As Cait and I discussed on our 8 a.m. Ican’tbelieveIamupthisearlyonaSaturday- walk, spontaneous nights ALWAYS turn out the BEST!

Jacki and I decided to have some casual cocktails around 10:30 last night, and then promptly headed to one of my favorite bars that happens to be the only bar on my block– Hello, I love going anywhere I can literally run home from if I so desire.  I mean, just as long as Maia doesn’t get any wild ideas and decide to follow be to the bar.  Could be entertaining nonetheless though. 

Public House opened last summer, and has a GREAT selection of craft brews + over 100 whiskys if I am not mistaken.  I am also a huge fan of their duck fat french fries, YUM!

Friday night was the first time ever since their opening last summer that Public House has hosted live music– and it was a total win!  Really not bad for a $10 cover, well actually we only paid $8 each because its all we had, and luckily we are cute enough and the bouncer let us in anyways.  We bought two rounds of drinks though, so totally made up for our lack of funds for the full cover. 

The band was a SUPER fun 70s, 80s hits band– definitely fratastic- only bummer was that we missed the memo that people were invited to dress up in sailor attire– 
 For that matter, pirate attire would’ve worked too 🙂 
Jacki and I rocked out for a while, talked to friends during the break and enjoyed bouron(for me)/vodka(for Jacki) + soda waters + lime, singles in pint glasses to minimize spillage of course. 

Forgot to take pictures ourselves, but do have a picture of the set, which I think THOROUGHLY qualifies for today’s LOUD #Marchphotoaday theme :

Feel free to check out Three Sheets to the Wind and get a taste of YACHT ROCK!

The Public House keeps posting that Friday was their “once a year concert series” but I am dying to go back for more music– can’t beat the venue + location.  And yes, for the record, it too me 2.5 minutes to walk home.  Bonus win for a spontaneous night. 

OH- and check out my intheprocess page called “Takin’ ORF” for sights and scenes around Norfolk.  I will keep adding links as time permits. 


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