An Animal

Today’s #Marchphotoaday gave me a chance to do a post I have been waiting FOR A WHILE to post. 

The shortened versin of the story is that my dad sends me photos (iPhone to iPhone) on a regular basis.  Sunsets, events, dead ducks from successful hunting trips, you name it.  Often these emails [I finally taught him to “MMS” pics today so they didn’t just go to my inbox] have (cute) captions in the form of subject lines.  
It’s mildy amusing to use my imagination to predict what picture goes with his caption.  E.g. I see an email coming through with the subject “low tide today” and I can’t help but guessing what in the world the neighbors are saying about Tom Host walking through the “low tide” in his waders.  Or a “went for a morning swim” subject that I see and praise my dad for his early ambitions…only to open the picture to realize it is of his most recent apple of his eye. 

So first, for today’s “Animal” theme here’s a picture of me and my dad’s new baby/my cozy cuddler on the couch:

me and Windows had a fight over this one.
It took me FOREVER to post it right-side-up.

But for your real viewing pleasure, I compiled a photo montage of sorts of all of the pictures my dad has sent me of our [not so] new Golden Retriever, Madison.  Madison joined her half-brother Campbell (age 3) in October.  Now the two of them live happily ever after!
All “captions” are actually not my own words, but those of Daddy Host himself. 
OH, and if you are like me you will think Campbell is sad in every picture.  Don’t worry, we concluded that he loves baby Madison, and doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with her.  He is handsome, and his “I’m hanging and loving life” face is just as so!

Madison: Day 1

“Hello Kelsey”

“It’s been a busy morning”

“I’m growing”
“I love my big brother”
“It’s been a long day”
“We love to ride in the car”

“I’m pooped”
“No, that’s my bone”
“King and Queen”
“All the comforts of home”
“Bed mate: I woke up about 3am to find guess who in my bed  

“We are up”
“It’s okay to share”
“Just hanging out”
“I’m worn out from the shore”
“lap dog”
“On way to the cabin”
“We love riding in the car”
guess who likes puddles?”
“I’m going with you”

Hope these were entertaining, and brought a smile to your face.  After all, whether you are a friend, family member or cyberspace stranger, that is the whole point of this blog!  
If you think Madison has personality, you must meet her. These pictures barely do her justice.  She is a queen be and FULL OF IT.  We love her very much.  
PS is there irony in me moving out one week before Madison moved in?  I think not, both of us lucked out in the deal πŸ™‚ 

You didn’t think I could publish a post titled “An Animal” and not include at least one picture of the baby kitty herself could I?

Here’s what Maia is up to tonight:

Yep, thats a Bee.  Am I cruel or what? Maia loves bugs, no really.  She was entertained for hours.  And I would rather not know where Mr. Bee ended up [RIP Buzzy!.  But according to an article I read (or was in a dream, since I can’t find a link to it) Norfolk has had an influx of Bees! So hopefully this one won’t be missed…too much 😦


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