weekend recap

Unfortunately  not feeling too hot tonight, but hoping it will pass by tomorrow morning, because I have a special birthday walking date with CAIT (date with Cait, so cute)

But I wanted to share some pictures of the rest of my weekend @ Wes’ regatta. 

Pictures speak louder than words, right?

sun trying (and mostly failing) to peak out 

this is the “Please go away Kelsey, you’re embarrassing me” face
Duh, what did he think I came there to do?
Hunger Games got into my head, so here I was thinking I was being quite the spy
20 min/.5 mile hike along the water to the viewing area
(wish I had gotten a picture! bleachers made of concrete, amiptheater-esque)

personal favorite shot of the day, courtesy of my Dad’s Canon Powershot
[yes, I admit to having camera envy- the zoon was spectat]

As evening rolled around, my mom and I had a little time to spare while Wes showered and got ready for dinner.  A coffee shop was originally our destination, but couldn’t pass up the cutest mexican place down the street from Wes’ apartment, Pueblos.  
Guac is always a must.  and this one rocked! Not cheap/saucy like most smaller mexican joints, but thick and chunky and extra points for presentation.   Could’ve used some extra cilantro or spices.
Margarita on the rocks + salt (the way we like it) for Mom
and sadly a statistics book for me.
No April Fools 😦

These made me SO happy.  Aren’t they cute?

Reminded me of orange Sunflowers, and made up for no Margarita and the sun only being out half of the day 🙂

Wes’s team did awesome, and it was such a fun first regatta experience for me! 

Tailgating/picnicking was delicious, my mom did a heck of a job with food prep. 

As a bonus, the team was SO grateful to have us there as supporters and food suppliers of course.  Wes has really shown leadership on the young team, and I wish the whole team the best of luck in the next regatta! keep up the good work! 

Can’t wait for my next Fredericksburg trip, hope its as memorable as this one!


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