Grace and Goodness

— in desperate need of picking this blog back up, and inspired by my mom’s comment on the last post (Jan 2013)…because I couldn’t get through life without the gift of GRACE, and life is GOOD.  

Life coming at me in waves appears to be the theme lately, highs and lows and jumping from peaks to peaks.  As I am coming to the next “bend in the road” if you will, I can’t help but recap some of my favorite moments of 2013 thus far and hope my life updates become more frequent as my schedule changes in August.  

The further I get from college, the more important it is for me to have medium for keeping in touch with thus I love but also for documenting the adventures!  

I am going to slowly but surely put up some posts…and leave them unconnected to my Facebook for now while I get back into the groove. 

I will also be updating my “about me” page and hopefully changing the name of the blog / URL soon…Although I would consider myself FAR from single at this point in my life (cue life update to be published) we’ll keep the “Single Something” until “He puts a ring on it” 😉 

One month from today I will be transitioning from my full time ++ job at T. Parker Host in lieu of full time grad student status + part time work at T. Parker Host.  Let’s just say I may be busier than EVER imagine.  However I will have all of my weekends back, and some flexibility to travel more often.  

Speaking of…I will be here with this one on the West Coast in EXACTLY one month plus a few hours.  Needless to say, I. Can’t. Wait.  

Reverting with life updates / weekend recaps / awesome adventures and snapshots of my simple life 🙂 


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