Happy Monday!

I have already had highs and lows today, lows = not sleeping well last night and this text to my iPhone:

How does Sunny 47F –> Wind Chill 25F?
Go figure. 

Yes, I have weather alerts for daily forecast, extreme cold and impending rain [what can I say, the little old girl scout in me likes to be prepared].  This is helpful when I check it from the horizontal position in the AM and its supposed to be a gorgeous day and therefore I leap up with joy. Not so helpful when I check it and I suddenly feel like my body is deadweight and I has no desire to leave the cacoon that is my warm bed.

Seriously, above fifty works for me, but rainy + 30 degrees? Pass.  At least it should be cold enough to snow it the atmosphere so desires to precipitate.  Let’s hope this is the last of all of the winter weather we are going to see for 2012.  

Luckily a special surprise delivery was made at my desk after I got to work:

And its more exciting than office supplies.  [side bar: my friend Kristen told me about a study that determined a correlation between sweet tooths and obsessions with office supplies, random but I certainly fit the criteria!]. 

FRESH EGGS from my uncle’s farm in Suffolk.  He knows how much I appreciate fresh, local eggs, but don’t justify the money spent on them (they can cost $5 upwards!).  He has brought me a few dozen before, that I have stretched to last me a long time but I have not had any ALL winter.  THANK YOU UNCLE DAVID.  It was such a sweet gesture that has made my day.  What a good reminder that the littlest things in life can make SO much of a difference in mine (or  your day).  I’ll need to return the SAOK (simple act of kindness) favor to someone else soon 🙂 

In other news, I have been meaning to post the following for quite some time now, but kept waiting for it to be “perfect.”  It is certainly not perfect, but Mondays are perfect timing for pick me ups.  Sometimes my personal most effective pick me ups are reminding myself what I have to look forward to/what I am working towards. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my downtime.  Last weekend away reminded me just how quickly the work week flies by when I get to go out of town, but also how relaxing it is to be sweet home home, especially when I have so many other fun 2012 adventures yet to be had. 

Planners live longer, right?  This post is timely because we are in the dead.cold.of.winter. and I need to remember what I have to look forward to during the other nine months of 2012.

Here’s a glimpse of a few things I get to look forward to (aka am planning to do) home and away in the first half of 2012:

  • March- Shamrock 8K in Virginia Beach on March 17th.  Running five-ish miles followed by Yuengling and the OV St. Patrick’s Day Parade? I’ll take it.  It is scary to post this goal for the world to see, but my goal is to run this race in under 45 minutes.  Other races I have run (10 miles March 2011, a few 5kers, 10K Turkey Trot November 2011) just for the hellck of it.  [and still to this day can’t figure out how I ran 10 miles ever, shout out to Sharon Zanti]  But this will be the first race I run for time, come on PR!

  • April- Fredericksburg with the fam to visit Wes for his Crew regatta at OCCOQUAN; Check out Wes’ 1st Place Erg (like stationary crewing) win already this season- did I add that he had NEVER rowed before college.  Okay enough bragging about him, but seriously, can’t wait to see his team in action.  Actually, I will embarrass him brag further about his Rockstarness slightly:


  • early May- Celebrating my Uncle [Dr.] Barry’s graduation from NYU’s Doctoral Nursing program and staying here for a few days for the festivities (note: bring tennis racket + my pool skills + HG3 kindle version) I am uber excited because we decided to drive rather than fly.  My step-mom (Patti) and I volunteered to do the driving, while the boys watch movies in the backseat.  Typical.  It has been forever since we have had a family trip, so hope we don’t kill each other 🙂  Good thing my Dad and Patti are sending their other children to the K-9 country club. 

Campbell and Madison

Don’t think we will have room for them, but they’ll certainly be missed. 

  • late May (bonus!)- Happy 50th Anniversary OMA & OPA- We have a fun evening planned of cocktails at mom’s + a fancy night on the water.  

Love them.  

  • June week 2- Beach vacation round two with the Steinert’s! Last year we went to North Carolina (where my cousins are from) to Holden Beach for a week, and this year they are coming up to Virginia to go to Sandbridge, and staying at The Rock.  Personally we love Sandbridge because it is a short hour drive from our house in Norfolk, but only one city over!  We will be able to commute (Can’t quite take a whole week off of work yet) but still be “away” from the hustle and bustle.  I can.not.wait.  Fun fact, we saw Tim Allen [you know, The Santa Clause] on the beach right next to us a few years ago! Another fun fact, my guys friends’ party house in college was also called “The Rock.”  Despite the fun times we had there, I am hoping the beach vacation doesn’t get that crazy.  But ya never know with the Steinert’s, we are quite the clan! 

2012 plans currently stop here for now,  will update as more plans are made. Would LIKE to get out of the country somewhere tropical in September-October, but we will see how the stars align. 
I better check #Marchphotoaday, not even sure what the theme is for today 🙂 Will be back later with hopefully a stellar photo!


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