A Sign

So technically todays #Marchphotoaday is a screen shot, not an instagram/iphone picture but was certainly the funnest most fun [really working on proper grammar here] “sign” of my day!
What kind of sign it is you ask?

Well a sign to go to Charlottesville of course, and take off a day of work to boot.  Hall-elujahh 
This post is going to Madison House ZERO justice, because of a lack of time to post tonight.  But realize that my excitement should say it all.

Madison House was my passion while at UVA, and I will be going back in April to attend their annual fundraiser and celebration of service event, as well as a day of Service that I helped to plan the past two years:
Stay tuned closer to April 12th for a full report on Madison House but for now have a scavenger hunt, find the #Marchphotoaday “window” post and see an updated picture that I added/stumbled upon tonight!

Cheaters click here 🙂

PS I just realized theres a quick link to it in the archive drop down —>

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