Preppin’ to Party

I’m preppin’, not to be confused with Preppy.  But I am headed to Foxfield, does it get much preppier than that?

The outfit is to be determined, but the tickets are bought, plot reserved, MINI tuned up, ABC store visited and Menu set.

I swore after graduating from UVA that Foxfield would be the last weekend I picked to come back as an alumn.  Again, apparently I was lying to myself.  Somehow I was tempted into coming back this year, probably a result of a Boar’s Head Reservation being dangled in front of me 🙂 One of my Larchmont friends, and kayaking buddies asked me to take her to Foxfield.  Despite it being not the best weekend date-wise, I eventually obliged to be her UVA Host (no pun intended) for Foxfield 2012.  [note, its not Foxfields, its the Foxfield races]

under one condition, that is: that we hosted our own plot.

You see, other memories of Foxfield include roaming around like crazy, cell phone reception failing, not being able to find friends or the bus I came on etc.  What a mess you say? Yes, in fact that’s exactly how I feel about past experiences.  My dream Foxfield is to have my own plot, and just be able to sit, enjoy company, sip beverages and savor bits and bites.  So, as my dad always says, if you’re going to do it, do it right!

And that’s what Jaime and I are setting out to do.   We’re hosting our own tailgate, MINI’s were meant for country r

Vodka Setlzer’s are our drink of choice, and here’s a fun link to our vodka of choice.  Jim + Pinnacle? what a match!  Not brave enough to try the whipped pinnacle yet, I prefer the straight up type. 
Also have some Michelob Ultra’s I had on hand, just in case I fancy a beer.

We’re keeping our picnic selections fresh, who wants to eat soggy fried chicken on a hot day anyways?  Hummus + veggies, fruit salad, chicken tenderloins and homemade bean salad + chips. DELISH

Thawed and marinating the chicken as we speak.  I’ll cut up those breasts  tonight, and lightly grill them (terrible joke that link is).  They’ll be fabulous chilled on Saturday. 

I busied myself last night preppin’ as much as the bean salad as possible, without it becoming soggy of course:

 Tomorrow I will add a can of MexiCorn, a can of drained and rinsed black beans, and some salt/pepper/lime juice and call it bean salad!  Can’t wait to try it with some Hint of Lime Chips.  I made this same salad last weekend to take to Cedar Island and it was a HIT.  If you have a winner, stick with it right?

Packed some provisions so they’re ready to go:
Still to do: chop melon and strawberries for fruit salad (bought pre-cut pineapple and calling it semi-homemade), decide what sundress to wear, pick up pearls from Mom’s house, pack cooler + chairs, and find batter powered speakers! 

YIKES- I better add a blanket + umbrella to that list:
And unlike last weekend, I promise to keep Instagram handy at all times, Foxfield must be documented last past years:
2008, 1st year of college- so young, so beautiful!
2nd year of College

 and I haven’t been since.  Looking forward to reppin’ the Alumn status on Saturday though, watch out Foxfield, MINI, Jaime and I are on the way!


Delight in the little things

My post got a tad long last night, but I couldn’t help including a few other pictures that made my day yesterday.

Taking note that my manicure from Sunday still looked fab.  Thanks to Shellac and…

 wearing rubber gloves to do the dishes! Ridiculous? I think not. 

 These ones even have an unpictured design at the top.  Kinda fun?

Who doesn’t love special deliveries?  I officially got a special delivery from a loved one who lives FURTHEST away.

By far my favorite type of chocolate.  Dark Chocolate Marzipan.

 From my mom’s cousins in Germany, who happen to read my blog too 🙂

hello to Sylvia, Jarek, Julia & baby Jakob- can’t wait to see you in December!

Had to add their note to my “mail wall” which is a happy happy joy joy reminder in my foyer of how much I am LOVED!  I would tag this photo if I could, but it might take me long.  I spy mail from Oma, Mom, Grandmommy, Sharon, Cait and a few others!

I know you are sick of seeing pictures of my sunflowers, but I swear this is a new one! Yes, it somewhat resembles a few others I have taken, but I can’t pass up the 3 bunches for $12.00 at Harris Teeter everytime they are on sale.  Do they just brighten up the room or what?  

these are some HAPPY Sunflowers if I have ever seen any

And here is the real treat of an update.  So when I was in Charlottesville last weekend, my friend Kristen (who follows my blog via Twitter) said something along the lines of, “wasn’t there a project you said you were trying to finish.”  Over a month ago I blogged about my new couch being delivered, and said I hoped to post “after pics” of my den soon.

To make a long story short, the hold up has been CURTAINS.  I have literally gone through one, two, no make it three sets of curtains before finally finding a set that worked, aka that I loved.  Obviously I know I won’t live here forever, so I was working with a pretty modest budget, which didn’t help the search process, but it was worth the wait!

these are what I finally decided to keep.  The texture is a lot more pronounced in person, I absolutely adore the heavy, burlap bag-type feel to them. 

While I’m sharing, here’s a few more pictures of the room:
this bench was originally in my bedroom, but it matched the tan/blue theme I had going on in the den so much better!
a canvas I bought in Brazil this summer and got framed

I wanted my den to be a place to hang fun pieces of art that all had stories behind them.  Behind my TV is a Pop Art photo of my brother posing for a Ray- Ban ad, and below is a collage made by my friend Kali for me before I went off to college (she is a year younger and was still at home).  The beaut above actually has a hilarious story that is meant to be told.  Basically it was a gag gift at our company’s holiday party last year.  You know, white elephant style.  Somehow (must have been new employees luck or something) I drew the best number, and was going to get the last pick of everyone!  By the end of the game, I was loving this picture more and more.  Probably because everyone made such a joke about it and no one really wanted it.  Someone got stuck with it, but told me I could have it anyways!  Poor Giraffe family, I thought, of course I have to adopt it.   So I ended up getting the last pick of whatever else I wanted + went home with the orphaned Giraffe picture 🙂  Now it’s become the focal point of my den, and I have curtains to match it to boot!

For kicks and giggles here is what my den looked like before:

How is that for a HUGE nesting improvement!

Remembering to Breathe

Somewhere in my house apartment (actual error, I mean its just THAT homey!) there is a saying in a foreign language about “remembering to live,” but this week has turned into “Remembering to Breathe!”

work, school, social life, etc. ALL OUT OF CONTROL.  or so it feels like. 
but all good things, I promise, which means I have a lot to be grateful for.

For the entire last week, my excuses for not blogging have included my lack of desire to take iPhone pictures but for some reason I kept telling myself that I had nothing exciting to right about.

Seriously, this lying to myself thing has got stop.

WHO AM I KIDDING, my life has been filled to the top.  And now I’ll have to recap you on the past week.  Just because it includes zero things crafty/domestic doesn’t mean I can’t share it.  This blog is supposed to be about my real fabulous life that is.   So here’s to takin’ back fabulous:

Last tuesday included an impromptu walk date that turned into a mexican fiesta with this chica.  I was sore from the night before’s Crossfit session, so a good walk to stretched out my legs was just what the Dr. ordered.  The corona didn’t hurt either.  Kept it healthy with a grilled shrimp salad + a few chips.  LOVED the salsa.  I also don’t take responsibility for whatever Cait’s shirt says, from a song maybe?

Wednesday’s highlight included my last night of Statistics class, and the gentle reminder that I have a quiz, an assignment and exam studying to complete by the end of April.  YIKES [on the docket for Sunday, don’t worry]  Obviously not picture worthy either.

Thursday was our Kickball team’s first game.  

picture from last game of the Fall Season

Unfortunately we didn’t win, buttttt we did a hell of a lot better this year’s kickoff then last years. We’re still a baby team afterall!  This is only season #2.  I am very grateful for a co-captain who has taken the reigns this season, don’t know what I would do without her/if I would have time for kickball otherwise.  Like the true granny I am, I had about 1/2 of a beer after the game and then called it a night.  I had fabulous plans for the next night after all.

Friday night I kicked my own butt.  A) I didn’t take any pictures and B) My mildly C2H5OH fueled self [you know, keeping it PG rated for the young cousins who read this] decided to race a friend 1 mileish home.  Barefoot.  Hey, at least I got in a good work out right?  And for the record, I did run the entire time.  Fast? probably not. 
The main event of the night, however, was seeing the Legwarmers concert at the NorVA.  I hadn’t been to the NorVA in forever (true story: I have only been there a few times since I got kicked out at a Corey Smith concert for trying to sneak in airplane bottles in my cowboy boot- oops, amateur move) and it ROCKED.  The band played until 12:30 a.m.  At one point, during their intermission, I thought it was encore time, but little did I know they had a whole half of a show left.  So fun!  Outfits were 80’s inspired of course, and mine included a purple ruffle dress (again, picture fail) and these gems I picked up at a consignment store in Charlottesville eons ago.

The night concluded with catching up with yet another friend who is moving away, and said race against his roommate on the way home.  I’m only young once, right?

Life didn’t slow down too much Saturday either.

Dad and I had plans to head up to some friends’ place on the Eastern Shore.  Well, not technically on the Eastern Shore, but actually on the ocean side of the shore in the Barrier Islands.  This particular island we ventured to by boat was called Cedar Island, and was once a Coast Guard station.  Since then, it has become a club of which 12 families are members and are able to “rent out” the house for a few weeks every year.  The day and nights activities included beaching, dead nurse shark spotting, SKEET SHOOTING (and you thought you knew me already), fresh oyster frying, crab pot collecting, crab steaming, fresh flounder frying, beering, dinnering, and having FABULOUS company.  Shout out to Steve Waters and the Priests for a fun time (and Dad of course for driving).   Helloooo Summer:

approaching the house from the waterway
from the look out tower

 beach side

Porch side

After a morebeautifulthanever day Saturday, no surprise that Sunday was a total washout.  We got back to the mainland via a pretty wet ride, thank goodness Dad thought about his daughter and gave her his rain pants.  What a guy!  Once back in Norfolk, I did some housekeeping, then ran some errands and had some girl time.  Before a spectacular birthday dinner with my mother.  Not too fancy, but just right for us.  We went to our Country Club (NYCC) and practically ate in a private room.  We love the lounge style “men’s grill” over the regular dining room because of its laid back atmosphere, aka my leggings and rainboots were welcome!  I also can’t stand screaming chillin’s running around, so the Men’s Grille suits me just fine.

we can pretend we took this on Sunday.  basically the same red wine and room was involved
before we headed out to dinner.  Only difference was this pic was actually taken on my birthday, but who knew?

Edited to add: Look what I found browsing photos post-post:

Mom’s 46th birthday in Charlottesville @ Bruce Springsteen-
This was one surprise birthday present from me I hope she never forgets 🙂
Our conversation over Margaritas at Mono Loco went something like:
Me: “So did you hear that the Boss was in town tonight?”
Mom: “YES, wouldn’t it have been a BLAST to get tickets?”
Me: “Gosh, it really would’ve.  Do you think these would work?”
[pulls tickets out of purse, Mom’s jaw drops, you get it from there 🙂 ]

Monday, was well, Monday.  no adventure to report sadly…except I did take a “me” night and watched Riding in Cars with Boys.  Not at all what I expected, but definitely one to watch.  Did make me miss my own brother though (seriously, its more about family values than what it seems!).  Gotta love what you can find for free on Amazon Prime.  

Tuesday included a MINI check-up + a bonus of car shopping with Mom.  The MINI dealership where I had to pick up my car after its oil change (for FREE for the first three years yay!) happens to be directly next to the BMW dealership (not a coincidence bc MINI is made by BMW).  And Mommy-O “went to the bathroom”/got distracted in the show room.  So we ended up window shopping with the salesman on the lot for her 50th birthday present.  She just turned 49 that is, but you gotta know what you’re working for right?  I think we decided on the 1 series, its smaller and more compact.  Like she told the salesman, she just needs room for her little Chow Lucy in the back 🙂  Had to add a link back there of course, in case she forgets which model and color she liked the best 😉

OH and post-car shopping was a GREAT Crossfit work out.  Great means I was feeeeeelin’ it today.  The workout was 100 kettlebell swings, and 100 Evil Wheels (think ab roller with your arms A LOT wider).  I celebrated my 1 month/10 classes back at Crossfit last week.  It has been one of the best things I have gotten into recently.  The encouragement is stellar, and the coaches are really on top of things.  I completely trust them to make sure I am doing the moves correctly, and not at risk for injury.  They also know how to push me without being intimidating or over the top.  

After packing that much into last week, I am sure you’re wondering what the hardest part of my week has been.  MISSING THE STEINERT’S, of course! 

Birthday rendezvous weekend (for Conor and my mom) was planned after my Cedar Island plans, and it was sad to miss out.  Good thing to know that I was missed though.  Oma insisted that my portion of food was leftover at every meal, and Conor (the baby of the family) referenced my blog at the dinner table.  Apparently he rather matter-a-factly explained that asparagus makes your pee smell, according to Kelsey’s blog.  Little did I know my online journal was a new Wikipedia.

Good thing we have Steinert family beach vacay planned for the middle of June.  SANDBRIDGE here we come 🙂

Phew/Sigh/Yawn etc.  See, I finally remembered to breathe?  I knew this blog was a cheaper form of therapy for me.  It is amazing how journaling, recapping, celebrating the little things can be so refreshing.  

An hour ago I was overwhelmed with preparations for this weekend, the biggest week thus far at work next week, and my statistics final that will keep me on track for my MBA final.  Now I can’t help but smile at what I have to be grateful for, and the fabulous life I am blessed enough to live.

Recipe Fail

Remember how I’ve been trying to cut the sugar from my diet?

I thought it would be fun to try to cut wheat out as well.  Call me crazy, I call it a fun challenge to try to add some pizazz to my diet.

I have wanted to try one of Carrots ‘N Cake’s protein pancake recipes for some time now, and I just happened to have the blender in my drying rack.  Thought there was no time like the present to try it out.  So I mixed up the dough last night and cooked ’em this morning.

I love everything pumpkin, so naturally these were the first to try.

Used a blender instead of a food processor.  Mine is just wayy to heavy to pull out for one batch.

Or so I thought.
yeah, no.
I WISH that is how mine had turned out.  Photo actually courtesy of Carrots ‘N Cake.

Here’s what mine looked like:
Ew.  Running and undercooked.  

Okay so I didn’t follow the recipe exactly right.  Batter was too thick (definitely got called out for laziness and not pulling out the food processor) so I added almond milk (and vanilla for flavor!).  I think that’s where I failed miserably.  Fail #2 was that a little baking powder probably would’ve helped.  Fail #3 was that I couldn’t remember which of my two baggies was wheat germ, and which was flax, so I added some of each.  

I will have to try this again (still have batter in the fridge that I’ll try to save with some BP) but until then, who wants to remind me to always follow the recipie recipe (seriously one of the hardest words to spell) at least the first time? Will make a note to self, but not promising I will follow it 🙂 


They say you are what you eat, but in tonight’s case I wasn’t too thrilled.

Roasted potatoes, butternut squash and onions were on the menu for tonight…but unfortunately I roasted myself yesterday afternoon.

I swear, I was freezing the whole time I was kayacking.  It was WINDY for gosh sakes.  But later in the afternoon as my skin began to feel crispayy I remembered that wind doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of sun I could get. 

Happy first day of beautiful weather to me!
feeble attempt at a frown face.  If I fail at making frown-y faces am I supposed to wear my smile 24/7?  Ouch.  My face hurts just thinking about that.
After roastin’ in the sun at Crossfit and kayacking, I also had to be outside for kickball practice.  By that point, it was miserable with a capital M to be in the sun.  BLAH.  

But whatever, it’ll be tan by tomorrow and good thing I go for my annual check up twice a year at the Derm’s office.  Remind me of this mild burn next time I complain about getting mole #3 scalped off. (TMI?)

At least roastin’ myself set me up with a fun pun.  Humor = worth it.

So about that dinner I was chatting about:

Roasted the potatoes and onions at 400F for twentyish minutes…

 Then added some chopped up butternut squash.  Fun fact, I bought pre-cut squash for the same amount it would’ve cost me to buy it whole.  Call me the grocery store queen or WHAT!

 Added some EVOO (pammed the pan before cooking) and ruffled up all of the bits and pieces…+ a few more minutes in the oven.

 A handful or two of spinach, HOMEMADE GUAC, HT black bean salsa and 1 ounce of Feta cheese….

 and I called it dinner!

un-pictured corn tortillas (had to get a carb fix)

Colorful huh?  I read an article/snippet in Women’s health about eating less on contrasting color plates (not sure how much truth is to that).  I love stark white dishes to begin with, but also noticed how it makes my veggie colors POP.  

If we are what we eat, I want to eat this meal every night.  Feta = calcium, spinach = iron, avocado = MUFAs, beans = fiber, squash = beta carotene and  red potatoes = B vitamins and tomatos = Vitamin C. 

Little protein might help a bit, but what to do you think RD to be Ellie Freeman?

PS I didn’t dirty up the kitchen just for this, check back for another recipe I tried out + a weekend recap (waiting for photos!)

Coffee(house) abuse

here I am!

and here I was circa 3:30 p.m. yesterday…yuck!

 then I made it to Charlottesville.  Happy Times.  A full report + pictures to come in the next few days, but here’s a preview!

UVA Football Coach & his analogy of a “glass half full”- No matter whether the glass is half full, or half empty, it needs to be filled!! Fill ‘er on up + Count me In

I talked way too much last night, and barely had time to eat more than 1 bacon wrapped date & one pastry wrapped Asparagus.  Always time for Red Wine and Yuengling though, I had one of each!  Luckily my fabulous hosts popped maybe a pound of popcorn for our late night eating + girl talk session, so I wasn’t too starving this morning.
But I definitely  had an appetite!
My host and one of my best wahoo friends (Sharon) got up early to head to breakfast before I walked her to work.  CAFE CUBANO never disappoints.  Classy dinner food, yes please.  I treated myself to a white cheddar omlet, Sunflower what toast, and sauteed (NOT fried, yay) rosemary potatoes.  Hit. the. spot.  LOVE sunflower bread.  Also paid the 75 cents for salsa on the side.  Needed some veggies and was elated that the salsa was homemade. 

 I walked Sharon to work, got in some more girl talk, picked up my lap top and came back to Cafe Cubano.  It had only been 30 minutes, and I couldn’t pass up a free refill on coffee + free soymilk.  Best $8.00 for breakfast, two coffees and WiFi I ever spent.  Hope that doesn’t sound too cheap, but I wanted to get a quick post in before a walking/hiking date with Marga.  

Then its off to visit The House That Jeff Built aka the Hellermans who are my second family up here!  Hope your day is as exciting as mine is, Charlottesville is REJUVENATING.  

Will check in later. xoxo 

PS are you wondering where Maia is?  Staying with her boyfriends, of course.  One happy kitty [I hope!]

Holy Monday

This is kind of how I feel today:

Where in the world did the past week go? 

In all honesty, the second half of last week was kinda a lot to handle for me, I had to say good-bye (for a while) to two friends I have made over the past year since coming back to Norfolk from college.  One was one of my co-workers at T. Parker Host who I had gotten to hang out with out of work often.  The second was my “boss”/intern supervisor/mentor/life coacher/life coachee (funny how that happens).  Both of these “girls” or ladyss as I’ll call them since there both three and five years older than me, respectively will be greatly missed in my life!  In more ways than one they had inspired me to live life to the fullest, and stay fabulous of course.   Needless to say, it was a beers and tears kinda Thursday night, but enough with the sap.   On a positive note, I got to meet new people through the occasion of former “boss” at her good-bye festivities, and found a new summer favorite! Legend Harpoon UFO Hefeweisen (also love HoeGaarden in the summer– my darker favorites are best enjoyed in the winter!).  Even better when consumed with orange slice #2 after #1 flies across the room.  oops.  Good thing those guys at Public House like me as a customer. 

Luckily a girls night out Friday was just what I needed.  Followed by a 5 mile run/walk on Saturday, and a low key movie date night Saturday.  And spoiler alert, a 5 mile [slow+steady] run on Sunday (after eating my weight in Easter desserts mind you). 

out DT for Cait & Morgan’s (both next to me)
Believe it or not, I am all about going out and having a great time, but not a fan of being anywhere near close to people/boys I have not met before.  Wedding dancing style is one thing, but all-up-in-my-personal-space dancing was soooo middle school.  So usually I tell anyone who approaches me “that I don’t dance,” which obviously leads to confusion when they see me dancing with my group, but I can’t find a nicer less awkward way to politely turn down a male’s dancing invite.  

Needless to say dinner @ Luna Maya before going downtown was the highlight of my night.  Regular Margarita (or two) for me + my recent new favorite vegan quesadillas.  They are made with a DELICIOUS bean spread.  Meant to order on corn tortillas like I did last time, but they came to the table in a spinach flour tortilla.  Still worked out okay, definitely the best with guacamole, salsa and a tad sour cream (only because they don’t offer greek yogurt as a substitute!)

Oh and did I mention we got a free round of drinks?  Thanks to Morgan, who is a RN in the OBY/GYN unit.  The first time I met this girl, I didn’t believe she was a nurse, much less a baby nurse.  Not because she isn’t awesome, but she just has a knock ’em dead sort of personality.  Apparently she made this couple’s life though: 
they came up to her and recognized her as the nurse who “practically delivered their baby” 4.5 months ago- how sweet!  Thank you for our drinks, made our night!

And thanks for sharing, Morgan- we chose the right dining company that night 😉  When it was all said and done, I was so tickled (on my what a word) to be included in their joint b-day plans, and it was a blast!

Good eats continued for the remainder of the weekend for sure.  After a lazy day + an afternoon run/walk through the neighborhood, I met up with Laura for Sushi + the Hunger Games (can’t remember if they ate any raw fish, but if so that would have been appropriate- oh wait, that definitely happens in Book 3). 

Unpictured sides of Edamame, miso soup + salad.  Oh yeah, and decaf coffees and chais to warm up before the movie. 

I wish I had more to say about the movie, but I wasn’t that impressed! The screen play was awesome, and Katniss played a great role.  I loved the sets and costumes, but wasn’t a fan of Male part #2, Peeta.  I think they could’ve made him seem a lot smarter!  In addition, I am soo thankful that I read the book before because I knew a lot of background details that weren’t included in the film.  Likewise, there were parts of the movie that weren’t in the book (since the book is in first person) that were equally as enlightening.  I LOVED seeing how they created the games!  Sorry if this whole paragraph is irrelevant to anyone who didn’t read the book or see the movie…but the long and the short of it is DO BOTH- see the movie and read the book.  You will get the full package!

Somehow I forgot to take pictures of Easter festivities.  But it was a pretty perfect day besides a minor traffic problem. 

Strawberry cake made with jello was by far my favorite dessert.  It was soo sweet to begin with that a cool whip icing would’ve worked just as well as the strawberry frosting.  Other desserts I tasted full out nommed on were a fruit cobbler made with lemon cake ands lots of butter, as well as a lemon merigne pound cake.  BOY was I ready for a nap after consuming that much sugar (especially because I have cut back on the sugar I eat reguarly!)  I also don’t usually care for lemony desserts, so no clue what possessed me to eat the trifecta…I probably should have just stuck to my fav 🙂  
But thats what post-easter feast runs are for anyways.  Got home at  6 p.m. from the Gma’s with an hour of sunlight still burning.  5 miles + some phone time with Mom = a perfect Sunday evening.   If only I had these.   Every time I go running I try to invent a gadget to take pictures of what I see on my runs, and maybe even record what I think about.  Think Google will make that happen? I can never ever give a full report on my runs, but maybe thats the beauty of it and why I call it ME time! 

I am also a lucky 23 year old who the Easter Bunny visited!
Does the Easter bunny bring everyone bunny food like me?  Kidding, Kashi doesn’t resemble bunny food in the slightest… 

Here’s how the Easter Kitty spent her day (watching me sweep the balcony deck of course, since she has now adopted the balcony as her own personal sun-room).  

At first I mistaked her balancing act for a suicide attempt, before realizing she was simply getting out of my way so I could sweep her balcony.  Dogs have owners, cats have staff, right? She’s one lucky bean!
“Are you done yet?”

Besides saying goodbyes, what were the two saddest moments of my weekend?
1) Realizing John Mayer is certainly no wonderland body any longer, or the hottie from his 2008 John Paul Jones Arena concert.  Seriously, Kali McFarland and I thought we had gone to heaven when we saw him on his Continuum tour.  It was SUCH a good setlist and he was so great in person, tattoos and all. 

What(TF) happened, JOHN?

 2) Was heading to the store to buy little candy coated Cadburry chocolate eggs on Saturday to make these babies, only to have them sold out!  So I thought I would use the coconut I had already bought to make granola instead.  And I burnt it.  Double Fail.  At least I know how to make a long story short right?

That’s enough for a Monday, thank goodness I made it through & even got a Crossfit workout in.  Wasn’t my best work today, but after eating junk yesterday and today (it was a ROUGH case of the Mondays, let me tell you)  I can’t really complain.  Better luck to myself tomorrow, it will be a new day! [yikes, in 12 minutes, I better hit the hay!]

A Few of My Favorite Things: Take 1

Happy hump day!  

I am blogging from the comfort of my bed tonight, which I am attempting to break myself of the habit of.  Aka trying to keep the electronics out of my bedroom (my phone sleeps in the bathroom, but only so I have to make moves when my alarm goes off). 

Usually I blog from the couch, but the past two nights someone has made herself a wee too comfortable on my lap:

Not that I don’t love her cuddling with me, but when it rolls around to 11:30-12 and I haven’t gotten the heart to move her, it starts interfering with my bed time and I don’t get enough sleep 😦  Its really not her fault, its mine for being a softy.  What a cutie.  Ironically tonight as I blog from my bed so I can just fall asleep with her, she is off busying herself with other adventures.  GO figure. 

Since I joined the blog word, I have been hoping to make this title a weekly post + have its own page eventually.  I will try to number the posts so that they stay in some sort of order. 

Often I end my posts with “its all about the little things in life,” and often during the course of the week I start to notice things that really help me to make it, help me to live life to the fullest.  Some are just for fun, some are costly, most frugal/free, all are tiny ways I find the bright spots in every day.   I feel like Wednesdays are good days for these little reminders, almost TGIF. 

So here’s a few little things I have been enjoying this week:

1) Cooking: No Bake Treats (that make great pick me up gifts!)
This trend started a few weeks ago with these:

 No baked good #2 were these that I alluded to here aka 3rd part of the weekend trifecta I tackled:

tackled similar project with Christmas shaped pretzels in December,
wish I had pictures to post- but my Easter treats turned out just as cute 🙂
melted yellow candy…
drizzled yellow candy- impromptu dispenser made out of a
plastic bag- just be careful the candy isn’t too hot wen you put it in the bag
candy layer #2- white!

can you see the sprinkles?
They are of grooooovy tie die EASTER eggs
mugs w/ pretzels for coworkers- a just because present,
it’s always better to give then to receive!
finished product: HAPPY SPRING

Next up on the No Bake Treat list:

courtesy of Run, Eat, Repeat
Coconut “Nests” for Easter- in 5 ingredients or less!

Planning on making these Saturday to take to my Grandmother’s house, lunch at her house is an Easter tradition! [sadly we no longer do egg hunts, Wes and I were the youngest grandchildren and once we grew up, egg hunts stopped happening…but I am not going to lie, I would LOVE to stumble upon the golden egg on Sunday! It was always l$o$a$d$e$d, we learned at age 5 that cash > chocolate bunnies apparently]

2) Food: Dessert in a Mug & Greek Yogurt
    Nothing goes better with the couch + laptop after an evening of working out.  Recently I have been getting home around 8 from CrossFit and errands, taking a quick shower, dinner made of veggies and some sort of protein + carbs and then a mug dessert! 

Protein pancakes and yogurt parfaits have been the main event.

greek yogurt + 1/2 bag of trail mix, a few banana slices & butterscotch chips

Rum out of a mug?  I thought Rum was made for Pina Coladas, and they are certainly not to be served in mugs. 

Since my regular supply of meat consists of turkey bacon and protein powder (and the occasional chicken sausage), I love the extra kick of protein from Greek yogurt in my dinners [yogurt is supposed to be an excellent post-workout food to boot!]

Israeli couscous (a new fav food) spinach, mushrooms,
garlic, italian herbs + a pinch of cheese (and GY for creaminess!)

Oh wait, I’m not the only one who enjoys a little Chobani.  This little one enjoys it as well.  

And when I said she enjoys it, I mean she really enjoys it.

3) Sunflowers: yesterday for Cait’s birthday and today for my co-worker Kristen’s going away present! (note to self: when you don’t know someone’s favorite flower, buy them YOUR favorite flower)
*all courtesy of HT, your neighborhood market! And yes, I made appearances there both Monday and Tuesday night- hey, maybe I’ll earn a frequent Sunflower-Enjoyer reward!

its always better to give than then to receive,
but I can’t say I could help from buying a few
SF for myself last night 🙂
I knew it was a Sunflower kinda week, or month for that matter, when I encountered a vessel by the name of Sunflower @ work, and a box of tissues @ yoga with sunflowers on them! Can’t.get.enough.

Other highlights of my week have included riding my bike x2 (no pictures, trying to master the riding my bike in a straight line before I master the riding while taking pictures.  True confession that I have talked on the phone while biking.  recipe for disaster, but I always wear a helment) Crossfit x2, and self-manicures and pedicures. 

Highlights for tomorrow include a before work run and some after work music festivities! 

Boo to the impending cold[er] weather though, come on summer!

weekend recap

Unfortunately  not feeling too hot tonight, but hoping it will pass by tomorrow morning, because I have a special birthday walking date with CAIT (date with Cait, so cute)

But I wanted to share some pictures of the rest of my weekend @ Wes’ regatta. 

Pictures speak louder than words, right?

sun trying (and mostly failing) to peak out 

this is the “Please go away Kelsey, you’re embarrassing me” face
Duh, what did he think I came there to do?
Hunger Games got into my head, so here I was thinking I was being quite the spy
20 min/.5 mile hike along the water to the viewing area
(wish I had gotten a picture! bleachers made of concrete, amiptheater-esque)

personal favorite shot of the day, courtesy of my Dad’s Canon Powershot
[yes, I admit to having camera envy- the zoon was spectat]

As evening rolled around, my mom and I had a little time to spare while Wes showered and got ready for dinner.  A coffee shop was originally our destination, but couldn’t pass up the cutest mexican place down the street from Wes’ apartment, Pueblos.  
Guac is always a must.  and this one rocked! Not cheap/saucy like most smaller mexican joints, but thick and chunky and extra points for presentation.   Could’ve used some extra cilantro or spices.
Margarita on the rocks + salt (the way we like it) for Mom
and sadly a statistics book for me.
No April Fools 😦

These made me SO happy.  Aren’t they cute?

Reminded me of orange Sunflowers, and made up for no Margarita and the sun only being out half of the day 🙂

Wes’s team did awesome, and it was such a fun first regatta experience for me! 

Tailgating/picnicking was delicious, my mom did a heck of a job with food prep. 

As a bonus, the team was SO grateful to have us there as supporters and food suppliers of course.  Wes has really shown leadership on the young team, and I wish the whole team the best of luck in the next regatta! keep up the good work! 

Can’t wait for my next Fredericksburg trip, hope its as memorable as this one!

Where I Relax

Happy April…well almost!

I can’t believe 1/4 of the year is OVER

As much fun as #Marchphotoaday has been, I am excited for it to be over.  Not because I am not having fun with it anymore, but rather I am finding myself with a gazillion post ideas and not enough time to write #Marchphotoday posts AND my loving life post (when the themes don’t overlap that is). 

I think for April I will do one post a week with the photos I took for each day’s theme, but with little captions instead of full posts.  Full posts have definitely been fun and encouraged me to write, but I will be retiring them after tonight & after I post a few outstanding #Marchphotoaday posts. 

Highlights from this week have been kicking off the kickball season with a fun email, starting a new planner, nurturing my new herb plants, and a sunset kayak trip! 

Let’s check out “where I relax,” or where I am relaxing tonight, that is. 

Nope, not my den or on my new couch:

I’m actually @Marriott Springhill Suites in good ‘ole NoVA (Northern VA, not to be confused with NorVA, Norfolk VA)

Love Mini Roadtrips.  My brother Wes has a crew regatta against the US Naval Academy Team tomorrow morning in Occoquan.

Mom and I went to a CAbi Party (my first!) this afternoon then headed out of town.  I am an online/bargain store shopper by heart, so it was a treat to treat myself to something from a boutique type company like this one.  (I also bought a half priced piece that was a sample–thats my type of deal!)  My mom and I said we could each buy ourselves one $50 piece. 

but we cheated a little and I ordered:

Playtime Tee

Cute right? I think it will look great with a reddish/orange or turquoise statement necklace, and maybe khaki or navy pants to work.  I love 3/4 sleeves for the spring/summer, especially when I have to be indoors during the week!

But just for fun, I am going to try to recreate this outfit:

 I have been totally into jewel tones and neon hues recently, so a pair of these (from TJMaxx or somewhere similar, $30-$40 max) would be a nice addition to my wardrobe:

Perhaps I will do neon peach to change it up a bit though. We’ll see what I find!

Ok back to relaxing hotel style tonight and Wes’ regatta tomorrow. 

We’re lucky girls and have a suite style room all to ourselves at Springhill Suites tonight.

this is where I am currently relaxing


The hotel is almost brand new, but a little A LOT modern for our tastes.  And was certainly 


However, we appreciate the iHome in room for the pleasure of listening to our iPhone tunes.

And its decorated in totally my colors.  LOVE these colors.  (in case you couldn’t tell from my apartment, I am loving the greyish teal + rust combo)

 And did I mention our room is FREE?  Mom had enough Marriott’s points for it, so we can’t complain all too much 🙂

We both made a pact to finish Hunger Games two before today so we could start HG three together.  Yep, read to her out loud in the car again!  Works out perfectly for us, because she loves audio books and I can’t focus on audiobooks, so I enjoy the task of reading out loud (I swear it helps with communication skills!).

So its off to HG Three and bed for now, early morning ahead of us!

updated to add: seems to be I am not the only one reading Hunger Games with my mom!

PS Post: My mom and I are totally tailgating/team mom extraordinaires, so I was busy making a treat for the team today.  Love no-mess baking 🙂 

raisins = unpictured! But all bagged up in snack baggies plus some bites/handfuls for my dessert (dinner was Subway Veggie Delight + half bag of SunChips, a flavor that is not made with Quinoa!)

Leftover Cheerios means I will be making Kelsey style trail mix this week– can’t wait!