they have done.

T. Parker, Host Jr., my father’s father.  Was a wahoo at one point, avid sailor and golfer, lifelong resident of Newport News, community leader and President of his father’s and our family business for decades.

Janet P. Host, my father’s mother, with her dog Hannah.  She lives in Gloucester, VA but was formerly from Newport News and lived in Smithfield.  She is lover of all animals, and has an incredible passion for gardening, decorating and cooking.  For years she worked in the antique business (Swan Tavern Antiques) with her brother, David Peebles.

Finally, my mother’s parents, Renate and Joachim Steinert (and their children and grandchildren).  They have an incredible story of coming to the US with nearly nothing except the clothes on their backs from East Germany in the early 1960s. They are also passionate about sailing and traveling, having seen more of the world than I might ever see.  Oma and Opa, as I call them, worked for many years in banking and engineering, respectively, and are now able to enjoy a comfortable retirement in Florida while they continue to travel.  They have both instilled a permanent sense of responsibility and dedication to hard work in me through their stories and experiences.

I hope to share more of my family life at a later point, but for now, let this serve as a simple reminder to remember and appreciate your roots, no matter where your relatives may be!


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