Remembering to Breathe

Somewhere in my house apartment (actual error, I mean its just THAT homey!) there is a saying in a foreign language about “remembering to live,” but this week has turned into “Remembering to Breathe!”

work, school, social life, etc. ALL OUT OF CONTROL.  or so it feels like. 
but all good things, I promise, which means I have a lot to be grateful for.

For the entire last week, my excuses for not blogging have included my lack of desire to take iPhone pictures but for some reason I kept telling myself that I had nothing exciting to right about.

Seriously, this lying to myself thing has got stop.

WHO AM I KIDDING, my life has been filled to the top.  And now I’ll have to recap you on the past week.  Just because it includes zero things crafty/domestic doesn’t mean I can’t share it.  This blog is supposed to be about my real fabulous life that is.   So here’s to takin’ back fabulous:

Last tuesday included an impromptu walk date that turned into a mexican fiesta with this chica.  I was sore from the night before’s Crossfit session, so a good walk to stretched out my legs was just what the Dr. ordered.  The corona didn’t hurt either.  Kept it healthy with a grilled shrimp salad + a few chips.  LOVED the salsa.  I also don’t take responsibility for whatever Cait’s shirt says, from a song maybe?

Wednesday’s highlight included my last night of Statistics class, and the gentle reminder that I have a quiz, an assignment and exam studying to complete by the end of April.  YIKES [on the docket for Sunday, don’t worry]  Obviously not picture worthy either.

Thursday was our Kickball team’s first game.  

picture from last game of the Fall Season

Unfortunately we didn’t win, buttttt we did a hell of a lot better this year’s kickoff then last years. We’re still a baby team afterall!  This is only season #2.  I am very grateful for a co-captain who has taken the reigns this season, don’t know what I would do without her/if I would have time for kickball otherwise.  Like the true granny I am, I had about 1/2 of a beer after the game and then called it a night.  I had fabulous plans for the next night after all.

Friday night I kicked my own butt.  A) I didn’t take any pictures and B) My mildly C2H5OH fueled self [you know, keeping it PG rated for the young cousins who read this] decided to race a friend 1 mileish home.  Barefoot.  Hey, at least I got in a good work out right?  And for the record, I did run the entire time.  Fast? probably not. 
The main event of the night, however, was seeing the Legwarmers concert at the NorVA.  I hadn’t been to the NorVA in forever (true story: I have only been there a few times since I got kicked out at a Corey Smith concert for trying to sneak in airplane bottles in my cowboy boot- oops, amateur move) and it ROCKED.  The band played until 12:30 a.m.  At one point, during their intermission, I thought it was encore time, but little did I know they had a whole half of a show left.  So fun!  Outfits were 80’s inspired of course, and mine included a purple ruffle dress (again, picture fail) and these gems I picked up at a consignment store in Charlottesville eons ago.

The night concluded with catching up with yet another friend who is moving away, and said race against his roommate on the way home.  I’m only young once, right?

Life didn’t slow down too much Saturday either.

Dad and I had plans to head up to some friends’ place on the Eastern Shore.  Well, not technically on the Eastern Shore, but actually on the ocean side of the shore in the Barrier Islands.  This particular island we ventured to by boat was called Cedar Island, and was once a Coast Guard station.  Since then, it has become a club of which 12 families are members and are able to “rent out” the house for a few weeks every year.  The day and nights activities included beaching, dead nurse shark spotting, SKEET SHOOTING (and you thought you knew me already), fresh oyster frying, crab pot collecting, crab steaming, fresh flounder frying, beering, dinnering, and having FABULOUS company.  Shout out to Steve Waters and the Priests for a fun time (and Dad of course for driving).   Helloooo Summer:

approaching the house from the waterway
from the look out tower

 beach side

Porch side

After a morebeautifulthanever day Saturday, no surprise that Sunday was a total washout.  We got back to the mainland via a pretty wet ride, thank goodness Dad thought about his daughter and gave her his rain pants.  What a guy!  Once back in Norfolk, I did some housekeeping, then ran some errands and had some girl time.  Before a spectacular birthday dinner with my mother.  Not too fancy, but just right for us.  We went to our Country Club (NYCC) and practically ate in a private room.  We love the lounge style “men’s grill” over the regular dining room because of its laid back atmosphere, aka my leggings and rainboots were welcome!  I also can’t stand screaming chillin’s running around, so the Men’s Grille suits me just fine.

we can pretend we took this on Sunday.  basically the same red wine and room was involved
before we headed out to dinner.  Only difference was this pic was actually taken on my birthday, but who knew?

Edited to add: Look what I found browsing photos post-post:

Mom’s 46th birthday in Charlottesville @ Bruce Springsteen-
This was one surprise birthday present from me I hope she never forgets 🙂
Our conversation over Margaritas at Mono Loco went something like:
Me: “So did you hear that the Boss was in town tonight?”
Mom: “YES, wouldn’t it have been a BLAST to get tickets?”
Me: “Gosh, it really would’ve.  Do you think these would work?”
[pulls tickets out of purse, Mom’s jaw drops, you get it from there 🙂 ]

Monday, was well, Monday.  no adventure to report sadly…except I did take a “me” night and watched Riding in Cars with Boys.  Not at all what I expected, but definitely one to watch.  Did make me miss my own brother though (seriously, its more about family values than what it seems!).  Gotta love what you can find for free on Amazon Prime.  

Tuesday included a MINI check-up + a bonus of car shopping with Mom.  The MINI dealership where I had to pick up my car after its oil change (for FREE for the first three years yay!) happens to be directly next to the BMW dealership (not a coincidence bc MINI is made by BMW).  And Mommy-O “went to the bathroom”/got distracted in the show room.  So we ended up window shopping with the salesman on the lot for her 50th birthday present.  She just turned 49 that is, but you gotta know what you’re working for right?  I think we decided on the 1 series, its smaller and more compact.  Like she told the salesman, she just needs room for her little Chow Lucy in the back 🙂  Had to add a link back there of course, in case she forgets which model and color she liked the best 😉

OH and post-car shopping was a GREAT Crossfit work out.  Great means I was feeeeeelin’ it today.  The workout was 100 kettlebell swings, and 100 Evil Wheels (think ab roller with your arms A LOT wider).  I celebrated my 1 month/10 classes back at Crossfit last week.  It has been one of the best things I have gotten into recently.  The encouragement is stellar, and the coaches are really on top of things.  I completely trust them to make sure I am doing the moves correctly, and not at risk for injury.  They also know how to push me without being intimidating or over the top.  

After packing that much into last week, I am sure you’re wondering what the hardest part of my week has been.  MISSING THE STEINERT’S, of course! 

Birthday rendezvous weekend (for Conor and my mom) was planned after my Cedar Island plans, and it was sad to miss out.  Good thing to know that I was missed though.  Oma insisted that my portion of food was leftover at every meal, and Conor (the baby of the family) referenced my blog at the dinner table.  Apparently he rather matter-a-factly explained that asparagus makes your pee smell, according to Kelsey’s blog.  Little did I know my online journal was a new Wikipedia.

Good thing we have Steinert family beach vacay planned for the middle of June.  SANDBRIDGE here we come 🙂

Phew/Sigh/Yawn etc.  See, I finally remembered to breathe?  I knew this blog was a cheaper form of therapy for me.  It is amazing how journaling, recapping, celebrating the little things can be so refreshing.  

An hour ago I was overwhelmed with preparations for this weekend, the biggest week thus far at work next week, and my statistics final that will keep me on track for my MBA final.  Now I can’t help but smile at what I have to be grateful for, and the fabulous life I am blessed enough to live.


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