What I Wore

Isn’t It Ironic.

So if you couldn’t tell, food + whole living are a HUGE part of my life– my main philosophy is everything in moderation (something that I struggle with each and EVERY day!)  I also believe wholeheartedly in the practice of intuition, listening to what your body is telling you it wants (again, a daily challenge). 

My goal down the road is to share more and more meals with you, and little tips I find here and there for living in moderation and eating whole foods.  But I didn’t think I was quite there yet (wished I would’ve taken pics of the cheeseless vegan quesadillas I had at Luna Maya a few weeks ago, but wasn’t in mindset of taking fun instagram pics yet). 

Until I was slapped in the face by irony today, and only find it appropriate and mildly hilarious to share my “lunch out” today.  

Normally during the week, I bring lunch every day and sometimes treat myself to lunch out on Fridays.  Usually from one of  my locally owned favorite restaurants downtown (Zelicks, Granby Street Pizza, Gourmet Gang) and ocassionaly Max & Erma’s (LOVE their Third Street + a bread stick = perfection).  But today, I took the day off to go on a mini road trip with my Mama to Richmond/Lynchburg (love quaint towns!!).  I just celebrated my six month anniversary of working at my job, and could use a day away, so here I am killing time while my mom has a quick work-related meeting. 

Had I known she was having a lunch work meeting, I totally would’ve packed my own lunch but I ended up dropping her off at 11:30 and heading off in search of somewhere grab a bit to eat with Wifi so I could blog a bit. 

Well plan one was to find a Hampton Inn and use their Wifi and then grab a snack for the road.  (We frequent Hampton Inn’s like I frequent Starbucks, so yes, this was not unlike the stink I pulled at the airport)

So next solution was to head to a tried and true favorite, like Olive Garden (for their endless soup and salad) or even a Panera (they always have Wifi).  Time was ticking, no Starbucks was in sight (this would’ve been a good excuse to try their protein snack pack!) and phone calls to anywhere else that looked edible lead to negatives answers on Wifi. 

Used my “wifi locator app” and you’ll never guess which (dare I even say) restaurant  offered FREE WIFI!? I’ll give you a hint, it was fast food. 

See, most people who know me know that I rarely eat fast food (a combination of college food politics courses, Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food, and Fast Food Nation- all great reads if you are looking for something intriguing!).  Sometimes I’ll do subway, moes, five guys etc. but rarely fast food (I try to be prepared so I don’t need food that fast).  The whole idea is just never appealing to me.  When it does happen, its a bean burrito or crunch wrap supreme from TB (yeah yeah yeah I’ve heard all about their grade of meat), a snack wrap from KFC, or a baked potato/chili from Wendy’s…but never this:

So you can imagine how I felt when I decided the only way to have my cake and eat it too (have lunch + Wifi) would be to head to the Golden Arch’s!

Apparently I looked as uncomfortable as I felt/looked, because some young man in front of me asked, “Um, is this your first time in McDonalds?”  I wasn’t acting like a food snob in any way, just wasn’t positive what I was having!  Pretty sure I didn’t look thattt out of place though, and that it was a meager attempt at a pick-up line.  Whatever, I was too concentrated on deciding between the Southwest salad and the Chicken Bacon Ranch salad.  My body was craving veggies! Even in the form of iceberg lettuce + carrot slivers. 

Ended up with the Southwest salad + grilled chicken (grilled v. crispy was a no brainer).  Was mildly tempted to get a baby side of fries (one of my weaknesses!) but decided I would much more like to enjoy Public House’s duck fat fries this weekend instead 🙂 

As much as a I hate to admit it, my salad was NOT half bad for what it’s worth. Here I was thinking it would be FULL of fat and calories, but without the dressing it was actually refreshing.  I think a LOT had to do with:
You might have noticed from our Manhattans in Manhattan that I think that EVERYTHING is better with LIME (not Lemon, big difference– ask any bartender or waiter that has ever served me…I always polite, I promise!). 

So I squeeze the living daylights outta that lime onto my salad, and dripped a few drops of southwest dressing on it and PERFECT, the best salad dressing I could ask for (at that time).  That is actually something I do often, I like the taste but not the consistency or fat of creamy dressings, so I just use a tad with vinegar to make it thinner.  Turns out quite nice if I do say so myself.

Evidence that fast food has certainly been transformed since the diner days Roy Crock Ooops Ray Kroc imagined:
And once again you can spot my portrait in the photo, fun or no?
I think it is kind of annoying, but I guess its nice to remember
who took the picture when I am old one day and can’t think for myself;)

Note that this was before I decided to flick the Doritos off of the salad.  Ironically I don’t care for Fritos/Doritos style corn chips but absolutely LOVE corn tortillas (and prefer them WAY over flour tortillas).

Just for kicks and giggles, I checked out the Mickey D’s nutrition info to see what kind of damage I was doing [aka whether I make the right salad decision]:

These two salads w/ grilled chicken aren’t super bad (crispy chicken and dressing put aside) other than their sodium contents that is.  And ding ding ding, I think I did make the right decision-  Well, actually I thought I did.  But when I look at it again, I think these two salads are actually neck and neck.  Southwest has more carbs and sugar (because of starchy beans and corn) but also twice the fiber content and half the saturated fat as the Bacon Ranch salad.  The Bacon Ranch salad however, has 3 more grams of protein and half the sugar as the Southwest.  I am certainly no dietician, but for what its worth, either of these (sans the chips/some of the cheese and the dressing) are decent choices for a meal on the go.  PS the small fries pack a whopping 230 calories, just as much as my WHOLE salad and with zero protein and fiber.  aka nutrient empty and a waste! [thats not to say I won’t have some higher quality fries this weekend] 

Note to self: check out Wendy’s nutrition guide, I have a feeling McDonald’s salads might actually be a better bang nutrition wise for their buck– yay for a new research project!

Click below for my #Marchphotoaday for today, you know you wanna!

To continue the irony trend of the day, and to add my #Marchphotoaday post: yes, I did in fact take a day off to go on someone else’s business trip.  Strange huh? And ironic that my version of getting away is being someone else’s business travel buddy. 

Don’t worry, of course there was something in it for me (other than peace and quiet, good conversation and beautiful Virginia scenery– kicking myself for not taking more pics!)

One of my mom’s clients happens to be a company called Consolidated Shoe Distribution, out of Lynchburg, VA.  Basically they are a distribution center for higher quality brands of shoes like one of my favorites, Nicole

They also operate a outlet store out of the rear of their building!  [Not-so] Ironically the store is called MustHaveShoes.

When my mom, who is not a huge shopper, came home with SIX pairs of shoes after one trip, I know I had to jump on the next opportunity to go along.  I love shoes, but even more I love DISCOUNTED well made shoes. 

So, here is “What I Wore” today:

Wore in the sense that I tried on TONS of shoes, including these, these and these.  Not crazy wild ones for me, but fun ones [Note: prices on website are about twice as high as outlet prices!]

Nope, didn’t buy these, but they made me think of a crazy co-worker of mine, so I had to snap a picture of her. 

 After trying on about a dozen or more pairs of shoes, I settled on these Fabulous Black Stilettos and another leather/gladiator-type sandals that are ironically not on the website.  Sad. I will remember to post a picture of them soon, I already decided they are making an appearance at Wine Fest w/ a sundress if not sooner 🙂 Not that I had any business buying shoes when I have an apartment to decorate, but I barely broke the bank and scored my two pair for about $50.00.  I would say it was a successful day off by far and a blast to boot.

Again, ironically I did not take any pictures of the beautiful country roads, but I did get a peak at the full moon above the trees– night night!


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