Your Neighborhood

Wish I had been feeling a bit more creative yesterday/it had not been rainy and gross all because I would have LOVED to do a photo shoot of my neighborhood to show off my favorite sites, walking streets, houses, water views etc.  But the view from my front balcony [see back fire escape/balcony here].  I love that my neighborhood is a mix of shops/restaurants/apartments/condos and single family homes.  It is SUPER pet friendly (remind me of that next time Maia disappears for hours on end and I start freaking out that something happened to her- I don’t think she is as Ghent savvy as she would like to think, considering she lived in Larchmont with no traffic for years!)
If you look closely, you will see my favorite “thing” about my “the” corner.  The blinking stop light of course!! I think it blinks different colors at different times of the day?? In my own little world I like to think of it as slightly Gatsbyesque, but alas it has been quite a while since I read that one and the details of the green light metaphor may have slipped my mind.  Anyways, it makes my day to be walking/running/driving home and see the lights marking my corner!  Ps that white truck in the picture make me cringe, I was working on getting a shot with no cars in it and that piece of metal ruined it! 

Sadly don’t have any other “hood” pictures in my photo archives, but I almost posted a picture of Harris Teeter… 
Oops I actually posted it. Get it? Your neighborhood food and pharmacy.  Hah, not funny, but it did crack me up enough while in my neighborhood store yesterday to take a picture of the produce section.  Those lights are super blinding, must take Instagram tutorial. 
Actually “mistakenly” posting the above was really an excuse to post a picture of these beauties I picked up, 3/$12.  After a major cleaning sesh this weekend, my apartment was BEGGING me for fresh flowers.  

I was cheap and only bought two bunches, but the bouquet is looking a bit naked in the rear.  My gardenclublovingmother would be appalled.  Don’t worry, I’ll be stopping by for another bunch this afternoon, last of the big spenders! It’s really all about the little things in life. 

In other sunny news for such a gloomy day, I took a mini-trip to Gloucester  to visit my grandmother. 

Our lists of things to do included grocery shopping, lunch and teaching her how to use her cell phone!  Grocery shopping is by far my favorite errand to run, and her and I had a blast checking out all kinds of products.  I even convinced her to try Greek yogurt.  I try to buy Greek yogurt for less than a $1.00 a container (more expensive then regular, I know, but completely worth it).  CHOBANI was on sale at the Food Lion in Gloucester, WIN.   This was a special treat because it is out of my price range, so I end up buying the HT brand, which is still good, but not Chobani.  Just plain and plain + honey for me today, since I am trying to cut out processed sugars out of my diet, but more on that lata (gata) [translation: later gator, I love making my own lingo & getting to document it!].
Oh, and how could I not post a picture of this little bundle of [insert any adjective for annoying/hyperactive/stressed/yappy but nonetheless cute and adorable] bundle of joy (not sure I can go that far, but she does bring joy to my gma!) ball of fur.
Hi Hannah!


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