Delight in the little things

My post got a tad long last night, but I couldn’t help including a few other pictures that made my day yesterday.

Taking note that my manicure from Sunday still looked fab.  Thanks to Shellac and…

 wearing rubber gloves to do the dishes! Ridiculous? I think not. 

 These ones even have an unpictured design at the top.  Kinda fun?

Who doesn’t love special deliveries?  I officially got a special delivery from a loved one who lives FURTHEST away.

By far my favorite type of chocolate.  Dark Chocolate Marzipan.

 From my mom’s cousins in Germany, who happen to read my blog too πŸ™‚

hello to Sylvia, Jarek, Julia & baby Jakob- can’t wait to see you in December!

Had to add their note to my “mail wall” which is a happy happy joy joy reminder in my foyer of how much I am LOVED!  I would tag this photo if I could, but it might take me long.  I spy mail from Oma, Mom, Grandmommy, Sharon, Cait and a few others!

I know you are sick of seeing pictures of my sunflowers, but I swear this is a new one! Yes, it somewhat resembles a few others I have taken, but I can’t pass up the 3 bunches for $12.00 at Harris Teeter everytime they are on sale.  Do they just brighten up the room or what?  

these are some HAPPY Sunflowers if I have ever seen any

And here is the real treat of an update.  So when I was in Charlottesville last weekend, my friend Kristen (who follows my blog via Twitter) said something along the lines of, “wasn’t there a project you said you were trying to finish.”  Over a month ago I blogged about my new couch being delivered, and said I hoped to post “after pics” of my den soon.

To make a long story short, the hold up has been CURTAINS.  I have literally gone through one, two, no make it three sets of curtains before finally finding a set that worked, aka that I loved.  Obviously I know I won’t live here forever, so I was working with a pretty modest budget, which didn’t help the search process, but it was worth the wait!

these are what I finally decided to keep.  The texture is a lot more pronounced in person, I absolutely adore the heavy, burlap bag-type feel to them. 

While I’m sharing, here’s a few more pictures of the room:
this bench was originally in my bedroom, but it matched the tan/blue theme I had going on in the den so much better!
a canvas I bought in Brazil this summer and got framed

I wanted my den to be a place to hang fun pieces of art that all had stories behind them.  Behind my TV is a Pop Art photo of my brother posing for a Ray- Ban ad, and below is a collage made by my friend Kali for me before I went off to college (she is a year younger and was still at home).  The beaut above actually has a hilarious story that is meant to be told.  Basically it was a gag gift at our company’s holiday party last year.  You know, white elephant style.  Somehow (must have been new employees luck or something) I drew the best number, and was going to get the last pick of everyone!  By the end of the game, I was loving this picture more and more.  Probably because everyone made such a joke about it and no one really wanted it.  Someone got stuck with it, but told me I could have it anyways!  Poor Giraffe family, I thought, of course I have to adopt it.   So I ended up getting the last pick of whatever else I wanted + went home with the orphaned Giraffe picture πŸ™‚  Now it’s become the focal point of my den, and I have curtains to match it to boot!

For kicks and giggles here is what my den looked like before:

How is that for a HUGE nesting improvement!


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