I posted earlier about taking part in a “thing” called March Photo A Day. 

My rules for myself (until I change them that is) are that I have to post one photo I take that day, and then can post as many others that I want from old pics/internet.  

Here is a picture I took today on my fire escape/back balcony.  I live on the 3rd floor of 4 floors.  These stairs are where Maia likes to sit and spend time, and often I have to go up the stairs to find her! Ironically there are not any other reasons for me to go up these stairs.  In the background in the sky at nearly sunset, and a shot of the homes behind my apartment building.  Love GHENT!

Other UP Pictures:

Looking UP at the Rotunda, Charlottesville 2007
Fireworks UP in the sky, Independence Day 2007

Running UP the Steps of Montpelier, Summer 2010
Getting UP on water skiis, Summer 2011
Looking UP Escadaria Selaron, Brazil 2011
Looking UP at the ceiling of my Grandfather’s hospital room, Winter 2012
Climbing UP pillars, Bermuda 2007


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