Interruption of regularly scheduled programming…

Plans for tonight included crossfit, yoga, dinner, and blogging (because I have a fun picture to post for today’s #Marchphotoaday.

Everything through dinner happened, but someone seemed to have made herself a little too comfortable on my lap during dessert. (confession: I let her lick the spoon from my banana chocolate protein powder coffee mug concoction which could explain her cuddly nature, but I prefer to blissfully think she just loves me A LOT)

So with laptop out of reach, and no heart to rouse her (she’s been sick and to the vet 3x this week at least) I am not blogging right now, but reading Hunger Games Catching Fire on my kindle app and taking candid pictures of sleeping beauty.

Oh yeah, and blogging from my iPhone- cool right? Not as fancy/easy as Mac blogging, but it’s getting the job done now.

what a night. Sometimes you gotta let life happen, and that is what I am currently enjoying. heck I’ll even sleep on the couch with the light on before I move her. Some kinda love, huh? I am her mama after all though 🙂

Post will have to wait for tomorrow, the theme is Your Name and I’ve got a cute nesting pic and story to share with you!

PS and curtains have yet to be hung. It’s looking like my Thursday night is going to involve curtain hanging and blogging- you didn’t think I was just skipping over some of those #Marchphotoaday’s did you? Ok good, because I fully intend on having a full set of pics posted by the end of the month. So stay tuned for Car, before/after, an animal, moon, key and your name 🙂 They WILL be posted by April 1st, no fooling.


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