Coffee(house) abuse

here I am!

and here I was circa 3:30 p.m. yesterday…yuck!

 then I made it to Charlottesville.  Happy Times.  A full report + pictures to come in the next few days, but here’s a preview!

UVA Football Coach & his analogy of a “glass half full”- No matter whether the glass is half full, or half empty, it needs to be filled!! Fill ‘er on up + Count me In

I talked way too much last night, and barely had time to eat more than 1 bacon wrapped date & one pastry wrapped Asparagus.  Always time for Red Wine and Yuengling though, I had one of each!  Luckily my fabulous hosts popped maybe a pound of popcorn for our late night eating + girl talk session, so I wasn’t too starving this morning.
But I definitely  had an appetite!
My host and one of my best wahoo friends (Sharon) got up early to head to breakfast before I walked her to work.  CAFE CUBANO never disappoints.  Classy dinner food, yes please.  I treated myself to a white cheddar omlet, Sunflower what toast, and sauteed (NOT fried, yay) rosemary potatoes.  Hit. the. spot.  LOVE sunflower bread.  Also paid the 75 cents for salsa on the side.  Needed some veggies and was elated that the salsa was homemade. 

 I walked Sharon to work, got in some more girl talk, picked up my lap top and came back to Cafe Cubano.  It had only been 30 minutes, and I couldn’t pass up a free refill on coffee + free soymilk.  Best $8.00 for breakfast, two coffees and WiFi I ever spent.  Hope that doesn’t sound too cheap, but I wanted to get a quick post in before a walking/hiking date with Marga.  

Then its off to visit The House That Jeff Built aka the Hellermans who are my second family up here!  Hope your day is as exciting as mine is, Charlottesville is REJUVENATING.  

Will check in later. xoxo 

PS are you wondering where Maia is?  Staying with her boyfriends, of course.  One happy kitty [I hope!]


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