A Smile

Immediately after lunch I saw that today’s #Marchphotoaday was A SMILE.  

Of course, this was right after I had posted about my exciting spontaneous egg delivery, and I really couldn’t imagine my day getting any better.  I was tired, felt sluggish, and not looking forward to my gym plans.  8k training had somewhat come to a halt this past week, and I wasn’t feeling my running legs too much while sitting at my desk. 

Nevertheless, I headed over to the gym at the Courtyard Marriott next door.  Yes, sounds kinda like my take-advantage-of-starbucks-at-the-airport shenanigan, but I promise this was less sketchy.  My company has a corporate account with them that gives them a lot of business, so in return employees get to use the (pint-sized) gym for free.

I decided this might be the biggest smile I am able to muster, so I resorted to taking mirror shots.  How embarrassing, although I knew it was only a matter of time in the blog world that I did this.  Totally myspace style. 
Personal gym all to myself!

Advantages of working out at the Courtyard Marriott include its proximity to work/parking garage and lack of clientele which usually means a gym all to myself complete with bench + free weights.  Plus TVs on every machine and a BIG one in front of the bench (to make those plants go by all the more speedily) Downfall is the lack of diversity of equipment.  One elliptical, two treadmills.  I have never been a huge fan of treadmill running (lack of fresh air/wind blowing past my cheeks/monotonous views), but since I did elliptical + erg on Saturday, I knew I had to switch it up.  

Here goes nothing!

Original goal was two fast miles in under 18 minutes, but after I got into a rhythm I couldn’t stop!  I adopted an interval threadmill running method that I have learned about from Carrots ‘N Cake, basically dividing every mile into 3rds or 4ths and going from 6.7, to 7.0, to 7.5, back to 7.0, up to 7.8, back to 7.5, up to 8.0 etc. etc.  Don’t worry, 8.5 was as high as I went and it was only for the last nub. 

So by this point, I definitely wasn’t all smiles like above.  BUT, after 25 minutes, this certainly put a smile on my face:

5 K Personal Record!! woo hoo
Was far too sweaty to post a photo of my actual smile on the WWW (world wide web), but you the idea.  The above will have to suffice for now, it was a big step to even post self-portraits on here today 🙂

So, thanks to some inspiration from a co-worker and a quick mid-day trip home to get my gym clothes + protein packed lunch my sleepy/groggy/coldandijustwannahibernate kinda day turned out SUPER energized!  Now full of running endorphins and a sense of accomplishment, not too shabby for a Monday after all. 

 Two weeks to go, 8k PR here we come!! 


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