I can be an incredibly indecisive person when it comes to certain things.  I think it stems from a combination of my peoplepleasingness and desire to make decisions with as much info as possible (spoiler alert, I had two 32″ TVs in my den for a week trying to decide which one to keep.  The Panasonic won over the Samsung. more on that later) So I admit that if I go out to eat to a new place and barely look at the menu, its not because I make decisions quickly, its because I googled the menu and made a thorough evaluation of it before stepping foot in the restaurant.

[insert lost train of thought, pause, regained it] 

OH yea, so since my norm is indecisiveness, I especially appreciate developing preferences/having a lack of ambivalence/favorites/strong opinions when I do!  e.g. I rarely get anything other than the Grilled Tuna Teriyaki Salad at No Frill Grill, I would get gas at Wawa every time if I could, I hate it when my socks don’t match, Sunflowers are my favorite flower etc. etc. etc. AND I LOVE RED WINE and don’t care for white wine. 

So it was only appropriate that I post a picture of my all time favorite red wine for today’s #Marchphotoaday RED topic. 

Of course, there is a good story behind the wine, which makes me appreciate every last bottle I enjoy (because there are only a few more stocked away!)

This is the 2006 Kluge Vineyard Albemarle Simply Red. I first tasted a Simply Red while I worked at the Boot restaurant in Norfolk the summer of 2009.  I didn’t actually take a trip to the Kluge Vineyard outside of Charlottesville until I stumbled across ads leading up to this auction.  Cases of $20/bottle going for $50ish bucks? I’ll be there!  Not to mention the estate was a gorgeous twenty minute drive from my house in Charlottesville.  Oh, did you click on that link and find a link to Trump’s vineyard?? Yes, eventually, after I made multiple trips to the vineyard to buy at least six cases (for family and friends as well, who fell in love with this wine as I had), the Kluge Estate was sold to Donald Trump.  Just google “Patricia Kluge winery” for a ton of media coverage about what happened to her and why she was forced to sell her estate.  

Here’s another fun link for a review of the vineyard (sadly I never tasted theremyself, but a blogger I follow did!)
can you believe these sunflowers are still blooming beautifully, a whole week later?!
Thanks to my mom for helping me rearrange them 🙂
DISCLAIMER: I am pre-dating this post to pretend like I posted it Friday night as I had intended.   I had planned to have a quiet night in with the below, do some crafty things, have a glass of wine, get some sleep…

And yes, I did do some crafty things on a Friday night, one involving this BEFORE picture and gold spray painting on my balcony in my bathrobe nonetheless: 

creepy? cool? in need of help?

BUT some spontaneity was thrown into the mix and I didn’t have as quiet a night as planned 🙂 Stay tuned.


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