A Few of My Favorite Things: Take 1

Happy hump day!  

I am blogging from the comfort of my bed tonight, which I am attempting to break myself of the habit of.  Aka trying to keep the electronics out of my bedroom (my phone sleeps in the bathroom, but only so I have to make moves when my alarm goes off). 

Usually I blog from the couch, but the past two nights someone has made herself a wee too comfortable on my lap:

Not that I don’t love her cuddling with me, but when it rolls around to 11:30-12 and I haven’t gotten the heart to move her, it starts interfering with my bed time and I don’t get enough sleep šŸ˜¦  Its really not her fault, its mine for being a softy.  What a cutie.  Ironically tonight as I blog from my bed so I can just fall asleep with her, she is off busying herself with other adventures.  GO figure. 

Since I joined the blog word, I have been hoping to make this title a weekly post + have its own page eventually.  I will try to number the posts so that they stay in some sort of order. 

Often I end my posts with “its all about the little things in life,” and often during the course of the week I start to notice things that really help me to make it, help me to live life to the fullest.  Some are just for fun, some are costly, most frugal/free, all are tiny ways I find the bright spots in every day.   I feel like Wednesdays are good days for these little reminders, almost TGIF. 

So here’s a few little things I have been enjoying this week:

1) Cooking: No Bake Treats (that make great pick me up gifts!)
This trend started a few weeks ago with these:

 No baked good #2 were these that I alluded to here aka 3rd part of the weekend trifecta I tackled:

tackled similar project with Christmas shaped pretzels in December,
wish I had pictures to post- but my Easter treats turned out just as cute šŸ™‚
melted yellow candy…
drizzled yellow candy- impromptu dispenser made out of a
plastic bag- just be careful the candy isn’t too hot wen you put it in the bag
candy layer #2- white!

can you see the sprinkles?
They are of grooooovy tie die EASTER eggs
mugs w/ pretzels for coworkers- a just because present,
it’s always better to give then to receive!
finished product: HAPPY SPRING

Next up on the No Bake Treat list:

courtesy of Run, Eat, Repeat
Coconut “Nests” for Easter- in 5 ingredients or less!

Planning on making these Saturday to take to my Grandmother’s house, lunch at her house is an Easter tradition! [sadly we no longer do egg hunts, Wes and I were the youngest grandchildren and once we grew up, egg hunts stopped happening…but I am not going to lie, I would LOVE to stumble upon the golden egg on Sunday! It was always l$o$a$d$e$d, we learned at age 5 that cash > chocolate bunnies apparently]

2) Food: Dessert in a Mug & Greek Yogurt
    Nothing goes better with the couch + laptop after an evening of working out.  Recently I have been getting home around 8 from CrossFit and errands, taking a quick shower, dinner made of veggies and some sort of protein + carbs and then a mug dessert! 

Protein pancakes and yogurt parfaits have been the main event.

greek yogurt + 1/2 bag of trail mix, a few banana slices & butterscotch chips

Rum out of a mug?  I thought Rum was made for Pina Coladas, and they are certainly not to be served in mugs. 

Since my regular supply of meat consists of turkey bacon and protein powder (and the occasional chicken sausage), I love the extra kick of protein from Greek yogurt in my dinners [yogurt is supposed to be an excellent post-workout food to boot!]

Israeli couscous (a new fav food) spinach, mushrooms,
garlic, italian herbs + a pinch of cheese (and GY for creaminess!)

Oh wait, I’m not the only one who enjoys a little Chobani.  This little one enjoys it as well.  

And when I said she enjoys it, I mean she really enjoys it.

3) Sunflowers: yesterday for Cait’s birthday and today for my co-worker Kristen’s going away present! (note to self: when you don’t know someone’s favorite flower, buy them YOUR favorite flower)
*all courtesy of HT, your neighborhood market! And yes, I made appearances there both Monday and Tuesday night- hey, maybe I’ll earn a frequent Sunflower-Enjoyer reward!

its always better to give than then to receive,
but I can’t say I could help from buying a few
SF for myself last night šŸ™‚
I knew it was a Sunflower kinda week, or month for that matter, when I encountered a vessel by the name of Sunflower @ work, and a box of tissues @ yoga with sunflowers on them! Can’t.get.enough.

Other highlights of my week have included riding my bike x2 (no pictures, trying to master the riding my bike in a straight line before I master the riding while taking pictures.  True confession that I have talked on the phone while biking.  recipe for disaster, but I always wear a helment) Crossfit x2, and self-manicures and pedicures. 

Highlights for tomorrow include a before work run and some after work music festivities! 

Boo to the impending cold[er] weather though, come on summer!

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