A Window

Obviously a lack of post yesterday indicated a lack of creativity for posting a “Window” photo.  Perhaps it was due to already posting two 
“out of the window” shots for Your Neighborhood and 5 p.m.?  Don’t worry, it wasn’t an entirely wasted day, went for an evening run + cooked out with neighbors (Maia even joined in on the festivities, because our neighbors are some of her bestest male [non-feline] friends!)

So for now, I am going to cheat a bit, post a third “out of the [car]window” shot (that is also a redundant post, what a disappointment, I know) and try to check in later this month when I find a completely-but-not-cheesy-inspirational “out of the Window” shot. 

Happy NEW MOON! (aka the reason the office felt craayy-cray-crazy yesterday and it still feels like that today– the weekend can’t get here any sooner!)

Update 3/12/12:
I had this photo in mind for a throwback picture for this post, but couldn’t find it when this post was originally posted (I hate the redundancy of that phrase, any suggestions?)

Dominion power donated new energy efficient windows to Madison House in late 2010/early 2011 and we volunteers helped install the and clean them– THANKS DOMINION, what a gift!


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