Recipe Fail

Remember how I’ve been trying to cut the sugar from my diet?

I thought it would be fun to try to cut wheat out as well.  Call me crazy, I call it a fun challenge to try to add some pizazz to my diet.

I have wanted to try one of Carrots ‘N Cake’s protein pancake recipes for some time now, and I just happened to have the blender in my drying rack.  Thought there was no time like the present to try it out.  So I mixed up the dough last night and cooked ’em this morning.

I love everything pumpkin, so naturally these were the first to try.

Used a blender instead of a food processor.  Mine is just wayy to heavy to pull out for one batch.

Or so I thought.
yeah, no.
I WISH that is how mine had turned out.  Photo actually courtesy of Carrots ‘N Cake.

Here’s what mine looked like:
Ew.  Running and undercooked.  

Okay so I didn’t follow the recipe exactly right.  Batter was too thick (definitely got called out for laziness and not pulling out the food processor) so I added almond milk (and vanilla for flavor!).  I think that’s where I failed miserably.  Fail #2 was that a little baking powder probably would’ve helped.  Fail #3 was that I couldn’t remember which of my two baggies was wheat germ, and which was flax, so I added some of each.  

I will have to try this again (still have batter in the fridge that I’ll try to save with some BP) but until then, who wants to remind me to always follow the recipie recipe (seriously one of the hardest words to spell) at least the first time? Will make a note to self, but not promising I will follow it 🙂 

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