I have a worthy #Marchphotoaday today, hope you enjoy it. 

Eggs are the All-American breakfast, right? Or is that pancakes? I suppose it is all in who you ask.
I am usually a sweet breakfast girl, aka cereal, fruit, oats and yogurt.  But I have recently been craving more savory foods at Bfast time (around 930/10 at work normally, but even later at home!). 

Thinking I would be prepared, I hard boiled some of the eggs from my Uncle, and brought one to work for a quick protein in the morning. 

Or, at least I thought I brought a hard-boiled egg to work.

OOooops.  It appears this one wasn’t as hard boiled as I had thought.  Not at all actually.  You can only imagine the shock on my face when I put the hard boiled egg on the countertop at work, turned to grab the Salt and Peppa, and heard a <<<<CRACKKKK>>>> followed by a chuckle from one of our more elderly employees who just happened to be sitting in the kitchen to watch this all go down.  Humpy Dumpy style my “not so hardboiled egg” fell off teh countertop.  I was glad I could provide entertainment, and I like to think people laugh more often with me than at me.  But ignorance is bliss after-all.

After being crushed (no pun intended) that my egg would be wasted (no frying pan at work, otherwise I woulda fried it right on up), I realized the good in the situation!  My egg looked like a heart! And was therefore #Marchphotoaday worthy. 

Delight in the small things. 

I also see Minnie mouse in this shot…anyone else have a better imagination and see other characters in this egg? 


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