I’m backkkk

Just took a two-week, oops almost three week, hiatus from this blog.  Mostly due to that end of the semester crunch I am still going through in my master’s program (crunching/cramming seems to be my style?).  I haven’t ever been a great student, but have managed to get by pretty well- I’m proud of my 3.3 from UVA, and I’ll gladly take a B+ in my MBA program, take that Statistics! Straight A’s are over-rated.

I am secretly wayy over taking pics on my iPhone.  I have talked about getting a new camera for quite some time but was still in iPhone honeymoon stage.  Time to start saving up for something a step above a point and shoot.  Note to self to chat with my Uncle Rod about that this week.  Definitely thinking a Nikon. BUT I want to afford Crossfit shoes first and I refuse to pay more than $100.00.  

Price watching here I come.

I’ll post a few shots tomorrow that sum up the last few weeks. 

But for now here’s an update on the running world of my life.

Somehow since March 17th, when I owned the Shamrock 8K, I have barely run a total of ten miles.  That’s my guess at least.  Somehow I got wrapped up in CrossFit, the nice weather, staying out later, drinking a bit heavier (hey, I get thirstier when its hotter!) etc. etc.  Oh wait, one night I did run a 1:30 AM mile in a dress. barefoot.  but clearly that doesn’t count for anything.

The long in the short of it is that I have bulked up a bit since I have started running less.  I have more of an appetite from Crossfit that running usually helps to keep in check.  Soooo early May I signed up for an inexpensive 10K thinking it would help me get back to running.  It has but really not as much as I would have hoped.

The good news is that since March I have had at least one good 4 miler, and a few two milers.  And FINALLY today I did another 4 miler.  I was hoping to PR this 10K again, and do a 8:50 min/mile but after my 10min/mile average today I am not sure that is going to happen.

So this post is a dedication to a friend who got my butt running today and  re-inspired me to keep up my blog.

Jackie (left) is training for her first 5K this weekend.  She did a 4 miler warrior dash a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t a rac(ey)- [haha] I mean a typical race.  Running with her for the first part of my run was actually a great practice, it kept me from going too speedy and wearing myself out during my first two miles, AND let me chat a little WHILE I ran sans music.  After our two miles together, we split and I finished two more in my neighborhood.   
edited to add:

I tend to play little games with myself while I run (don’t laugh, we all do it) and I kept saying that I would run until it thunderstormed– because I almost wimped out and was convinced that the bottom was going to drop out during our run.  God certainly has a sense of humor because it STILL hasn’t rained.  So…if I hadn’t stopped at 4 miles today, I would still be running two hours later.  Hilarious. 

And why did Jacki reinspire me to run?  Because of our mutual friend Anne Marie of course.   Jacki and I became friends through the roommate-I-never-had.  Long story, but I made Facebook friends with a girl, Anne-Marie five years ago who was supposed to be starting at UVA and we decided to be roommates.  Then she ended up going to University of Delaware since it was instate for her.  Well lo and behold, I get a facebook message from her four years later asking if I’d get dinner with one of her friends from college who had moved to Norfolk and “could use some more girlfriends.”- or something like that.  Now Jacki is one of my best friends in Norfolk!  Amazing how small the world is.  

So Jacki says to me today on our run: you know, Anne Marie, LOVES  your blog.  Mind you, Anne Marie and I have never met. But I was flattered.  And Jacki also admitted that she catches up on my life via my blog if we go a few days without talking. 

Enough chatting, I am back with an exciting next few weeks.  Blogging time is for myself, my loved ones, and my friends who need Kelsey catch up time at the click of a mouse. 

I’ll be back with pictures from the last few weeks, and I hope to start a weekly post of “what I saw on my run.”  Sometimes while running I think of hilarious things to post about, because there’s really never a dull moment in Norfolk.  For now, here’s an awesome source of kick ass running music: www.soundabovetheseal.com [brought to you by my BFF’s, Sister’s, BF!]