When in Manhattan…Weekend Recap Part 2

…drink Manhattans & be Merry!

Susy and I headed back after the wine store for quick showers/getting ready sessions before meeting up with our dates for the night– My uncle, Rod and his partner, Barry. 

Rod and Barry have lived in NYC for forever, and it is always a treat to see them when I visit.  Rod is also a wahoo, so Susy and I were in good company 🙂 They spoil me probably more than I deserve, and Susy and I visited with them on my last trip in 2009.  Highlight of that trip was a Bruce Willis celeb spotting at the Mandarin.  If my old woman memory serves me right, 2010 trip included A Chorus Line + the Moma (one of my favs!).  All fun memories.  But this time might have taken the cake. 

Out of the two, Barry is a HUGE fan of broadway shows, but this time Rod was equally excited for the show we had planned for the night.  Rock of Ages had just been on tour in Norfolk, and I completely regretted not going after reading the review in the newspaper.  Therefore, I was excited to already have something in mind for my upcoming NYC trip and elated when Rod said he was also interested in seeing that one.  1980’s Sunset Boulevard here we come! 

I snapped this picture before the show, aka before the usher caught me taking pictures and forced me to delete each one of them [or so he thought ;)]  

The show was SO FUN.  Granted, you have to be able to appreciate a super cheesy romanic comedy profiling two wanna-be’s struggling to make it big amidst a wild LA party scene of the 80’s.  The music, costumes, and dancing were stellar.  SO many lights, lots of laughs and a few unpredictable moments (definitely did NOT anticipate the baby’s cameo…oops spoiler).  I won’t give a whole synopsis tonight (Statistics homework still to do, yuck) but you can read about the plot here and definitely check out the soundtrack here.  

And for another unexpected broadway experience: JELLO SHOOTERS at intermission.  Seriously, how fun.  Rather than the classic bar selection, the bars at this show were just as fun as the show itself!  In addition to jello shooters, there were selling wine coolers since they also had their own role in the show (for the record, my earliest memory of wine coolers were my mom’s favorite “fuzzy navels”- literally taste like candy!)  Pretty sure PBR’s were on tap as well. Disclaimer: Rock of Ages isn’t a show to go to if you’re looking for class.  That isn’t to say we didn’t pull it off, jello shooters and all.  Wahoos are always classy 😉

Glad to have gotten a record of that moment.  Totally worth the NYC priced jello shoots, although I might have been able to make a whole batch for that price.  Note to self to do soon, St. Patrick’s day maybe?

Here’s a sneak peak of the finale (taken at another show, not the same actors).  Obviously we sang our lungs out to Don’t Stop Believing (and might has well danced in the aisles)…

…little did we know we would be doing an encore later.  Karaoke was then decided to be a must.

After dinner of course (at 11 p.m.!).  We lucked out and the theater was next door to Sardis, a restaurant that has served Broadway for over 90 years.  It is a legend in itself, but also home to portraits of hundreds of broadway stars, that line its walls.  Slide show here.

Iphone blurriness
Our awesome hosts for the evenings,
Rod (L) and Barry (R)

Since it was so late, I had dinner on the lighter side.  Plus I was craving a salad.  Beets + goat cheese salad and smoked salmon appetizer.  I had almost ordered smoked salmon at brunch but did not, so having it for a late dinner turned out perfectly.  Rod had crab cakes, and Barry enjoyed a manicotti appetizer and a tofu- curry dish with veggies.  Susy almost ordered foie gras, but realized that might be overkill considering the amount of duck she had consumed the day before.  She ended up with the steak tartar, and enjoyed every bit of it.  Such a foodie. [note: Susy and I have the most similar yet the most opposite palates known to man-kind no need to go into super details here, but we’ll leave it at I am obsessed with veggies, she is obsessed with meat, and we share a common passion for french fries, cheese and red wine.  Go figure.] 

Our night had flown by already, and we said goodnight to Rod and Barry before figuring out our plans.  I had a few moments where heading back to the apartment and warm bed sounded rather tempting, but was quickly reminded that I was only in NYC once in a while.  After some quick emotional girl time (aka let’s talk about how we are single and depressed for a second) we snapped out of it and got psyched up for karaoke.  I was also reminded that bars in NYC did not close at 2 a.m.  Boy did I need to channel some inner energy.

The first place we tried was a bust, all private rooms and no common bar area.  Pass. 

But the second place was a WIN.  It probably help that Susy had spent that last weekend there, and was already BFFs with the bouncers. As soon as I walked in, I was hooked.  Basically there are private rooms in the back that you can book and have your friends all together for karoake, but also a huge bar/stage area where anyone can pay $2.00 to sing their dear little hearts out. 

We toasted with Manhattan’s at dinner earlier, and continued the theme at the bar.  Manhattans + my own little twist (lime wedges!)

First up, we put on a performance, cocktails in hand of Don’t Stop Believing. 

Can’t say that I am not embarrassed about the degree of effort I appear to be exerting here, because the performance was definitely sub-par.  But hey, the audience seemed to like it!  They say southerns have hospitality, but New Yorkers sure know how to make a girl feel welcome in a karaoke.  Or they were just laughing at us and wanted us to put on another joke of a show, hah.  Now I am glad there’s no video evidence available.

And much later in the night, we Susy and her new friend Stephanie, belted out Katy Perry’s HOT N COLD.

I was up there for a bit, but they were really into it so I let ’em have it.   

Other adventures for the night included crashing a private party karaoke room (they definitely invited us to join), and making more new friends.  

Luckily we didn’t have to listen to wanna be performers like ourselves with a lack of musical ability the whole night, because Chris Meyer (a fellow Virginian!), and up and coming musician graced us with his renditions of Train’s Drops of Jupiter and Michael Buble’s Home.  SUCH talent, (and pleasant to look at) enough said.  Check out a few of his singles at themyersproject.  Chris will be releasing a single April 20th in NYC, best of luck to him.

Pike + soy milk (& banana!)
and Red-Eye for Susy

After staying out a bit past my normal bedtime, Sunday came way too quick that I would have liked.  I had a nice Starbuck’s walk to get some much needed fresh air…

YUM- love fries w/ skin and burgers w/ pickles.

Then it was dreaded showering/packing time. 
A quick stop at Mikey’s for burgers and fries:

Absolutely loved Mikey’s.  Apparently Susy orders from them all of the time but has never actually eaten there, so it was a first for her too 🙂  It was quite a treat since I only occasionally crave beef burgers!

Check out their shake menu:

 Susy shared some of her Chocolate shake with me but next time I am definitely trying the sesame or avocado one, curiosity was getting to the best of me!

After saying our goodbyes, it was back to the airport and back to VA 😦  My airport adventure didn’t get much more exciting than USA Today, Hunger Games, and Iphone listening.   

Wow, what a lot to pack into a weekend.  Definitely still catching up on my sleep, and hate to admit that I am actually trying to take it easy this upcoming weekend.  TV shopping and relaxing (and most likely some Albemarle Red) in Norfolk, VA.  Doesn’t quite compare to RadioBar but it will do for now 🙂 Summer is right around the corner, and its time to start planning my next adventure: I owe Charlottesville a very overdue visit.  

Update: Can’t believe I forgot to add a link when I originally posted, but ROD is a photographer- He is probably super embarrassed by the amateur quality of my photos, but I must give him a shot-out, check out Rods-Pix.com 


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