Goooood Morning?!!

Why so energetic?

Why at work early?


um, just kidding.  Errrr kind of. 

At least that is how I felt this AM! Because I tried something NEW 

I decided yesterday to ride my bike this morning to work because 

Scared? Yes.  Nervous? kinda…you know, I am a planner and didn’t quite know what to expect. 

I didn’t want to be cold on the way to work, or have helmet hair when I got to work, or get to work late.  Or get hit by a car and have to go to the hospital.  Seriously, these thoughts cross my mind.  

Can I tell you that God is good and it worked out FLAWLESSLY!

For the record, I even got to work EARLIER than I expected. 

And I didn’t have helmet hair (because Obvi that would’ve been a waste of 10 minute so blow drying this AM)

SO here I am, at work, earlier, with a little bit of cardio already in 🙂 

I enjoyed some fresh air, and got to work just as fast as I would’ve normally. 

Trading my MINI + Heels for my TREK + TOMS has never felt better!
TGIF, make sure you get some fresh air yourself today.  Take walk, open a window, let the sun shine.  After all, its all about the little things in life!
Off to a day of work, and out to celebrate Jacki’s birthday tonight.  

Exciting mini- [not MINI] road trip tomorrow, here’s a hint.

Let the weekend begin!


Interruption of regularly scheduled programming…

Plans for tonight included crossfit, yoga, dinner, and blogging (because I have a fun picture to post for today’s #Marchphotoaday.

Everything through dinner happened, but someone seemed to have made herself a little too comfortable on my lap during dessert. (confession: I let her lick the spoon from my banana chocolate protein powder coffee mug concoction which could explain her cuddly nature, but I prefer to blissfully think she just loves me A LOT)

So with laptop out of reach, and no heart to rouse her (she’s been sick and to the vet 3x this week at least) I am not blogging right now, but reading Hunger Games Catching Fire on my kindle app and taking candid pictures of sleeping beauty.

Oh yeah, and blogging from my iPhone- cool right? Not as fancy/easy as Mac blogging, but it’s getting the job done now.

what a night. Sometimes you gotta let life happen, and that is what I am currently enjoying. heck I’ll even sleep on the couch with the light on before I move her. Some kinda love, huh? I am her mama after all though 🙂

Post will have to wait for tomorrow, the theme is Your Name and I’ve got a cute nesting pic and story to share with you!

PS and curtains have yet to be hung. It’s looking like my Thursday night is going to involve curtain hanging and blogging- you didn’t think I was just skipping over some of those #Marchphotoaday’s did you? Ok good, because I fully intend on having a full set of pics posted by the end of the month. So stay tuned for Car, before/after, an animal, moon, key and your name 🙂 They WILL be posted by April 1st, no fooling.

March Madness: A trifecta of projects!

Unfortunately, the curtains did not get hung this weekend.  I got as far as charging the drill, that counts right?

And no, they didn’t get hung because I went to see the Hunger Games, nor was I out partying until the wee hours of the night. 

Instead I spent most of this weekend doing Spring crafting and cleaning.  Love it! I spruced up/cleaned out my wardrobe, gave my apartment a great vacuuming, potted some fresh herbs for use in my kitchen and did a few other projects (which of course included a Michael’s visit!).  

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by Kitchin’s Kitchen‘s burlap oyster wreath, and immediately realized my front door was a bit on the naked side :(, sad right? 

So I ventured out into the cyber world to see what I could find, and found a fun way to make a recycled wreath with items I already had (obviously gold spray paint was on the list) [ps can’t find the blog that I originally found the wreath on, but the linked country living article will have to do].   

Remember, when I talked about an “in-progress project” I started one recent Friday night?  Yep, that’s it! 

Here’s out I finished it up this past Saturday night. 

Glued cut out leaves from one paper bag to a straw wreath that I picked up for $3.00 at Michaels.  Doesn’t need to be fancy, just make sure to bend leaves in half for volume, and glue them with any pen marks not facing out 🙂 

 Fill in leaves until wreath is full.  Add additional leaves as necessary.  This was only leaves cut out from ONE grocery size paper bag, crazy right?  And let me say so forgiving.  I can be a perfectionist at times, so it was relaxing to do a project that required zero patterns or perfection.  Okay…I may have followed a slight pattern starting out but I really did just fill in leaves wherever it looked like there was a little bald spot. 

 The original “recipe” (what do you call craft directions?? we’ll go with recipe for now, I mean making a wreath really isn’t all that different from baking a cake right?) called for dusting the brown paper bag wreath with metallic gold spray paint.  Heck yes, only my favorite accent color (see above link for a reminder of the cats I spray painted).

Hah I painted cat bookends that weekend, not Maia.  But she would look good with some gold tips to her brown coat, no?  Can’t exactly decipher what that face is telling me.  I mean we did determine a few posts back that she was a cougar, so a little Bling for that coat of hers couldn’t hurt. 

You’re on candid camera, Maia.  Look at her backin’ that thing up! Or Shakin’ her tail feather?  My oh my does she have some moves.  (disclaimer that I didn’t preview that link, so click with that warning in mind– it might be mildly inappropriate- was there a rule that my blog needed to be PG13 rated? Not with Maia in the house, that’s for sure). 

Actually I think she’s diving head first into her dinner.  I will surely work on her manners, how embarassing.  You would think I starved her to death! That’s what she wants you to think…don’t let her fool you.

So back to the paper bag leaf wreath.  Here’s the only shot of the finished product I have as of yet.  I have special plans for where it will be hung though, so stay tuned.  It is part of my special balcony project that is in the works!  (first on my to-do list is to get a redone picture of my den up on here, once curtains are hung- so let me tackle that first)

Yep, that’s another can of spray paint.  I was getting a little heavy handed with the gold spray paint, and remembered I had gold GLITTER paint as well! What was a little more spray paint on my kitchen floor don’t-tell-my-land-lord.  Spray glitter added the finishing touches, and presto, my gold digger foilage wreath was complete! Max this cost $4.00 since I had most of the products at home.  For that matter, I could’ve cut a cardboard wreath base and saved the money on buying the straw wreath!   Will remember that next time. 

 I will save project #3 for tomorrow, since it was food based and its too late to even write about food.  But I can’t leave ya without a presentation of wreath #2 of the weekend.  

For quite some time, I have wanted to make a wreath for my front door, but it seemed so energy intensive to make a wreath for just one holiday! Seriously, Christmas flew by, as did Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. 

So I went to Michael’s to find some simple “springy” type ribbon for a wreath that could last me far into the summer. 

I would be lying if I said my mom didn’t hold my hand through the whole make a wreath for the first time process, but I can say that I pretty much set to work on my own.  She provided some moral support (and reminded me to get the “pretty white ribbon” off of the ground so it wouldn’t turn into dirty white ribbon- apparently that’s not classy) and then it was done! Cute right? Polka dots and glitter.  Actually very similar to my blog theme.  My first choice for colored ribbon was the blue of my blog, but it was a bit picked over (damn overproduction of 40% coupons to get people to tear through the store) so lime green it was.  Ironically another purchase i made last weekend I ended up with lime green as a default as well.  But bargain shoppers can’t always be super choosey, we’ve got to be a bit flexible without settling, and that’s a Kelsey Rule of Thumb! 

It was then my mom’s brilliant idea to add some Easter decorations to this wreath, ones that could be removed in a few weeks following Easter. I wasn’t sold on this idea (because I find Easter bunnies to be mildly over-characterized and hate when holidays are over-commercialized) but I found the PERFECT felt eggs at Target that were begging to be added to my wreath. 

It took me a few tries to find the best way to attach these without hot-gluing them, to make them easily removable without ruining my spectacular ribbon job.  I tried straight pins, paper clips, and safety pins before returning to straight pins.  They provided the most secure attachment yet were still easily removable (only downside is I can’t slam my door too hard or else that orange one of the left flies off!).  

The most fun part of this whole accessorized wreath concept is that I can change themes as often as I want! I am thinking I’ll redo the wreath again come fall, but in the mean time I can change the accessories to match the holiday, the season, my mood or even the weather for that matter (my mood and the weather here in Norfolk are usually in a race to see who can change the most in a given 24 hour period…joke, kinda?)

Pint sized globes and birdies for Earth Day? Tequila bottles & hot peppers for Cinco de Mayo? Mini umbrellas for June?  Too bad I didn’t get my act together sooner because that lime green would’ve been STELLAR for St. Patty’s Day.  Good thing there is always next year! Because trust me, this wreath will still be around and packed away with all of its accessories, ready to be used again! 

Which wreath do you like more? The money, made from scratch and recycled metallic gold wreath or my twig & ribbon + accessories front door wreath?  I am a fan of both, love the versatility/creativity of my basic wreath but the glamour of my metallic leaf wreath (eco-friendly is sooo in btw, hah) 

Also I need to add something to my gold leaf wreath, any ideas?

Update 3/27: found the link for the paper bag blog.  Ooops just re-read the directions and it says to spray lightly with spray paint 🙂 The funnest part about being crafty is adjusting to your own tastes, right?!!


I have a worthy #Marchphotoaday today, hope you enjoy it. 

Eggs are the All-American breakfast, right? Or is that pancakes? I suppose it is all in who you ask.
I am usually a sweet breakfast girl, aka cereal, fruit, oats and yogurt.  But I have recently been craving more savory foods at Bfast time (around 930/10 at work normally, but even later at home!). 

Thinking I would be prepared, I hard boiled some of the eggs from my Uncle, and brought one to work for a quick protein in the morning. 

Or, at least I thought I brought a hard-boiled egg to work.

OOooops.  It appears this one wasn’t as hard boiled as I had thought.  Not at all actually.  You can only imagine the shock on my face when I put the hard boiled egg on the countertop at work, turned to grab the Salt and Peppa, and heard a <<<<CRACKKKK>>>> followed by a chuckle from one of our more elderly employees who just happened to be sitting in the kitchen to watch this all go down.  Humpy Dumpy style my “not so hardboiled egg” fell off teh countertop.  I was glad I could provide entertainment, and I like to think people laugh more often with me than at me.  But ignorance is bliss after-all.

After being crushed (no pun intended) that my egg would be wasted (no frying pan at work, otherwise I woulda fried it right on up), I realized the good in the situation!  My egg looked like a heart! And was therefore #Marchphotoaday worthy. 

Delight in the small things. 

I also see Minnie mouse in this shot…anyone else have a better imagination and see other characters in this egg? 

An Animal

Today’s #Marchphotoaday gave me a chance to do a post I have been waiting FOR A WHILE to post. 

The shortened versin of the story is that my dad sends me photos (iPhone to iPhone) on a regular basis.  Sunsets, events, dead ducks from successful hunting trips, you name it.  Often these emails [I finally taught him to “MMS” pics today so they didn’t just go to my inbox] have (cute) captions in the form of subject lines.  
It’s mildy amusing to use my imagination to predict what picture goes with his caption.  E.g. I see an email coming through with the subject “low tide today” and I can’t help but guessing what in the world the neighbors are saying about Tom Host walking through the “low tide” in his waders.  Or a “went for a morning swim” subject that I see and praise my dad for his early ambitions…only to open the picture to realize it is of his most recent apple of his eye. 

So first, for today’s “Animal” theme here’s a picture of me and my dad’s new baby/my cozy cuddler on the couch:

me and Windows had a fight over this one.
It took me FOREVER to post it right-side-up.

But for your real viewing pleasure, I compiled a photo montage of sorts of all of the pictures my dad has sent me of our [not so] new Golden Retriever, Madison.  Madison joined her half-brother Campbell (age 3) in October.  Now the two of them live happily ever after!
All “captions” are actually not my own words, but those of Daddy Host himself. 
OH, and if you are like me you will think Campbell is sad in every picture.  Don’t worry, we concluded that he loves baby Madison, and doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with her.  He is handsome, and his “I’m hanging and loving life” face is just as so!

Madison: Day 1

“Hello Kelsey”

“It’s been a busy morning”

“I’m growing”
“I love my big brother”
“It’s been a long day”
“We love to ride in the car”

“I’m pooped”
“No, that’s my bone”
“King and Queen”
“All the comforts of home”
“Bed mate: I woke up about 3am to find guess who in my bed  

“We are up”
“It’s okay to share”
“Just hanging out”
“I’m worn out from the shore”
“lap dog”
“On way to the cabin”
“We love riding in the car”
guess who likes puddles?”
“I’m going with you”

Hope these were entertaining, and brought a smile to your face.  After all, whether you are a friend, family member or cyberspace stranger, that is the whole point of this blog!  
If you think Madison has personality, you must meet her. These pictures barely do her justice.  She is a queen be and FULL OF IT.  We love her very much.  
PS is there irony in me moving out one week before Madison moved in?  I think not, both of us lucked out in the deal 🙂 

You didn’t think I could publish a post titled “An Animal” and not include at least one picture of the baby kitty herself could I?

Here’s what Maia is up to tonight:

Yep, thats a Bee.  Am I cruel or what? Maia loves bugs, no really.  She was entertained for hours.  And I would rather not know where Mr. Bee ended up [RIP Buzzy!.  But according to an article I read (or was in a dream, since I can’t find a link to it) Norfolk has had an influx of Bees! So hopefully this one won’t be missed…too much 😦


Cheating today, and redirecting to a picture I took a few weeks ago

It’s only okay because I actually did go back and re-post the picture of the window that I was planning to post. 

I searched all night for a moon tonight, and none was to be found.  #FAIL. 

Since this is a pathetic post, why not some inspiration on why I am shooting for the moon in 2012?

Here’s a two things I read today, that reminded me to keep on shootin’

Don’t Put Your Life on Hold

Why Being in Your Twenties is Awesome
    my favorite line by far: 
            You should love every single moment of this hot mess of a decade

Isn’t there some corny saying about shooting for the moon and landing among the stars? Who would settle for that? TO THE MOON IT IS

And a few things that make me happy today:

First week back at CrossFit (since March 2011)
and LOVING it
Reminiscing about being in the Dominican Republic with
Susy in 2010 (maybe a throw back post sometime?)

Nope, not ready to see the movie yet–
Books 2 & 3 to finish! Almost there!
Foxfield 2012
Update: this post from Carrots ‘N Cake explains why I am SO happy to be back at CrossFit, and holding myself to going there to be with awesome people 3x a week for 3 months!  LuLu Lemon shorts to treat myself if I do it?  PS Carrots ‘N Cake might have helped a little with the motivation to start up again 🙂

Kitchen Sink

Happy Thursday! 

Apologies for the MIA status this week, had a midterm for a class I was taking on Wednesday and also sick with a combination of allergies/sinus infection.  GROSS I literally feel like I am just emerging from a dark cave today.  

On a more positive note, I documented some highlights for the week, and will be back-blogging (is that a word?) to make up for a lackofcontact this week.  After a weekend like last weekend, the 9-5ness of this week seems so UNEVENTFUL.  But trust me, living with my favorite feline brings its fair share of  entertainment, which I will feature in the #Marchphotoaday FUNNY themed post.  Stay tuned. 

But for now, here’s a picture of what my kitchen sink looked like after a day or two of procrastination cooking (check out this post if you are terribly confused on why I am posting a picture of my dirty sink): 

Concoctions included pumpkin bread, chocolate millet bark and broccoli-cheese shirataki noodle bake.  

Considering I am the worst at following recipes, I will post a break down of ingredients and relative proportions 🙂 

Ahah, posting #Marchphotoaday pictures backwards is actually kind of fun, because the post for the 21st is Delicious.  Hint hint hint: will post pictures of above mentioned foods there. 

For today, here are a few more pictures of my kitchen (much more exciting then the sink) [although I wished I could’ve come up with a clever photo involving “nothing but” the Kitchen sink, but my brain was too fried for that unfortunately] 

I lucked out when I rented my apartment, because the day I signed my lease, the landlord asked me if I would like my kitchen re-done. HELLO?!! Had he met me before? I would LOVE my kitchen redone.  Before I responded to him, I quickly signed on the dotted line, and then said “Well yes, I would absolutely adore having my kitchen redone.  But ya can’t up my rent.  SORRY! (not sorry).”  Lucky for me, he redid it anyways.  (hes a fellow wahoo by-the-way, explains everything right?)
Unpictured is the closet to the right of the pictured door that is my pantry and houses my washer dryer.  Washer dryer was a MUST for a new apartment.  The convenience of doing laundry @ home is incomparable.  I’m also as eco friendly as possible and use a drying rack when I can! 

Also unpictured is my fruit bowl which sits above the dish washer and can often be found filled with apples, oranges and bananers.  Oh, and a pear on occasion.  Except every pear I have bought recently has been super un-ripe.  But the peaches haven’t lasted long enough to make it into the bowl for more than a day!

Enjoy these kitchen pics, and check back later (under date 3/21) for my DELICIOUS pictures. 


#Marchphotoaday = DELICIOUS today
for dinner: leftover corned beef + cabbage from my Mama!  To celebrate post-St. Patrick’s Day weekend. 

With a side of Asparagus + almonds & stray mushrooms from my fridge that I added. 

I absolutely love corned beef and cabbage, so YUM. 

Mom had a partayy on Saturday and made a special delivery to me of leftovers (plus her dog, Lucy, who has yet to make a blog appearance, but who spent the week with me- Maia loves Lucy’s company since they used to be pals on Cedar Lane)

Post Dinner Pumpkin Bread making

I had some leftover pumpkin from making pumpkin pancakes this weekend, so decided to put it to good use.   I try to stray away from baking, living alone and all, because one slice for dessert easily becomes the whole mini loaf, but I was feeling great after a cross fit work out (recently went back to, more details on this later).  So I treated myself!

Also had a wee bit of brown sugar to use up.  Trying to lower the amount of sugar in my diet so it was good to clean out the pantry! 

Brown sugar was also on the clumpy side which actually turned out marvelously.  I only used about half the amount of sugar that the recipe called for, but left a lot the chunks in the sugar when I mixed it in.  What emerged was yummy sweet little pockets of crystallized sugar dispersed throughout the moist doughy goodness.

I followed something along the lines of this recipe, but like I said used half the amount of sugar and probably didn’t mix the dough as much as I should have.  It was also not as smooth on top, which I actually prefer because the result is a crispy crumb like top, like the crunchy parts of muffin tops!  I also ommitted the nuts and oil because I didn’t have any.  Just added some milk/more oil to make up for the fat.  

Next time I want to try it with pureed bananas and raisins instead of the brown sugar.  What do you think? Maybe a touch of molasses?

Dealing with plastic wrap/aluminum foil tends to stress me out
and it usually ends up all over the place.  Picked these foil sheets up at a
discount store and they make all of the difference. Also easy to fold up and re-use.
I want to try them for making a “Steam-pack” for potatoes/meat/veggies sometime soon!

Since delicious is the theme, here’s two more food recipes I have developed this week in my pantry purge process.

No Bake Millet Bites

LOVE unsweetened dark chocolate.  Yes it is bitter, but it is super versatile and can be chopped/melted/adapted to recipes easily since you can adjust its sweetness. 

I was inspired by my accidental ordering of a dozen bags of puffed millet.  Really, I just wanted to try it.  But when life gives you lemons make lemonade right?

My mom makes these great no-bake cookies with oats, that I figured would be a perfect use of the rest of this chocolate.  But alas, my oats were at the office since I generally eat them during the week for Bfast at work. 

Puffed millet is kind of like oats, right?

Again didn’t have butter, but did have powdered sugar, so just make up my own recipe. 

Simply melted some chocolate over a pot of boiling water, added some vanilla and almond extracts, added some powdered sugar, took off the heat, and stirred millet in until they had a rice crispy like consistency.   Sorry I can’t give you a more scientific recipe, but this is supposed to be a “domestic life as a twenty year old something or another,” not Martha.  At least I am being authentic!

Wasn’t sure how cookie shapes would hold up, so gave them kinda a bark-esque spin and patted them into a sheet pan, and put them in the freezer.

A few hours later, DONE! Little bark/no-bake-cookie/chocolate millet bites. 

I do wish they had ended up a bit more crunchy, so will have to work on them next time.  Maybe add some coconut butter (which is kinda magic-shell like) and some chopped nuts?  

Shirataki Broccoli Cheddar Bake

Weird tid-bit, I actually don’t care for Velveeta.  Give me some Kraft originals Mac ‘N Cheese or some Tostidos brand Queso dip and I will go to town, but just not a Velveeta fan. 

I have been craving some good ‘ole broccoli and cheese casserole, but only had a tiny bit of cheddar left in my fridge, but I did have a can of healthy request cheddar condensed soup.  Not a staple in my pantry because its pretty processed but I must have had a cheese craving at some point and picked it up (OH YEA- coupons make you buy food you didn’t really intend to buy- now I remember having a coupon for Campbell’s soup that excluded tomato soup, wtf?).

Also had a half of a bag of frozen broccoli in the fridge.  Mac ‘N Cheese is so much yummier with broc in it!  Love the combination of crucifery, crunchy blanched broccoli with the creamy cheese and pasta. 
Then it was the pasta question.  Had some Hodgson Mills spinach pasta on hand but I decide that was green food over kill and required further cooking time.

Into the picture walks the always on hand, easy to prep, plate ready Shirataki noodles!

I know these look like super processed diet foods, but they really aren’t.  They are basically made of tofu.  And I swear a lot of their appeal to me is that there is no boiling water necessary.  When I want to eat, I want to eat, and when I crave pasta, I usually want it right then and there.  Boiling pasta takes time and an attention span to make sure it doesn’t get overcooked.  I usually don’t have either of those. 

This bake was about as simple as it gets.  One pot of water on the heat, threw in some frozen broc, tossed in Shirataki noodles when broc was done, drained, mixed with cheddar soup and topped with REAL cheddar.  Under the broiler on HI for 5 min and done.  PRESTO!  Certainly no French Culinary Institute meal, but I think it will pass for domesticity for today.


Read this before you get into today’s #Marchphotoaday post. 

Prep posts before real posts?  Fancy blogging stuff.  Or I am actually posting on the 19th for posts written on the 23rd.  Don’t try to figure it out, just pretend it all makes sense.  For the record I planned all my posts out, and wrote bits and pieces every day, but didn’t quite post them all due to my crazy exam this week.  Statistics will be the death of me, but I will win this time.  (worst grade of my undergraduate career will be my first A of my graduate career, I hope!)

I thought about taking a picture of myself at Crossfit tonight (funny picture when ya click) but the workout out ended up being a blast.  Hard, but a blast.  15 minutes as many rounds of possible of ten box jumps and five push presses (35# for me, I just started– give me a few weeks I would like to get back up to 50#).  I will post some gym pics soon.

So this “funny” picture will have to do for today. 

literally tried to rotate this picture for 10+ minutes.
Did not work. 
This will have to do for today.

 A few weeks ago, my friend/neighbor Taylor texted this to me around dinnertime.  “Maia came to help me study!” Hilarious.  Really Maia, you call sitting on her books helping her study? Just like helping me read the paper.  

Maia is a funny kitty. 

And in other Maia news, her hilarity just got better tonight.  Well I actually didn’t think it was funny, but after the fact I can laugh at it.  It seems to have turned into her nightly ritual to visit the “boys next door across the street.”  If she did in fact just celebrate her 10th birthday, which is easily over 60 years old in cat years, can we call her a cougar for hitting on twenty-something aged boys?  yes, as matter a fact I believe we can.  Keep up the wild status, Maia, Cougar Town’s got nothing on you. 

So first around 8 p.m. I get a text “your cat is in our kitchen.”  Oh no, she’s gone a bit too far this time, I think.  I offer to let her stay the night there, but one of their friends is over who is allergic to cats.  

So I go over, and sure enough, Maia is having a BBQ with the boys in their back yard/parking lot. Guess she smelled the shrimp they were cooking? 
What a cutie (Maia, not the boys- although I do think its adorable that these guys are SMITTEN with my cat- true story: I ran into one of their mom’s at the grocery store and she too thought these guys were softies for Maia)

disclaimer: Neighbor boy M did admit that he may have heard her in the bushes and called her over to where he was grilling 😉 But what guy would ever admit being in love with a cat after all…

Not one night later, did I find myself once again calling all over creation for Maia.  Even texted M to see if “he had an extra feline in his kitchen again.”  After taking Lucy, my mom’s dog for a walk and having no luck at finding her, I saw two little eyes peering at me from The Boys front yard.  Yep, guess who was frolicking in their freshly mulched bush beds?


Pretty soon Maia is going to have her own page on this blog, something along the lives of ninelivesyoungsassysomething, so stay tuned.  

I have been wanting to write about Maia for a while now, since she has a much more eventful life than my own, so today’s #Marchphotoaday theme was rather appropriate.  Iphone screen shots count as pictures right?  Check back in later for some animal lovers’ laughs. 

For anyone who has met this furry friend in person, you know that she tends to get her way most of the time.  And threatens to pee on beautiful furniture if she doesn’t.  And might have the smallest head to body ratio I have ever seen.  Kind of the inverse our buddy Bentley’s head to height ratio, but I digress., 

Not that head size has anything to do with her intelligence.  But hey, a kitty’s got to eat!  The good news is she lost 1.5 pounds since her last annual trip to the vet, yayy Maia– Not that she is obese, but I want to keep her healthy for as long as possible.  Since she recently celebrated her 10th birthday.  What an old woman. 

Maia spent the entirety of her glorious life being an outdoor kitty in the confines of a large yard quiet neighborhood, roaming wherever she darn well pleased.  Obviously she was depressed when yours truly went to college, but she got over it eventually.  However, when I moved into my apartment in Ghent and my mom’s new neighbors started calling the cops on Maia for meowing at their door (Bentley’s mom knows all about that…and therefore Maia thanks the dear lord every day she eats for saving her life!), we realized an intervention was necessary.  So Maia MOVED in with ME!  Oh, and I may have been dying to take her off my mom’s hands, but really it was all about Maia’s well-being, certainly not mine 😉

I knew I could only keep Maia indoors for long.  As scared as I was to let her out on a busy street like the one I live on, I believe I didn’t have the heart from keeping her from living to her full potential as a energetic, bad ass, make friends with everyone except-for-the-birds-and-mice-I-bring-home-for-my-family (sorry Rod for writing that!), kinda kitty.  For real, Maia has the ability to turn almost anyone adverse to cats into a kitty-lover.  Or Maia-lover for starters. 

So to make a long story short, in the few months that Maia has started going outside little by little, she has met more of my neighbors that I have met living in this neighborhood for six months.  It is not surprising for my neighbors to knock on my door with her in their arms to say, Maia got confused again, and was meowing at our back door.  Or to get a phone call from a passerby saying “Found your cat, is she lost?”  Nope, she’s not lost, and I promise she gets fed every night, but she just can’t get enough attention.  I did consider changing her tag, since now it says “I am loved by Kelsey, if lost please call xxx-xxxx.”  But I’d rather be safe than sorry. 

The sweetest compliment I did get was one my neighbors calling me, but then saying, “She is so well taken care of and groomed, I didn’t think she could be an outdoor cat!”  Looks can be deceiving, let’s just say that.  

For now, I’ll give you a snippet of one of her recent adventures, and later on I will post a few screen shots of conversations I have had about Maia and her wild life. 

This happened a few weeks ago, and was a facebook message to my guy friends across the street.  The caveat is that they babysat for her one weekend, which is when she first became smitten with them.  Now she just can’t seem to get enough of them.  

“Yep, it happened. Was sitting here on the computer after my 3rd or 4th time calling Maia to come inside, when I realized she was clearly not around my apartment building anymore. No one had called yet though, which meant she wasn’t harassing any passerby’s.

So I wandered across the street, up to your door and guess where she was? Yep, on your fire escape. She clearly finds living in my apartment sub-par to her wild weekend away at ya’lls apartment.

Oh, and I met your neighbor in the process, who told me he keeps seeing her wandering around the back parking area and wanted to know where I lived. How embarrassing, now Maia has not only met every single one of my neighbors, but she’s moving on to your building as well.

Never a dull moment! Just had to share with you’ll  Hope it makes you laugh.”

Hope this makes the blog world laugh as well.