New York State of Mind: Weekend Recap Part 1

It’s fun to leave and fun to come home! 

Left the office @ 2:30 Friday afternoon, and did not step foot into my apartment until after 9 p.m. last night…I was whipped (and still had a baby kitty to pick up). 

However, I packed a TON into those 24+ hours. 

Considering this is about as exciting as my day got today:

note the rubberband ensemble I found 
on my computer when I returned to my

I am glad to have something much more exciting to post about tonight. Because really, the 9-5 lifestyle is certainly not all its hyped up to be.  Must figure out how to work less/make more money ASAP.

Here goes NYC Adventures 2012 part one. 

Arrived from my flight to LaGuardia and booked it to a taxi.  Headed over the FDR with no traffic and found myself on the steps of Susy’s penthouse by 7 p.m.  After a glass RR (red wine, our fav obviously) and a smorgsboard of leftover roasted duck, foie gras + chocolate fudge cookies [all homemade at Susy’s school, the French Culinary institute] we played around with the idea of going out for dinner/drinks but both admitted we would much rather make ourselves at home with Wedding Crashers and our favorite company! 

Dinner ended up consisting of the before-mentioned bites + chia seed pudding for something sweet.  And maybe another glass of wine.  No complaints here.

Susy’s dog Beau cuddled with us on the couch, and was begging for wine.
Like mother like puppy?

Woke up early Saturday and lazily browsed cook books (the apartment of two culinary school grads = FABULOUS reading material) until we went out for some sunshine + walking.  The wind made slightly unbearable but we braved it for a while at least. 

The earliest brunch reservations we could score were for 2 p.m., so we showered, made a quick Starbucks stop to hold us over and stopped in for way affordable manicures and pedicure.  New York may be quite the sticker shock for most things, but I have to say you can definitely find more higher quality, lower priced salons than in Virginia. 

Next up was brunch Balthazaar.  This is a well-known French eatery in NYC, that had been recommended to me by a friend I met while traveling, and one that Susy had actually always wanted to try.  Sold.  Nothing beats exploring something new with your city host! 

wine out of glass bottles is a nice touch

Unfortunately BOTH of us were starving by the time we got there, and savored our meals before snapping pics.  We went traditional, Eggs Benny for Sus and Eggs Florentine for me.  Because I loveee cheese and spinach and because Susy loveees Hollandaise+eggs.  For that matter, she probably could’ve written the sauce lesson for culinary school, sauces are definitely one of her specialties, the more butter the better! Oops, slight digression.

So satisfied, post meal.
Raw Bar
Large scale mirror picture, which reflection of bar in the background.
Can you spot two happy girls?

The day had turned into a warm-in-the-sun kinda day, but the clouds had set in by mid-afternoon.  As I mentioned briefly above, Susy is at the tail end of her culinary school experience at FCI, the French Culinary Institute.  Lucky for me, she is able to access their kitchens during all business hours, even though she only takes classes M-F.  She had to stop to pick up her knives to take to be sharpened, so was able to give me my own personal tour!  Incredible, and a lot more industrial than I had inspected, especially since the school operates a restaurant of their own on the first floor of the building.  The top five floors (yes FIVE) are full of class rooms, teaching kitchens, pantries, auditoriums, locker rooms and portraits of super famous CHEFS! Here are a few behind the scenes shots:

Behind the scenes @ L’Ecole
Pastry Studio, my favorite is the plain white one
with the ruffles.
Example of FCI Classroom- More stainless steel than I
have EVER seen at one time (except for maybe in an 
operating room? weird.)
Cookbook library- of course the nerd in me LOVED
this part.
FCI Pantry.  AKA the bottomless (free) grocery store for
the students.  Unlimited truffles? Yes please.
wall of handprints of famous Chefs- took this one for my
friends at Goodwin Creek Farm and Bakery

Six flights of stairs later, I could safely say I had gotten a first class tour of FCI.  Best of luck to you on your final exam on Friday, Susy!

To continue our “my-life-resolves-around-food” day, we headed to the Meatpacking district to swing through Chelsea market.  Chelsea Market is home to Food Network Studios, but also a plethora of food stores, bakeries, eateries, cafes and the like.  We dropped off her knives to be sharpened, and killed at least forty minutes strolling through shops like these:

So many shops! [too many people!]
Enough Nutella to feed and ARMY.  At $35.00 jar a jar, its a deal!
Homemade Ravioli = on my list of things to do. 
LOVE white dishes.  Would PIN this picture if I did the whole Pinterest thing. 
SURPRISE! We stumbled upon the wine store (pun intended).
We missed tastings by two minutes.  Boo. 

But of course we wouldn’t let a small timing mishap get to us.  Since our evening plans didn’t start until 8 p.m., we grabbed Susy’s newly sharpened knives (in a fancy bag by the way, no we were not traipsing through the streets of NYC with brandished knives, although I admit I felt a bit safer once it got dark knowing we had a 7in dagger tucked under her arm), and headed home with one pit stop in mind.

Hands down the most high-tech, saavy wine store ever.  Total Wine needs to get into the game on this one.  

Basically wine-tasting with computerized pourers. 

 Make your selection, and it auto dispenses your taste of choice.
Just like a fountain drink, but bet
We ❤ Pinot Noir.
Don’t forget to rinse between tastings.  Kidding, who has time for that.
I am however I fan of this sink and the tiling behind it.
White cake.
White dishes.
White wall.
I think I found my theme for the day.  

Wine tasting concluded our exhausting day time activities.  We headed home to relax, refreshen up and prep for a night out on the town. 

I hate to leave this post at a cliff hanger, but its a bit past my weeknight bedtime.  Stay tuned for some of this:



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