Goooood Morning?!!

Why so energetic?

Why at work early?


um, just kidding.  Errrr kind of. 

At least that is how I felt this AM! Because I tried something NEW 

I decided yesterday to ride my bike this morning to work because 

Scared? Yes.  Nervous? kinda…you know, I am a planner and didn’t quite know what to expect. 

I didn’t want to be cold on the way to work, or have helmet hair when I got to work, or get to work late.  Or get hit by a car and have to go to the hospital.  Seriously, these thoughts cross my mind.  

Can I tell you that God is good and it worked out FLAWLESSLY!

For the record, I even got to work EARLIER than I expected. 

And I didn’t have helmet hair (because Obvi that would’ve been a waste of 10 minute so blow drying this AM)

SO here I am, at work, earlier, with a little bit of cardio already in 🙂 

I enjoyed some fresh air, and got to work just as fast as I would’ve normally. 

Trading my MINI + Heels for my TREK + TOMS has never felt better!
TGIF, make sure you get some fresh air yourself today.  Take walk, open a window, let the sun shine.  After all, its all about the little things in life!
Off to a day of work, and out to celebrate Jacki’s birthday tonight.  

Exciting mini- [not MINI] road trip tomorrow, here’s a hint.

Let the weekend begin!


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