Pretty soon Maia is going to have her own page on this blog, something along the lives of ninelivesyoungsassysomething, so stay tuned.  

I have been wanting to write about Maia for a while now, since she has a much more eventful life than my own, so today’s #Marchphotoaday theme was rather appropriate.  Iphone screen shots count as pictures right?  Check back in later for some animal lovers’ laughs. 

For anyone who has met this furry friend in person, you know that she tends to get her way most of the time.  And threatens to pee on beautiful furniture if she doesn’t.  And might have the smallest head to body ratio I have ever seen.  Kind of the inverse our buddy Bentley’s head to height ratio, but I digress., 

Not that head size has anything to do with her intelligence.  But hey, a kitty’s got to eat!  The good news is she lost 1.5 pounds since her last annual trip to the vet, yayy Maia– Not that she is obese, but I want to keep her healthy for as long as possible.  Since she recently celebrated her 10th birthday.  What an old woman. 

Maia spent the entirety of her glorious life being an outdoor kitty in the confines of a large yard quiet neighborhood, roaming wherever she darn well pleased.  Obviously she was depressed when yours truly went to college, but she got over it eventually.  However, when I moved into my apartment in Ghent and my mom’s new neighbors started calling the cops on Maia for meowing at their door (Bentley’s mom knows all about that…and therefore Maia thanks the dear lord every day she eats for saving her life!), we realized an intervention was necessary.  So Maia MOVED in with ME!  Oh, and I may have been dying to take her off my mom’s hands, but really it was all about Maia’s well-being, certainly not mine 😉

I knew I could only keep Maia indoors for long.  As scared as I was to let her out on a busy street like the one I live on, I believe I didn’t have the heart from keeping her from living to her full potential as a energetic, bad ass, make friends with everyone except-for-the-birds-and-mice-I-bring-home-for-my-family (sorry Rod for writing that!), kinda kitty.  For real, Maia has the ability to turn almost anyone adverse to cats into a kitty-lover.  Or Maia-lover for starters. 

So to make a long story short, in the few months that Maia has started going outside little by little, she has met more of my neighbors that I have met living in this neighborhood for six months.  It is not surprising for my neighbors to knock on my door with her in their arms to say, Maia got confused again, and was meowing at our back door.  Or to get a phone call from a passerby saying “Found your cat, is she lost?”  Nope, she’s not lost, and I promise she gets fed every night, but she just can’t get enough attention.  I did consider changing her tag, since now it says “I am loved by Kelsey, if lost please call xxx-xxxx.”  But I’d rather be safe than sorry. 

The sweetest compliment I did get was one my neighbors calling me, but then saying, “She is so well taken care of and groomed, I didn’t think she could be an outdoor cat!”  Looks can be deceiving, let’s just say that.  

For now, I’ll give you a snippet of one of her recent adventures, and later on I will post a few screen shots of conversations I have had about Maia and her wild life. 

This happened a few weeks ago, and was a facebook message to my guy friends across the street.  The caveat is that they babysat for her one weekend, which is when she first became smitten with them.  Now she just can’t seem to get enough of them.  

“Yep, it happened. Was sitting here on the computer after my 3rd or 4th time calling Maia to come inside, when I realized she was clearly not around my apartment building anymore. No one had called yet though, which meant she wasn’t harassing any passerby’s.

So I wandered across the street, up to your door and guess where she was? Yep, on your fire escape. She clearly finds living in my apartment sub-par to her wild weekend away at ya’lls apartment.

Oh, and I met your neighbor in the process, who told me he keeps seeing her wandering around the back parking area and wanted to know where I lived. How embarrassing, now Maia has not only met every single one of my neighbors, but she’s moving on to your building as well.

Never a dull moment! Just had to share with you’ll  Hope it makes you laugh.”

Hope this makes the blog world laugh as well.  


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