Flyin’ High

Writing a post on my iPhone the airport mid-travel? Perfect. and I never thought I would ever use the words air[port], travel, and perfect in the same sentence (or paragraph, whatever). To be honest, I am a get-in-the-car-and-drive kind of girl, but will tolerate air travel only when I have to. Aka when I’m heading alone for a city not known for it free parking and balmy weather. I don’t like waiting around, being in confined spaces with strangers, and having to share my personal space infringed upon for extended period of time. Oh and there’s the forced socialization when I’m super into my book. Of course I’m polite, but there’s only so many hints one can give to Chatty Cathys.

But to be honest, today, things are going quite smoothly despite a 30 min (thus far) delay due to who knows what (that is, surprisingly not related to the tornado warning here in Norfolk, strange?)

I printed my BP last night, packed my car this AM and arrived at ORF with exactly an hour to my flight. Passed through security with no problems, and even got a laugh out of a friendly TSAA agent who noticed I was sporting Christmas socks.

Well for that matter, maybe his laugh was actually at ME for taking a picture of my socks (stupid iPhone shutter sound ruined any chance in nonchalantly snappin’ pics in line)

After appropriately relieving myself I was in dire need of refilling the Dasani bottle I had chugged in line before the “no liquids” barrier. Since I can’t stand the whole hold the bottle steadily under the water fountain while it fills up at the pace of a snail because I can’t hold it steadily enough, I mosied on into Starbucks and asked (politely) if they wouldn’t mind refilling my bottle. I was given a slightly confused look when I didn’t continue to order anything (had already reached my 2 cup a day limit). Then I explained that I had Starbucks yesterday and was even a registered GOLD card owner 😉 That seemed to do the trick, and I promptly found my refilled water waiting for me on the baristas finished drinks counter…like it was actually a grande no whip soy skinny cinnamon latte. Gotta love impeccable service.

So now I am now sitting in Starbucks Norfolk airport-style, enjoying my refilled bottle of water just steps away from my flight. Flying’ highly if you ask me!!

Afterthought/food for thought: As a regular customer, Should I feel guilty about taking advantage of Starbucks’ services just this once without being a “paying customer”? I think not, corporate America, but maybe I’m off this time.

UPDATE: after the above writing about my glorious afternoon I realized I was at the wrong ORF-LGA gate, oopps and we’re still delayed, leaving an hour late. I am getting some good newspaper reading in, however, and words with friending it of course @Aunt Christine and Courtney


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