5 p.m.

#Marchphotoaday = 5 p.m. (hence the “2 p.m.” titled post this afternoon)

This one turned out better than I expected [if I do say so myself…]

Note keys in hand, ready to leave for the day πŸ™‚

For the first few months, my first-big-girl-desk was right in this corner.  I had a beautiful view of downtown Norfolk and the MacArthur memorial.  It was a close second to having a view of the water, like the company’s old office in the World Trade Center

Now, this room has become the office kitchen.  No, I didn’t post this picture because I found myself in the kitchen at 5 p.m., but rather because I knew it would be a gorgeous shot at about that time of day.  AND because, at 5 p.m. next week this will look completely different (and brighter!) because of Day Light Savings time.  YAY, longer days just in time for the last week of Shamrock training.  And, DLST means that warmer weather is just around the corner πŸ™‚  Let the evenings spent outside after work commence. 

Ironically, I had a hilarious idea in yoga tonight related to this post that threatened to humiliate myself during a particularly strenuous downward dog.  As I stretched upside down, the idea of a 5 o’clock shadow hit me!! What a brilliant and fitting picture that would’ve been for the “5 p.m.” theme today.  Unfortunately, there were no un-freshly-shaven men in my class tonight, and hence no photo opportunity–plus it was too late to stalk someone in the grocery store to snap their picture… And a search of my old photos didn’t produce any that were blog worthy (sorry boys!). 

So we’ll have to leave it at this (click for more):

Even though the idea wasn’t executed, I think I should at least get extra points for effort/creativity πŸ™‚ 

Anyone else excited for Daylight Savings time this weekend?  I did hear some complaints about today about “losing” an hour of sleep on Saturday.  However, I think the benefit of extra hours after work completely outweighs that extra hour of sleep πŸ˜‰

PS I ran into FIVE, yes 5 people after 5 p.m. at HT tonight.  Sounds like I need to move to a bigger city…

  • friend’s mom who chatted with me about her son taking care of Maia last weekend– and was buying wine, ice cream and chocolate.  woman after my own heart.
  • Allison, who isn’t allowed to go grocery shopping without her hubby or a list because she buys too much (I have that problem too)
  • Ryan, who moved DT when there actually was a grocery store there, but is now forced to go to ghent to shop! bummer.
  • Patrick, one of my BFFs who is doing an AMAZING job curbing his sodium in take and is turning into a runner! (I told him if he keeps up with a low sodium diet I will keep up with my low sugar diet, and we will be quite the pair!)
  • Ellen, an author and dancer, who moved to town this past summer, has graciously had me house-sit for her and take care of her kitty! She reminds me of my dear Mindfulness professor from UVA (I think they would get along just great)
And just kidding, I don’t need to move to a bigger city.  I obviously LOVE seeing lots of people I know and care about on spontaneous occasions [most of the time that is ;)]


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