Kitchen Sink

Happy Thursday! 

Apologies for the MIA status this week, had a midterm for a class I was taking on Wednesday and also sick with a combination of allergies/sinus infection.  GROSS I literally feel like I am just emerging from a dark cave today.  

On a more positive note, I documented some highlights for the week, and will be back-blogging (is that a word?) to make up for a lackofcontact this week.  After a weekend like last weekend, the 9-5ness of this week seems so UNEVENTFUL.  But trust me, living with my favorite feline brings its fair share of  entertainment, which I will feature in the #Marchphotoaday FUNNY themed post.  Stay tuned. 

But for now, here’s a picture of what my kitchen sink looked like after a day or two of procrastination cooking (check out this post if you are terribly confused on why I am posting a picture of my dirty sink): 

Concoctions included pumpkin bread, chocolate millet bark and broccoli-cheese shirataki noodle bake.  

Considering I am the worst at following recipes, I will post a break down of ingredients and relative proportions 🙂 

Ahah, posting #Marchphotoaday pictures backwards is actually kind of fun, because the post for the 21st is Delicious.  Hint hint hint: will post pictures of above mentioned foods there. 

For today, here are a few more pictures of my kitchen (much more exciting then the sink) [although I wished I could’ve come up with a clever photo involving “nothing but” the Kitchen sink, but my brain was too fried for that unfortunately] 

I lucked out when I rented my apartment, because the day I signed my lease, the landlord asked me if I would like my kitchen re-done. HELLO?!! Had he met me before? I would LOVE my kitchen redone.  Before I responded to him, I quickly signed on the dotted line, and then said “Well yes, I would absolutely adore having my kitchen redone.  But ya can’t up my rent.  SORRY! (not sorry).”  Lucky for me, he redid it anyways.  (hes a fellow wahoo by-the-way, explains everything right?)
Unpictured is the closet to the right of the pictured door that is my pantry and houses my washer dryer.  Washer dryer was a MUST for a new apartment.  The convenience of doing laundry @ home is incomparable.  I’m also as eco friendly as possible and use a drying rack when I can! 

Also unpictured is my fruit bowl which sits above the dish washer and can often be found filled with apples, oranges and bananers.  Oh, and a pear on occasion.  Except every pear I have bought recently has been super un-ripe.  But the peaches haven’t lasted long enough to make it into the bowl for more than a day!

Enjoy these kitchen pics, and check back later (under date 3/21) for my DELICIOUS pictures. 


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