Happy March!  I literally cannot believe two months of the year have flown by, was it because February was a day or two shorter than most months??  Anyways, day light savings happens in ten days, it was GORGEOUS today, and the first day of spring is in 19 days! woo hoo, so much to celebrate. 

Also had a fun idea to kick of March.  I follow a blog called eating bender and she took part in a fun challenge this past month, called #Febphotoaday.  Eating bender is super into photography and writing and I keep saying that I continuously need places (like this blog) to exert my creativity so I decided to take on this challenge for March.  I can’t say that I will post exactly on time for every day, but I will do my best (and fudge the dates in blogspot when I post late).  

Basically, there is a general topic to post a photo about every day.  That follows this list:

It was super fun to wake up, check out the topic for the day, and then spend all day brainstorming about what it should be.  I kind of cheated and looked last night and came up with my idea, but I have yet to take the photo 🙂 I will take it as soon as I get home and post tonight!!

Get excited. 

PS My other winner idea for the day was to post some goals I have for this month/next few months.  But the fun part is that I am not going to post them until the end of the month.  That way I can report on them, and add new ones during the course of the month!  Have fun guessing what they are. Not that anyone is at all interested in my goals, but the whole part of having a blog is to do something for yourself, RIGHT?!


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