Read this before you get into today’s #Marchphotoaday post. 

Prep posts before real posts?  Fancy blogging stuff.  Or I am actually posting on the 19th for posts written on the 23rd.  Don’t try to figure it out, just pretend it all makes sense.  For the record I planned all my posts out, and wrote bits and pieces every day, but didn’t quite post them all due to my crazy exam this week.  Statistics will be the death of me, but I will win this time.  (worst grade of my undergraduate career will be my first A of my graduate career, I hope!)

I thought about taking a picture of myself at Crossfit tonight (funny picture when ya click) but the workout out ended up being a blast.  Hard, but a blast.  15 minutes as many rounds of possible of ten box jumps and five push presses (35# for me, I just started– give me a few weeks I would like to get back up to 50#).  I will post some gym pics soon.

So this “funny” picture will have to do for today. 

literally tried to rotate this picture for 10+ minutes.
Did not work. 
This will have to do for today.

 A few weeks ago, my friend/neighbor Taylor texted this to me around dinnertime.  “Maia came to help me study!” Hilarious.  Really Maia, you call sitting on her books helping her study? Just like helping me read the paper.  

Maia is a funny kitty. 

And in other Maia news, her hilarity just got better tonight.  Well I actually didn’t think it was funny, but after the fact I can laugh at it.  It seems to have turned into her nightly ritual to visit the “boys next door across the street.”  If she did in fact just celebrate her 10th birthday, which is easily over 60 years old in cat years, can we call her a cougar for hitting on twenty-something aged boys?  yes, as matter a fact I believe we can.  Keep up the wild status, Maia, Cougar Town’s got nothing on you. 

So first around 8 p.m. I get a text “your cat is in our kitchen.”  Oh no, she’s gone a bit too far this time, I think.  I offer to let her stay the night there, but one of their friends is over who is allergic to cats.  

So I go over, and sure enough, Maia is having a BBQ with the boys in their back yard/parking lot. Guess she smelled the shrimp they were cooking? 
What a cutie (Maia, not the boys- although I do think its adorable that these guys are SMITTEN with my cat- true story: I ran into one of their mom’s at the grocery store and she too thought these guys were softies for Maia)

disclaimer: Neighbor boy M did admit that he may have heard her in the bushes and called her over to where he was grilling 😉 But what guy would ever admit being in love with a cat after all…

Not one night later, did I find myself once again calling all over creation for Maia.  Even texted M to see if “he had an extra feline in his kitchen again.”  After taking Lucy, my mom’s dog for a walk and having no luck at finding her, I saw two little eyes peering at me from The Boys front yard.  Yep, guess who was frolicking in their freshly mulched bush beds?


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