Someone I talked to today

Here is one of many people I talked to today:
Today my grandfather celebrated his 87th birthday surrounded by friends, family members and even employees who had worked for him for many years. 
Granddaddy is a man full of personality and gusto, and rather than send individual invitations out to his birthday party, he thought it would make a lot more sense to invite the ENTIRE complex in which he lives.
Yep, we are talking a hundred people and two of these:

 Can you believe he was even worrried about people not showing up at 1:55?  He started saying something about “the party that nobody came to,” hah. 

That clearly wasn’t the case. 

Although I didn’t get to to talk to him for an extended period of time, it meant a lot for me to share in his day with him, and even get to sing happy birthday to him.  The chaplain even said a special blessing for my grandfather, who had instructed him to “bless the cake.”

It was certainly a day of celebration of life, love and accomplishment.  My grandfather is always one to remind us to bless others as we have been blessed.

What a beautiful day!

View of the Shore from Grandaddy’s apartment in Virginia Beach.
His short but poignant speech to his friends and family included
his appreciate for living on the shore: “The shore is the last thing sailors see when they
head out to the sea, and we are so lucky to see the shore every day.”
posted these for Susy, tulips are her favorite and
sunflowers are mine! and so I can remember these centerpieces, gorgeous!


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