Life Check In

I miss having time to blog once in a while, but maybe missing blogging is a sign to make it a PRIORITY.  Life is too short not to follow your desires and passions. 

what I am listening to now:

Too busy for words, but here is my life update in photos:

Fall was filled with many an oyster roast…

For Charity (CHKD)

And for Birthday(s)!

Ann Reid and Kelsey’s 24th Birthday 

Flashback to 23rd birthday:

Other highlights of my birthday included a day off, two fabulous meals out with my family, a surprise scavenger hunt complete with wine and cheese and a special birthday visit and gorgeous flower delivery:

scallops at Croc’s in Virginia Beach 
trip to Total Wine courtesy of Ellie Freeman
Birthday flowers!

24 is looking AMAZING already! 

Despite working for part of the day, Thanksgiving 2012 was a success – lots of credit giving to Bob for SMOKING the Turkey! 

pumpkin cheesecake brownies as my humble contribution to Thanksgiving
Followed by a Christmas season that FLEW by: 

ladies night out with Mom and Mrs. Sarcone

tickets to see a Christmas Carol with Erica – what a treat!
Christmas day at Grandmommy’s – Wes “the dog whisperer” and Hannah

More Christmas Day:

Post Christmas  bonus: Jay comes home for a few days! 

To celebrate Christmas….AND New Year’s

After a fun few days together, it was back to OCS for Jay and back to real lifework for me…but only for three weeks!! 
What do I have to look forward to?  In one week I am taking TWO days off to travel to Newport with Jay’s family and others for his graduation celebration.   A huge introduction to the Navy this will be for me! I have really enjoyed learning thus far through Jay about his career and life ahead for us in the Navy… I can’t say it was something I set out to aspire to (insert funny story here later) but I never cease to be amazed and feel blessed with what life has handed me.  No matter how challenging or impossible the road ahead may seem, I completely up for it, crazy job and hoping to move and trying to educate my self and all!! 

Here are a few more of my favorite shots (remember March photo a day – I need to consider that again, it was such a creative outlet!) from the past few months:

Helicopter ride in the morning for work…no complaints here!
old furry friends!
new furry friends!
and another furry friend!

bonus story: working every other weekend has TRULY made me learn to appreciate the weekend and every part of it – I have definitely made more of an effort to meet up with friends, and brunching it has certainly been one of my favorite activities!  A.W. Shuck is always a family favorite, and my friend Madeline and I tried Public House brunch on a recommendation once.

[not going to lie, and going to disclose how I honestly feel about Public House Eats – I LOVE their beverages and LOVE their bar as a place to hang out on the Reg., however their Eats are not my favorite Except – with a big “E” – their french fries with smoky ketchup and chicken tenders also with said ketchup – the waiter who I minorly accosted begging for “special” ketchup one night can attest for my love of their ketchup recipe”]
HOWEVER, the above picture was taken at my all time favorite spot, Charlie’s where we ate outside for the first time on a SUPER wobbly table.   And as clumsy / long legged I am and as tall as she is we could BARELY keep our coffee’s level.  Ok ill be honest, I was the only one who kept spilling my coffee but the CUTEST dog from a table over kept wriggling (yes, wriggle, not wiggle) along the floor to lick up the coffee. CUTEST MOMENT OF MY DAY EVER and totally made spilling my coffee 3 million times worth it.  Love you little chocolate lab!

Sunset at my Dad’s house 
late night / early morning (what’s the difference anyways?) working at
Norfolk Southern
redecorating / organizing my bed and bedside table

Another side story: you know your mom is the best when she comes over, barely notices that your window pane got cracked in three places when it was mailed to you, and then when you point it out to her, she responds “actually, I think the cracks give it more character!” Yes Mom, you are right!! more character it is!!

Happy New Years Eve to me when I get to take this baby + 2 more (bottles of Prosecco) home for the night!  Extra bonus, none of them have gotten drunken yet!

Shrimp pesto pizza made by my main man on New Years Eve – He took a great idea and RAN WITH IT = TOTAL WIN FOR ME + leftovers (that we didn’t even drunk eat!)
you know you work for a family business when….You wear the same outfit as your…Dad…to work one day!
New Years Day home project – drilling a hole in my Christmas present (?!!?)  – new TV console that was a total steal from TJ Maxx – Santa loves deals too!!
couldn’t help but throw this wild card out there – I’m pretty sure I told everything that I know about this sighting at least twice – however it’s not every day you see a purple pup walking down Princess Anne Road – I ❤ Ghent
Oh that’s right…I have purple shoes too!  Good taste PUP!

Which leads me to my favorite news link of the day month
Ok the amount of dogs in this post has gotten out of control but the good news is that I feel like I am getting my bloggin’ personality back! Was a little weak on the front side but it’s there! 

Just a few little goals to roll out on:

Make more time for in 2013–

  • running outside when it is SUNNY 
  • taking time to be more present
  • putting my thoughts into words (aka being slow to speak)
  • online journaling more often – I have SO much to look forward to over the next few months that I would be CRAZY not to document it and share it with my family and friends. 
Until later xoxo

Life long, love lots and laugh often!