March Madness: A trifecta of projects!

Unfortunately, the curtains did not get hung this weekend.  I got as far as charging the drill, that counts right?

And no, they didn’t get hung because I went to see the Hunger Games, nor was I out partying until the wee hours of the night. 

Instead I spent most of this weekend doing Spring crafting and cleaning.  Love it! I spruced up/cleaned out my wardrobe, gave my apartment a great vacuuming, potted some fresh herbs for use in my kitchen and did a few other projects (which of course included a Michael’s visit!).  

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by Kitchin’s Kitchen‘s burlap oyster wreath, and immediately realized my front door was a bit on the naked side :(, sad right? 

So I ventured out into the cyber world to see what I could find, and found a fun way to make a recycled wreath with items I already had (obviously gold spray paint was on the list) [ps can’t find the blog that I originally found the wreath on, but the linked country living article will have to do].   

Remember, when I talked about an “in-progress project” I started one recent Friday night?  Yep, that’s it! 

Here’s out I finished it up this past Saturday night. 

Glued cut out leaves from one paper bag to a straw wreath that I picked up for $3.00 at Michaels.  Doesn’t need to be fancy, just make sure to bend leaves in half for volume, and glue them with any pen marks not facing out πŸ™‚ 

 Fill in leaves until wreath is full.  Add additional leaves as necessary.  This was only leaves cut out from ONE grocery size paper bag, crazy right?  And let me say so forgiving.  I can be a perfectionist at times, so it was relaxing to do a project that required zero patterns or perfection.  Okay…I may have followed a slight pattern starting out but I really did just fill in leaves wherever it looked like there was a little bald spot. 

 The original “recipe” (what do you call craft directions?? we’ll go with recipe for now, I mean making a wreath really isn’t all that different from baking a cake right?) called for dusting the brown paper bag wreath with metallic gold spray paint.  Heck yes, only my favorite accent color (see above link for a reminder of the cats I spray painted).

Hah I painted cat bookends that weekend, not Maia.  But she would look good with some gold tips to her brown coat, no?  Can’t exactly decipher what that face is telling me.  I mean we did determine a few posts back that she was a cougar, so a little Bling for that coat of hers couldn’t hurt. 

You’re on candid camera, Maia.  Look at her backin’ that thing up! Or Shakin’ her tail feather?  My oh my does she have some moves.  (disclaimer that I didn’t preview that link, so click with that warning in mind– it might be mildly inappropriate- was there a rule that my blog needed to be PG13 rated? Not with Maia in the house, that’s for sure). 

Actually I think she’s diving head first into her dinner.  I will surely work on her manners, how embarassing.  You would think I starved her to death! That’s what she wants you to think…don’t let her fool you.

So back to the paper bag leaf wreath.  Here’s the only shot of the finished product I have as of yet.  I have special plans for where it will be hung though, so stay tuned.  It is part of my special balcony project that is in the works!  (first on my to-do list is to get a redone picture of my den up on here, once curtains are hung- so let me tackle that first)

Yep, that’s another can of spray paint.  I was getting a little heavy handed with the gold spray paint, and remembered I had gold GLITTER paint as well! What was a little more spray paint on my kitchen floor don’t-tell-my-land-lord.  Spray glitter added the finishing touches, and presto, my gold digger foilage wreath was complete! Max this cost $4.00 since I had most of the products at home.  For that matter, I could’ve cut a cardboard wreath base and saved the money on buying the straw wreath!   Will remember that next time. 

 I will save project #3 for tomorrow, since it was food based and its too late to even write about food.  But I can’t leave ya without a presentation of wreath #2 of the weekend.  

For quite some time, I have wanted to make a wreath for my front door, but it seemed so energy intensive to make a wreath for just one holiday! Seriously, Christmas flew by, as did Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. 

So I went to Michael’s to find some simple “springy” type ribbon for a wreath that could last me far into the summer. 

I would be lying if I said my mom didn’t hold my hand through the whole make a wreath for the first time process, but I can say that I pretty much set to work on my own.  She provided some moral support (and reminded me to get the “pretty white ribbon” off of the ground so it wouldn’t turn into dirty white ribbon- apparently that’s not classy) and then it was done! Cute right? Polka dots and glitter.  Actually very similar to my blog theme.  My first choice for colored ribbon was the blue of my blog, but it was a bit picked over (damn overproduction of 40% coupons to get people to tear through the store) so lime green it was.  Ironically another purchase i made last weekend I ended up with lime green as a default as well.  But bargain shoppers can’t always be super choosey, we’ve got to be a bit flexible without settling, and that’s a Kelsey Rule of Thumb! 

It was then my mom’s brilliant idea to add some Easter decorations to this wreath, ones that could be removed in a few weeks following Easter. I wasn’t sold on this idea (because I find Easter bunnies to be mildly over-characterized and hate when holidays are over-commercialized) but I found the PERFECT felt eggs at Target that were begging to be added to my wreath. 

It took me a few tries to find the best way to attach these without hot-gluing them, to make them easily removable without ruining my spectacular ribbon job.  I tried straight pins, paper clips, and safety pins before returning to straight pins.  They provided the most secure attachment yet were still easily removable (only downside is I can’t slam my door too hard or else that orange one of the left flies off!).  

The most fun part of this whole accessorized wreath concept is that I can change themes as often as I want! I am thinking I’ll redo the wreath again come fall, but in the mean time I can change the accessories to match the holiday, the season, my mood or even the weather for that matter (my mood and the weather here in Norfolk are usually in a race to see who can change the most in a given 24 hour period…joke, kinda?)

Pint sized globes and birdies for Earth Day? Tequila bottles & hot peppers for Cinco de Mayo? Mini umbrellas for June?  Too bad I didn’t get my act together sooner because that lime green would’ve been STELLAR for St. Patty’s Day.  Good thing there is always next year! Because trust me, this wreath will still be around and packed away with all of its accessories, ready to be used again! 

Which wreath do you like more? The money, made from scratch and recycled metallic gold wreath or my twig & ribbon + accessories front door wreath?  I am a fan of both, love the versatility/creativity of my basic wreath but the glamour of my metallic leaf wreath (eco-friendly is sooo in btw, hah) 

Also I need to add something to my gold leaf wreath, any ideas?

Update 3/27: found the link for the paper bag blog.  Ooops just re-read the directions and it says to spray lightly with spray paint πŸ™‚ The funnest part about being crafty is adjusting to your own tastes, right?!!


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