Preppin’ to Party

I’m preppin’, not to be confused with Preppy.  But I am headed to Foxfield, does it get much preppier than that?

The outfit is to be determined, but the tickets are bought, plot reserved, MINI tuned up, ABC store visited and Menu set.

I swore after graduating from UVA that Foxfield would be the last weekend I picked to come back as an alumn.  Again, apparently I was lying to myself.  Somehow I was tempted into coming back this year, probably a result of a Boar’s Head Reservation being dangled in front of me 🙂 One of my Larchmont friends, and kayaking buddies asked me to take her to Foxfield.  Despite it being not the best weekend date-wise, I eventually obliged to be her UVA Host (no pun intended) for Foxfield 2012.  [note, its not Foxfields, its the Foxfield races]

under one condition, that is: that we hosted our own plot.

You see, other memories of Foxfield include roaming around like crazy, cell phone reception failing, not being able to find friends or the bus I came on etc.  What a mess you say? Yes, in fact that’s exactly how I feel about past experiences.  My dream Foxfield is to have my own plot, and just be able to sit, enjoy company, sip beverages and savor bits and bites.  So, as my dad always says, if you’re going to do it, do it right!

And that’s what Jaime and I are setting out to do.   We’re hosting our own tailgate, MINI’s were meant for country r

Vodka Setlzer’s are our drink of choice, and here’s a fun link to our vodka of choice.  Jim + Pinnacle? what a match!  Not brave enough to try the whipped pinnacle yet, I prefer the straight up type. 
Also have some Michelob Ultra’s I had on hand, just in case I fancy a beer.

We’re keeping our picnic selections fresh, who wants to eat soggy fried chicken on a hot day anyways?  Hummus + veggies, fruit salad, chicken tenderloins and homemade bean salad + chips. DELISH

Thawed and marinating the chicken as we speak.  I’ll cut up those breasts  tonight, and lightly grill them (terrible joke that link is).  They’ll be fabulous chilled on Saturday. 

I busied myself last night preppin’ as much as the bean salad as possible, without it becoming soggy of course:

 Tomorrow I will add a can of MexiCorn, a can of drained and rinsed black beans, and some salt/pepper/lime juice and call it bean salad!  Can’t wait to try it with some Hint of Lime Chips.  I made this same salad last weekend to take to Cedar Island and it was a HIT.  If you have a winner, stick with it right?

Packed some provisions so they’re ready to go:
Still to do: chop melon and strawberries for fruit salad (bought pre-cut pineapple and calling it semi-homemade), decide what sundress to wear, pick up pearls from Mom’s house, pack cooler + chairs, and find batter powered speakers! 

YIKES- I better add a blanket + umbrella to that list:
And unlike last weekend, I promise to keep Instagram handy at all times, Foxfield must be documented last past years:
2008, 1st year of college- so young, so beautiful!
2nd year of College

 and I haven’t been since.  Looking forward to reppin’ the Alumn status on Saturday though, watch out Foxfield, MINI, Jaime and I are on the way!


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