Fruit (and Fun on Friday)

I so adore alliterations.  

Today’s #marchphotoaday (confused? read this post for an introduction to #marchphotoaday) is FRUIT.  Day 2, and I am still having fun brainstorming to find the perfect photo per day.  Here’s to FRUIT:

However, my original idea was just to use:

 because my smoothie has fruit in it

blueberries and bananas to be specific.  And spinach too.  But that’s weird  and confusing to most people, not to mention this smoothie appears to have squid ink in it, so we’ll stick to the smoothie + apple photofortoday.  Which just reminded me about a convo at work this week about Eve eating the apple, but that’s not blog material (yet?). 

Other favorite FRUIT photos not  taken today:

fresh coconut (water), Brazil 2011  
a tropical flower melon bouquet, Bermuda 2007
Vodka infused watermelon, 4th of July 2007?
(we’ll just pretend I was already 21 that summer…)
Freshly made-by-bob (MBB) pina coladas in pineapple glasses,
Holden Beach 2011
Study date + peach! and Mate Tea @ Fairgrounds

Last but certainly not least, this was honestly the FIRST picture that came to my mind when I learned that Fruit was the theme for today.  Yes, corny I know, but you gotta love a good sense of humor.  Laughter is the best medicine, and we do a fair share of that with the clan.  Aunt Christine, Oma and cousin Courtney. 

Laugh? No? Smile? …Just a little?  Hope so, that was the plan.  
Yes= Success.

I do wish I could’ve gotten my hands on the gem that is a solo shot with pictured coolest-grandma (Oma) below with an orange peel, will have to save that for another time though. 

This post has gotten a bit lengthy.  But I do have to share deets of my Friday night!  I love to meet up with friends on Thursdays after work, and LOVE being well rested on Saturday mornings (since I usually have a full agenda) so Fridays have slowly become my “put my life back together”/clean/have quiet time nights…and lets face it, I enjoy playing “house” more than ever these days. 

Got home from work, fed the friendly feline and tackled some WAY overdue vacuuming of carpets in apartment.  Somehow after between happy hour and bed time last night I motivated myself to sweep floors and wipe down countertops, which only left a few more chores for today.   Excellent.  

Remembering the importance of eating dinner, I stole away to my parents house to have dinner and go “furniture shopping.”  Aka they have a piece they have graciously offered to let me borrow for my apartment.  Gorgeous wooden cabinet with a horrendously heavy marble top.  Originally it was going to go in my den, but I decided to move a few things around. 

Can you tell that I am loving my new free instagram app? Makes all my pictures BEAUTIFUL. 

I also moved some gorgeous glass pieces from my living room to my new dining room dresser aka sidebar.  Loving peacock feathers!!  Thank you Kali for my monogrammed glass pitcher set 🙂  [note to self: use mixing set to make yummy cocktails soon! Mint Juleps anyone??]

Picture of whole sidebar (terrible quality! taken pre-instagram obviously). 

And that concludes all of the pictures I have energy for posting tonight…busy weekend ahead: gym, quick Gloucester trip, TV purchasing, movie?, statistics class catch up, Sunday brunch, outside time?– Let’s hope the rain doesn’t dampen my plans too much.  [pun intended] 

Off to read some Hunger Games (book 2 isn’t as good as book 1, but it may or may not be on my March to-do list to finish book 2!), Goodnight!


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