2 p.m.

5 p.m. can’t quick get here fast enough…will update later with my #Marchphotoaday. (ps unless I have an enormous wiff of creativity hit me, today’s picture will be related to an upcoming holiday this weekend and surprise! no, its not my grandfather’s bday)

But for now here’s a few things helping me get through today:
#1 = podcasts! I used to listen to Pandora while working away (our department has quite the plethora of music tastes, so earbuds it is– actually make that “earbud,” we only use one so we can hear eachother + the phone, hah)  BUT my co-worker (same one who reminded me yesterday of our Marriott gym privileges) reminded me about the HUGE selection of FREE podcasts available through Itunes. 

So far I have listened to:
  • Tools to Life– life coaching, inspirational
  • The Paleo Solution– nutrition, whole living, well being (and some mildly egotistical males, but you gotta them with a grain of salt)
  • All Songs Considered – NPR station I found while trying to find the “All Things Considered podcast”- discovered a new artist from ORF (Norfolk!)
Going to add Ted talks (which I already highly recommend), Primal Body, Primal Mind, Cathy Lewis (local radio host) to the playlist today! 
#2 (only second in order, not in rank!) 

Receiving the following two emails back to back this morning has certainly made my day.
Like I posted in my initial post, this space is currently a way to keep in touch with friends and family who I don’t get to talk to every day.  I have high hopes for it in the future [single ladies always exhibit the utmost confident ;)] but loving just getting into back into the rhythm of writing forthetimebeing.




steinertj@juno.com to me

show details 6:53 AM (6 hours ago)
Hi Kelsey — just spent the last few minutes catching up and reading your
Enjoyed it very much !!! ( Especially the “Banana Picture” ) !
Are you training for a 5 MILER????
Hope you will have a great day!
Love and Hugs from Oma and Opa  Just getting ready for our morning walk

update: this email was followed up with an email asking if my grandparents could share my blog with our cousins in Germany, of course šŸ™‚

Still loving the blog!



Rod Davis to me

show details 9:20 AM (4 hours ago)
It’s like seeing you everyday.  Any clue how many followers you have?  Also loving all the pictures and your commentary.  (BTW, that Harris Teeter looks pretty nice.)
Also, glad to hear that you are all driving up in May… I know Patti doesn’t like to fly.
Have a swell day.
Love you.
Rod Davis.

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