As soon as I took this picture, I realized how disgusting this looks.  I mean come on’ its not even my good flatware.  However, its the only fork I had on the counter in my kitchen tonight, “Fork” was the theme for #Marchphotoaday, and I had wayy too much happenin’ in my kitchen (and my head) to worry about a creative fork pic.  So stick it, and stick around (puns fully intended) for the rest of this post for an introduction to Feline Feasting, a remade onion dip recipe, and a fun new food I tried out!

Reading Carrots ‘N Cake on a daily basis, I have seen her post this recipe for 
Caramelized Onion Dip a few times, and I have been dying to try it! It features not only onions + mushrooms, but the famous Greek Yogurt wonder food that pops up in my diet more than I admit (in my b-fast, and dinner tonight! added bonus: Maia enjoys it too– stay tuned for more on her dinner tonight though).

I didn’t get home from a great 3 miler run (9 min/mile) with Cait until 8 or so (by the time I picked up my food processor that was still hanging out with the rents) and still had to shower and prep some other food, so I decided to do part of the recipe tonight, let the flavors meld, and then whip it all together tomorrow night. 

I won’t post the recipe here, since its a whole lot easier to head over to Tina’s post that I liked to above–  but here’s a sneak peak of what got done tonight:

Sautéed yellow onions for
a good 30 minutes- slow and steady
is the trick to caramelized onions!
added some baby bellas
to cook up a bit
added some greek yogurt + rosemary
once the onions and mushrooms cooled

 And now this yummy mixture is all snuggled up/chilling [oxymoron?] in a pyrex bowl in the fridge…and waiting to be whirled tomorrow in my 2010 Christmas present:

Well who seriously asks for food processors for Christmas?  Me of course.  I have also asked for, and received, the Cuisinart pink mixer + blender (proceeds go to Breast Cancer research, woot!!) Note to self to do a post about my FAVORITE kitchen brands/products. 

Project #2 of the night was making sure my baby kitty had food for the rest of the week!  A few weeks ago when I sent Maia to some guy friends house to stay the weekend, I realized how disgusted I was by canned cat food, and vowed to find a cheaper and more wholesome diet source for Maia.  She has always loved yogurt (and I am embarrassed to admit licks my bowl clean after breakfast on occasion, spoiled rotten, I know) and recently had an interest in trying refried beans.  Yep, she loved them.

So tonight I made her some chicken, with refried beans, and some puffed millet. 

Boiled three chicken tenderloins in water, added about 1 cup of puffed millet (for volume) and 1/2 a can of fat free refried beans. 

I plan on doing further research, and eventually adding an egg or two a week to her diet, along with some yogurt, and definitely some fats (to keep her mind healthy!).  This will just be her dinners, she will continue to get about 1/2 cup of dry food in the morning before I go to work, and plenty of water of course!

all portioned out and ready to go!
Should freeze well too 🙂
Just a few more fun pictures in the kitchen tonight:
dinner for me! Veggie chili w/ spinach, miracle rice, and
chedda/monterey jack cheese
I always forget to rehydrate after running, and its
was hotter today than it has been!
new home for my food processor- it was about
time it lived out of the box!
fruit bowl minus the orange I ate for a pre-run
snack; secretly I love fruit from the fridge though
because its crisper! These are pretty to look at though.
Going to be sneaky and queue post for tomorrow AM! Night!


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