New Beginnings

Coming back to the blog after a 2.5 month Hiatus feels like pulling of a band-aid.  That is, in the sense that I regret there being inconsistent threads of posts, but will regret more when another year as gone by with no fun-online-portal to look back on. 

For the last few weeks I have struggled to start posting again, because I was overwhelmed by the idea of capturing EVERYTHING via photos and words that has happened in my life since May 14th, precisely.  I mean, I was merely a 23 year old, not a 230-and-a-half-something [and 24 is approaching faster than I ever imagined…]. 

So letting go of that part of me that wants a perfect posting record, and starting with today.  After all, life repeats itself, and if not, I am sure I will stumble across reasons to bring up/post pictures and stories from the past few months over the next few months!

PS I even tried the whole write a bunch of posts at once and set them on timers so they post routinely throughout the week.  but it failed, I simply felt inauthentic posting on “Friday morning at 7 a.m.” thoughts/phrases/hyperboles/antics that I actually felt on Tuesday.  Deep, right? 

so on with it.  August 1st:

Today was the beginning of a new chapter of my life.  New desk, new title, new responsibilities, new supervisor, new schedule.  Scratch that, let’s call it “fresh.”  Fresh desk, fresh title, fresh responsibilities, fresh supervisor, fresh schedule.  There was nothing “old” about my previous position, but I was ready for a change, for a challenge, for an opportunity.  I moved from the Accounting Department at T. Parker Host to the Operations department.  too much explanation to communicate online but what we do is this.

Basically the pros: in and out of the office, on and off ships, lots of face to face interaction and communication; lots of logistics, organization, and problem solving
cons: unpredictable schedule, around the clock hours, reachable 24/7, drop of the hat problems, stress due to lots at stake, not glamorous
and PROS again (b/c I like to be a positive person): team atmosphere, work hard/play hard, overtime, fresh air, sense of accomplishment, accountability, challenge 

As evident, my personal life and social life is taking a bit of a hit.  That really means I need to carefully consider and think about how I spend my time.  It also means that a place to vent/celebrate and appreciate life is that much more important. 

So, I’m back.  Not a once a week, not once a day, but just as my schedule permits, and as I feel.  

with that…here’s a few things I have been up to:

Lucky #’s 3 & 7!
  • Elizabeth River Run-  after I PR’d my St. Patrick’s Day 8K I struggled to keep up with running as the weather got warmer and nicer…and I started CrossFit.  When May hit, I realized I needed to sign up for another race to get myself back into running.  I had heard about the Elizabeth River Run for a few years, and a rumor that it used to take place in Norfolk.  Now it takes place not too far away in Portsmouth, just across the water!  

It was 10K and SUPER HUMID. I was not expecting to struggle as hard as I did, but I truly hadn’t trained as much for this one as for the 8K.  I ended up finishing with a 9:15-9:30ish average mile, compared to the average 8:50 pace I hit for the 8K.  I definitely thing the longer distance, heat and training came into play.  but it was GREAT being out there. 

fun part of the day was running into my 7th grade math teacher, and my cousin Bridget + friends– can’t help but smiling on days like that!

Oh yea and how do I recover from runs?  Of course I get a pedicure, no one likes blistered, rough feet!

  • Barry’s Graduation from Nursing School
  • MURPH– You can read about it here.  My friend Jenna (the hot blonde in the pictures) and I’s plan A was to each do half of the work out [scaled that is, meaning pull-ups with a big rubber band and push-ups on my knees], plan B was to to the whole thing but split the pull-ups and then plan C was to just do as much of the work out that we could, til failure basically.  Well guess what?  We knocked it out.  Both runs, all pull-ups, all push-ups and all squats.  My plan ended up being 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats X 20 rounds.  Words cannot express how grateful I was for my cheerleaders and fellow CrossFitters.

What keeps me going back to CrossFit 757 even if I skip a whole week here and there is the people and the trainers.  I don’t ever plan to be a competitive CrossFit athlete, but it’s amazing to have encouragement during the workouts, and trainers to ensure you are safely challenging yourself and have good form.  I love the social aspect as well.  I hate missing catch up time with the other girls (and guys) I work out with.  A t the end of the day, we are only competing against ourselves, the weight, and the clock!
  • Last but not least: I tried Mermaid Winery a few weeks ago, Norfolk’s first urban Winery:  Love their flights for tasting πŸ™‚
  • couldn’t post without a few food pics/receipts- I have been attempting to cook w/ the littlest amount of mess posible  (who likes turning on the oven in the summer anyways!) 
tempeh with veggies and either isreali couscous or shiratake rice!
simple dinner: salmon burger, spinach +
homemade lemon yogurt dill sauce
sugar cookie fruit pie for the 4th

[insert: just had a minor heart attack b/c google chrome “quit unexpectedly” and I almost lost this ENTIRE post for the second time.  lesson learned to save often!]

quick kitchen project tonight: green bean/feta/almond salad 

only had a little of this to use up, and glad it was all I had b/c I realized it have HFCS in it, GROSS/could do without!
ta da = yummy packed lunch! 

So that’s all I have for tonight, but it felt AMAZING to post a little πŸ™‚  

More to come- just to note/aka to let you know I have been up to more than working out and cooking: OpSail 2012 happened, I celebrated my uncle’s Nursing Ph.D. graduation (DNP in nurse practitioner to be exact) and my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  I have SO much to be thankful for and a fabulous life.

Be back soon– off to work!! 


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