Holy Monday

This is kind of how I feel today:

Where in the world did the past week go? 

In all honesty, the second half of last week was kinda a lot to handle for me, I had to say good-bye (for a while) to two friends I have made over the past year since coming back to Norfolk from college.  One was one of my co-workers at T. Parker Host who I had gotten to hang out with out of work often.  The second was my “boss”/intern supervisor/mentor/life coacher/life coachee (funny how that happens).  Both of these “girls” or ladyss as I’ll call them since there both three and five years older than me, respectively will be greatly missed in my life!  In more ways than one they had inspired me to live life to the fullest, and stay fabulous of course.   Needless to say, it was a beers and tears kinda Thursday night, but enough with the sap.   On a positive note, I got to meet new people through the occasion of former “boss” at her good-bye festivities, and found a new summer favorite! Legend Harpoon UFO Hefeweisen (also love HoeGaarden in the summer– my darker favorites are best enjoyed in the winter!).  Even better when consumed with orange slice #2 after #1 flies across the room.  oops.  Good thing those guys at Public House like me as a customer. 

Luckily a girls night out Friday was just what I needed.  Followed by a 5 mile run/walk on Saturday, and a low key movie date night Saturday.  And spoiler alert, a 5 mile [slow+steady] run on Sunday (after eating my weight in Easter desserts mind you). 

out DT for Cait & Morgan’s (both next to me)
Believe it or not, I am all about going out and having a great time, but not a fan of being anywhere near close to people/boys I have not met before.  Wedding dancing style is one thing, but all-up-in-my-personal-space dancing was soooo middle school.  So usually I tell anyone who approaches me “that I don’t dance,” which obviously leads to confusion when they see me dancing with my group, but I can’t find a nicer less awkward way to politely turn down a male’s dancing invite.  

Needless to say dinner @ Luna Maya before going downtown was the highlight of my night.  Regular Margarita (or two) for me + my recent new favorite vegan quesadillas.  They are made with a DELICIOUS bean spread.  Meant to order on corn tortillas like I did last time, but they came to the table in a spinach flour tortilla.  Still worked out okay, definitely the best with guacamole, salsa and a tad sour cream (only because they don’t offer greek yogurt as a substitute!)

Oh and did I mention we got a free round of drinks?  Thanks to Morgan, who is a RN in the OBY/GYN unit.  The first time I met this girl, I didn’t believe she was a nurse, much less a baby nurse.  Not because she isn’t awesome, but she just has a knock ’em dead sort of personality.  Apparently she made this couple’s life though: 
they came up to her and recognized her as the nurse who “practically delivered their baby” 4.5 months ago- how sweet!  Thank you for our drinks, made our night!

And thanks for sharing, Morgan- we chose the right dining company that night 😉  When it was all said and done, I was so tickled (on my what a word) to be included in their joint b-day plans, and it was a blast!

Good eats continued for the remainder of the weekend for sure.  After a lazy day + an afternoon run/walk through the neighborhood, I met up with Laura for Sushi + the Hunger Games (can’t remember if they ate any raw fish, but if so that would have been appropriate- oh wait, that definitely happens in Book 3). 

Unpictured sides of Edamame, miso soup + salad.  Oh yeah, and decaf coffees and chais to warm up before the movie. 

I wish I had more to say about the movie, but I wasn’t that impressed! The screen play was awesome, and Katniss played a great role.  I loved the sets and costumes, but wasn’t a fan of Male part #2, Peeta.  I think they could’ve made him seem a lot smarter!  In addition, I am soo thankful that I read the book before because I knew a lot of background details that weren’t included in the film.  Likewise, there were parts of the movie that weren’t in the book (since the book is in first person) that were equally as enlightening.  I LOVED seeing how they created the games!  Sorry if this whole paragraph is irrelevant to anyone who didn’t read the book or see the movie…but the long and the short of it is DO BOTH- see the movie and read the book.  You will get the full package!

Somehow I forgot to take pictures of Easter festivities.  But it was a pretty perfect day besides a minor traffic problem. 

Strawberry cake made with jello was by far my favorite dessert.  It was soo sweet to begin with that a cool whip icing would’ve worked just as well as the strawberry frosting.  Other desserts I tasted full out nommed on were a fruit cobbler made with lemon cake ands lots of butter, as well as a lemon merigne pound cake.  BOY was I ready for a nap after consuming that much sugar (especially because I have cut back on the sugar I eat reguarly!)  I also don’t usually care for lemony desserts, so no clue what possessed me to eat the trifecta…I probably should have just stuck to my fav 🙂  
But thats what post-easter feast runs are for anyways.  Got home at  6 p.m. from the Gma’s with an hour of sunlight still burning.  5 miles + some phone time with Mom = a perfect Sunday evening.   If only I had these.   Every time I go running I try to invent a gadget to take pictures of what I see on my runs, and maybe even record what I think about.  Think Google will make that happen? I can never ever give a full report on my runs, but maybe thats the beauty of it and why I call it ME time! 

I am also a lucky 23 year old who the Easter Bunny visited!
Does the Easter bunny bring everyone bunny food like me?  Kidding, Kashi doesn’t resemble bunny food in the slightest… 

Here’s how the Easter Kitty spent her day (watching me sweep the balcony deck of course, since she has now adopted the balcony as her own personal sun-room).  

At first I mistaked her balancing act for a suicide attempt, before realizing she was simply getting out of my way so I could sweep her balcony.  Dogs have owners, cats have staff, right? She’s one lucky bean!
“Are you done yet?”

Besides saying goodbyes, what were the two saddest moments of my weekend?
1) Realizing John Mayer is certainly no wonderland body any longer, or the hottie from his 2008 John Paul Jones Arena concert.  Seriously, Kali McFarland and I thought we had gone to heaven when we saw him on his Continuum tour.  It was SUCH a good setlist and he was so great in person, tattoos and all. 

What(TF) happened, JOHN?

 2) Was heading to the store to buy little candy coated Cadburry chocolate eggs on Saturday to make these babies, only to have them sold out!  So I thought I would use the coconut I had already bought to make granola instead.  And I burnt it.  Double Fail.  At least I know how to make a long story short right?

That’s enough for a Monday, thank goodness I made it through & even got a Crossfit workout in.  Wasn’t my best work today, but after eating junk yesterday and today (it was a ROUGH case of the Mondays, let me tell you)  I can’t really complain.  Better luck to myself tomorrow, it will be a new day! [yikes, in 12 minutes, I better hit the hay!]


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