A corner in your home

Today’s theme: A corner in your home.
How appropriate that my new den couch got delivered on Friday! It was such a painless process, and I was SO EXCITED.  I custom-ordered this couch after shopping for over a month for a couch for my TV room (didn’t even have a TV yet, it was a work in progress).  I new I wanted something in the grey/taupe color scheme (b/c I am LOVING grey right now), with loose pillows (not attached or tufted) and no ruffle on the bottom.  I shopped at tons of discount furniture stores, and even bought a couch from a local store.  However, I had only measured the dimensions of the room, not the doorways and the couch would.not.fit.  No way, no how.  So I had to return it.  Luckily I had bought it at a family owned business and they were super nice about taking it back and not charging a re-stocking fee.  Boy was the good lord looking out for my that day. 
So when I kept narrowing down what I was looking for, given the constraints of a very small hallway and L turn down a hall way, I realized that custom might be the only way that I stay within my budget and guarantee the couch fits. 
That lead me to Esprit Decor, about 20 min away (no traffic).  Although it is definitely a more high end store, I was really vocal about what type of budget I was working with, and the saleslady was extremely accommodating to my needs.  It took my two visits out there to make a decision, and COMMIT (the hardest part, and terrifying nonetheless).  
I ended up with a Broyhill apartment sized sofa with rectangular arms and removable pillows (for easier moving!).  A huge plus was getting to pick fabrics in contrasting colors for the overstuffed pillows (which were MUCH larger in person than I had expected,  total plus!)
I originally thought I wanted a linen or a microsuede, but after learning that linen doesn’t keep well, I ended up with this season-neutral weave.  Its thicker like a tweed, but woven like a light-airy-summer fabric, and reminds me of seashore grass (minus the color).  The color, however, reminds me of mud.  Weird, right? But I love it.  Kind of like the color of the smooth mud on the sandy bottom of the river.  Probably grosses out most people, but make me think of kayaking! [took the inaugural kayak excursion of the season today with Jaime Keogh, SO beautiful, despite some fog and chilliness]
Here’s the current set- up of the room: (more on my TV + smart blu-ray player combination at a later date, that was a yet another consumer adventure!!)
And actually I am lying.  The couch faces the TV at a slight angle, but is parallel to that window.  I like that I walk into both the living room and the den straight into the back of the couch.  And that both couches face WINDOWS on the same side of the apartment. 
so embarrassed by the quality of these pre-instagram photos!
Probably should’ve posted this one yesterday for “Green” theme, HAH
BONUS “corner of your home picture”:

This is my new little blogging/studying nook in the corner opposite of the TV in the picture above. 

I downsized from a bigger table here, and absolutely love the simplicity. Now, I can easily move from couch to desk with my laptop, and still have everything all plugged in.  I can also sit at the desk and see the TV out of the right corner of my eye.  Perfect when I start getting up early enough to watch the AM news! Yes, I think I just admitted I want to see more of these in April:


I better get a head start in March, so it’s off to bed for this little blogger/kayaker/runner!  


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