Cheating today, and redirecting to a picture I took a few weeks ago

It’s only okay because I actually did go back and re-post the picture of the window that I was planning to post. 

I searched all night for a moon tonight, and none was to be found.  #FAIL. 

Since this is a pathetic post, why not some inspiration on why I am shooting for the moon in 2012?

Here’s a two things I read today, that reminded me to keep on shootin’

Don’t Put Your Life on Hold

Why Being in Your Twenties is Awesome
    my favorite line by far: 
            You should love every single moment of this hot mess of a decade

Isn’t there some corny saying about shooting for the moon and landing among the stars? Who would settle for that? TO THE MOON IT IS

And a few things that make me happy today:

First week back at CrossFit (since March 2011)
and LOVING it
Reminiscing about being in the Dominican Republic with
Susy in 2010 (maybe a throw back post sometime?)

Nope, not ready to see the movie yet–
Books 2 & 3 to finish! Almost there!
Foxfield 2012
Update: this post from Carrots ‘N Cake explains why I am SO happy to be back at CrossFit, and holding myself to going there to be with awesome people 3x a week for 3 months!  LuLu Lemon shorts to treat myself if I do it?  PS Carrots ‘N Cake might have helped a little with the motivation to start up again 🙂

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