Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?!
Here’s a few Green pictures for today– I will update tomorrow to tell you all about my SHAM ROCK ‘n ROLL 8K [spoiler alert: check out the screen shot below for my times, and Nope, still have no desire to run a 1/2 Marathon, but good luck to everyone running tomorrow!]
from an email from the grents yesterday to kick us off:
7 am this morning:
circa 9 a.m. post run:
Cait’s shirt “Wearing Green, Running for Yellow”


post Yuengling circa 11 a.m.:

you would think this picture if out of order, but it actually took us a few beers to remember to stretch– so post-gaming stretching it is! (my hip flexors were 

other highlights of my day so far circa 5 PM:

so much more excitement than a bag full of beer bottles! These are the FIRST O’Connor Brewery labeled bottles- I was lucky enough to get a sneak sample of the first O’Connors bottled brews a few weekends ago…this is Norfolk Microbrewery History in the making!
While I am thinking of it, SHOUT OUT to the awesome bartenders at the Public House– my new bff BOB Gallagher rocks my socks! For those of you who have left Public House with a bad taste in your mouth because the bartender wasn’t at your beck ‘n call, go back on a weekday.  These dudes mean business on the weekends, but love to talk beer and bourbon more than anything.  Go ahead, swing by after work on Tuesday and get to know these fine lads.  They will hook you up! Promise.  Just don’t try chatting on a crowded weekend night, its the best to head in during the week for one on one time ๐Ÿ™‚  [and as promised, I wrote a posted a little review on Yelp for these guys– apparently
Friends for LYFE-  Jacki, Ann Reid, Gina and myself
161 Maple, nough said

Pot ‘O Gold Nail Polish
my favorite not-so-Leprechaun [hes over 6 ft!]
fabulous for St. Patrick’s Day, no? (or any other day I
am feeling particularly festive, life is so be celebrated daily, right?)

Who needs green beer when you have a RUNNERS HIGH!

 I am a happy girl.  And I think ANY of these pictures suffice for todays “Green” #Marchphotoaday.

I also (per usual) get the record for most gullible. Does that make me green?!  If so, I’ll take it ๐Ÿ™‚

Check back tomorrow for a full race re-cap (plus another race photo or two! Didn’t run with my iphone- more on that later- so sadly a lack of pictures, but I’ll do my best!)

PS Do I get extra points for posting before 6 p.m. tonight?! 

Off to celebrate Gina’s birthday, can’t promise tonights pictures will be blog worthy, but I’ll do my best!

race recap posted Sunday, March 18th: 

Yesterday was a gorgeous day to be outside.  Breeze was blowing off of the ocean front, sun wasn’t too bright yet, but was attempting to sneak out from  behind the clouds.  Cait and I left Norfolk around 7 a.m., picked up much needed coffees @ Starbucks and headed to the oceanfront.  We both chose a traditional pre-run fuel of whole wheat toast and peanut butter, since we haven’t been doing many morning runs and weren’t sure how much fuel our body would need.  After parking, and making remarks about the overachievers warming up their sprints, we headed to the start line.  By the time we made a b-room pitstop, we were right on target to jump into our corral.  Before we knew it, we were off!  We are both super crowd-adverse, so I peaced as soon as I could, weaving in and out of runners to try to find some space for myself. 

Fumbled with my Garmin watch until the 2nd mile, but I would guess I was running about an 8:40 pace for the first mile, and then slowed down to about a 9/905 for the second mile.  I am well aware that I am guilty of shooting off too fast for the first mile, but after running enough races I just deal with it, and anticipate (or at least try to) that I will loose some steam mid-race.   Note the “try to” in that previous sentence.  I got my Garmin watch working at mile 2, which was SUPER helpful and the whole reason I got my Garmin- so at any given moment I can see how fast I am going, in order to more efficiently pace myself.  Even though I was bummed I couldn’t get it working with the satellites for the first two miles, by the time it started working I just pretended I was running/timing a 5k! Since that was pretty much what was left after miles 1 and 2.  

Mile 3 was SO rough.  Let me tell you.  At some point in the race my stream of consciousness was so hilarious that I actually wished I had a microphone to record the thoughts that were going through my head throughout the race.  Amazing what happens when you run without head phones and let you mind freeforall.  Some of the happier thoughts involved a man running in a kilt who announced he was naked underneath, an adorable golden retriever with a leprechaun hot on, a woman’s shirt that read “I know I’m slow, deal with it,” any and every slogan about getting lucky, thanking god that I don’t have huge calves, and wondering if the woman running in what appeared to be spandex bathing suit bottoms was going to have a MAJOR wedgie issue anytime soon.  Does that little bit of lack of fabric really make THAT big of a difference?  I highly doubt it.  

However, at about mile 3, the Garmin watch was still being a bit finicking, and was stuck on pace 9:06.  For a while I blamed it on the the watch, and knew that I must be running faster than that.  But it seemed to be accurate…”gosh Kelsey,” I thought, “you should’ve trained harder– did you really think you could train at your goal pace for only 3 miles and be able to translate that into a 5 mile race!?!”  These self-depreciating thoughts lasted far longer than they should’ve.  And I began convincing myself that I would be okay if I finished in over 45 minutes (my goal time).  

At some point nearing mile 4 I snapped out of it.  All of a sudden I broke it down to itty bitty pieces and gave myself little goals, third mile goals, quarter mile goals etc. etc.  I ran at paces between 8:45 and 8:55, promising myself that when I got to the 5th mile I could slow down to just under 9 min/mile before I did my final sprint to the finish.  

AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?!! I DID IT?!!!!!!!!! As soon as I turned the last corner and was straight on to the finish line, I was gearing up for a full out sprint.  As I neared the finish line, and King Neptune who marked the spot,  I was running as fast as 8:20!!!!  

As you can see from the screen shot posted above, my final time was 44:02, and my average pace was 8:51/mile, 9 seconds less per mile than my goal.  Needless to say, I was overjoyed. 
According to my watch, my 1 mile splits were ______ , _______ , and ________ . Respectively. 

Since I hadn’t run a race since Thanksgiving (10K, 9:06++/mile), yesterday was a definitely energy booster! It was the first time I had actually set a goal, trained (mildly) for the goal, and EVEN surpassed it!  Not sure what my next race will be, but I may have to give this little 5K a chance, it looks like a BLAST– then I’ll plan a fun longer race.  Still have no desire to do a 10+ miler, but maybe I’ll short for another 6 or 8 miler next!  It was a year ago that I ran in my first non-5k race, the Charlottesville ten miler.  Through baby steps of running and training, I have progressed into a much faster runner in the course of a year.  Not by running every day, or even every other day.  There have been even weeks at a time that I have gone without running! My encouragement to everyone is to just get out there.  If races are your thing, great, but if you just like walking, DO IT.  Enjoy every day, go outside, and get your heart pumping.  YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU LATER FOR IT. 

okay no more soap box for now– will leave that for another post. 

but PS: Cait BEASTED at the race as well– and came in 15 seconds/mile under her 10 min/mile goal, YAY CAIT! And thank you for training with me, and dragging me out when my body didn’t think it felt like running.  xoxo


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