Where I Relax

Happy April…well almost!

I can’t believe 1/4 of the year is OVER

As much fun as #Marchphotoaday has been, I am excited for it to be over.  Not because I am not having fun with it anymore, but rather I am finding myself with a gazillion post ideas and not enough time to write #Marchphotoday posts AND my loving life post (when the themes don’t overlap that is). 

I think for April I will do one post a week with the photos I took for each day’s theme, but with little captions instead of full posts.  Full posts have definitely been fun and encouraged me to write, but I will be retiring them after tonight & after I post a few outstanding #Marchphotoaday posts. 

Highlights from this week have been kicking off the kickball season with a fun email, starting a new planner, nurturing my new herb plants, and a sunset kayak trip! 

Let’s check out “where I relax,” or where I am relaxing tonight, that is. 

Nope, not my den or on my new couch:

I’m actually @Marriott Springhill Suites in good ‘ole NoVA (Northern VA, not to be confused with NorVA, Norfolk VA)

Love Mini Roadtrips.  My brother Wes has a crew regatta against the US Naval Academy Team tomorrow morning in Occoquan.

Mom and I went to a CAbi Party (my first!) this afternoon then headed out of town.  I am an online/bargain store shopper by heart, so it was a treat to treat myself to something from a boutique type company like this one.  (I also bought a half priced piece that was a sample–thats my type of deal!)  My mom and I said we could each buy ourselves one $50 piece. 

but we cheated a little and I ordered:

Playtime Tee

Cute right? I think it will look great with a reddish/orange or turquoise statement necklace, and maybe khaki or navy pants to work.  I love 3/4 sleeves for the spring/summer, especially when I have to be indoors during the week!

But just for fun, I am going to try to recreate this outfit:

 I have been totally into jewel tones and neon hues recently, so a pair of these (from TJMaxx or somewhere similar, $30-$40 max) would be a nice addition to my wardrobe:

Perhaps I will do neon peach to change it up a bit though. We’ll see what I find!

Ok back to relaxing hotel style tonight and Wes’ regatta tomorrow. 

We’re lucky girls and have a suite style room all to ourselves at Springhill Suites tonight.

this is where I am currently relaxing


The hotel is almost brand new, but a little A LOT modern for our tastes.  And was certainly 


However, we appreciate the iHome in room for the pleasure of listening to our iPhone tunes.

And its decorated in totally my colors.  LOVE these colors.  (in case you couldn’t tell from my apartment, I am loving the greyish teal + rust combo)

 And did I mention our room is FREE?  Mom had enough Marriott’s points for it, so we can’t complain all too much πŸ™‚

We both made a pact to finish Hunger Games two before today so we could start HG three together.  Yep, read to her out loud in the car again!  Works out perfectly for us, because she loves audio books and I can’t focus on audiobooks, so I enjoy the task of reading out loud (I swear it helps with communication skills!).

So its off to HG Three and bed for now, early morning ahead of us!

updated to add: seems to be I am not the only one reading Hunger Games with my mom!

PS Post: My mom and I are totally tailgating/team mom extraordinaires, so I was busy making a treat for the team today.  Love no-mess baking πŸ™‚ 

raisins = unpictured! But all bagged up in snack baggies plus some bites/handfuls for my dessert (dinner was Subway Veggie Delight + half bag of SunChips, a flavor that is not made with Quinoa!)

Leftover Cheerios means I will be making Kelsey style trail mix this week– can’t wait! 


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