They say you are what you eat, but in tonight’s case I wasn’t too thrilled.

Roasted potatoes, butternut squash and onions were on the menu for tonight…but unfortunately I roasted myself yesterday afternoon.

I swear, I was freezing the whole time I was kayacking.  It was WINDY for gosh sakes.  But later in the afternoon as my skin began to feel crispayy I remembered that wind doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of sun I could get. 

Happy first day of beautiful weather to me!
feeble attempt at a frown face.  If I fail at making frown-y faces am I supposed to wear my smile 24/7?  Ouch.  My face hurts just thinking about that.
After roastin’ in the sun at Crossfit and kayacking, I also had to be outside for kickball practice.  By that point, it was miserable with a capital M to be in the sun.  BLAH.  

But whatever, it’ll be tan by tomorrow and good thing I go for my annual check up twice a year at the Derm’s office.  Remind me of this mild burn next time I complain about getting mole #3 scalped off. (TMI?)

At least roastin’ myself set me up with a fun pun.  Humor = worth it.

So about that dinner I was chatting about:

Roasted the potatoes and onions at 400F for twentyish minutes…

 Then added some chopped up butternut squash.  Fun fact, I bought pre-cut squash for the same amount it would’ve cost me to buy it whole.  Call me the grocery store queen or WHAT!

 Added some EVOO (pammed the pan before cooking) and ruffled up all of the bits and pieces…+ a few more minutes in the oven.

 A handful or two of spinach, HOMEMADE GUAC, HT black bean salsa and 1 ounce of Feta cheese….

 and I called it dinner!

un-pictured corn tortillas (had to get a carb fix)

Colorful huh?  I read an article/snippet in Women’s health about eating less on contrasting color plates (not sure how much truth is to that).  I love stark white dishes to begin with, but also noticed how it makes my veggie colors POP.  

If we are what we eat, I want to eat this meal every night.  Feta = calcium, spinach = iron, avocado = MUFAs, beans = fiber, squash = beta carotene and  red potatoes = B vitamins and tomatos = Vitamin C. 

Little protein might help a bit, but what to do you think RD to be Ellie Freeman?

PS I didn’t dirty up the kitchen just for this, check back for another recipe I tried out + a weekend recap (waiting for photos!)


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