This week: Highs and Lows

Luckily the lowest parts of my week happened on the tail end of last weekend…and today brought lots of productivity by procrastination.

One of my best friends and I had “big plans” for a study date today – but both found ourselves procrastinating by “being productive” in other ways, organizing, moving furniture, taking inventory, nesting and even (and always) some baking.  Thus “productivity by procrastination.” Its not a bad thing.

A few years ago when I moved into my 1300 sq foot apartment with too few big girl belongings to fill it, I could literally spend hours rearranging furniture, the contents of furniture and other decor like wall coverings.  I absolutely love the term “nesting” and think it describes one of my favorite past times almost perfectly.

Today I put the last of the Christmas decorations away, and went through some of my things in storage to see what I had and what I would need a year from now when I make my first REAL nest.

Since I moved in to my little “studio” apartment in May, I had my most prized possession, my dining room table, functioning as, well, a table – duh.  My living room is right off of my bedroom and contains my couch, TV, sidebar and a few other pieces I will have to post pictures of soon.  The table with six chairs was positioned in the back of the room but generally had only been used as my desk and present wrapping table.  Actually, the one time I had friends over I actually got rid of chairs for the table to serve as as buffet for our munchies for wine night.


With the beginning of the next school semester upon me, I decided to make this space more of an oversized and comfier desk area.  I hated 1) Having my huge monitor and thus the cables to it and my laptop all over the table and 2) sitting on a stiff dining room chair to do work.  really, I would prefer to have a standing desk.  but that’s not quite possible in my current life.

So, I removed 4 of the chairs from the table, and pushed it (almost) up against the wall.  There is about six inches of space that allow the table to “float” in front of the wall – and allow all of the cords to fall nicely behind and out of sight.


The huge monitor – which I LOVE – blends in nicely under my beautiful Harborfest 2009 poster (you can’t even see it, RIGHT?)

Sidebar: This poster is one of my favorite things and played a standout role in my last apartment).  See it peeking out at the end of my hallway?


And the best part of my new set-up? My storage bench turned work bench.  I love that it spans the length of the table, and hides behind the couch.  It allows me to pivot to see the TV or the doorway.  And is SO PLUSH for hours spent at my workstation.  There is plenty of space between the bench and the couch, you know for a quick yoga session now and then ;).

Now that I sit on the long side of the table, I have a ton of room to stretch out.  Wedding material to my left, school work to my left.  Life in perfect balance.

With a wrap on my “productivity by procrastination” Saturday behind me, let’s check out some high/low action this week before I run through a few friends-family-food-and fitness updates!


Like I said, the worst part of my week was definitely last weekend.  I had just gotten back from Gulfport and jumped headfirst into work and school.  With the anticipation of Jay deploying and uncertainly about scheduling, I just couldn’t get out of my funk…so I basically just went through the motions until Monday when I could get back into the swing of things.

In addition to a hurting heart, for lack of a better explanation, my kindle broke and I got the word from Amazon that they would give me ZERO for it.  1/2 of the screen wasn’t working, so I couldn’t read a book unless I wanted to read between the lines aka read 1/2 of every page and make up other half.  BLEH

I hadn’t intended on posting anything too deep tonight, but I couldn’t mention a “hurting heart” without mentioning a tragedy that hit close to home this week.  Despite my discussion of weekly “lows” and a “funk” I can honestly say that I am in a better place mentally than I have been since high school.  I am not facing less pressure or in any better health physically than I ever have been, but life is so incredibly manageable and gratifying.  I have been in darker places, where my passion for life wasn’t at a consistent all time high.  I felt insecure, hopeless and worthless.  The thought of ending my life never even crossed my mind for a second, but I have on multiple occasions sought professional guidance for different reasons.

So, that being said, I truly believe that mental health is a serious disease, sometimes so deep that even all of the available resources in the world don’t seem like enough to “fix” someone.  A family two blocks away from my home, lost their 15 year-old to suicide this week.  She was an All-star in every sense, attending the same high school as many of my friends but she was faced with a struggle that ultimately led her to end her own life.  I don’t know why it happened or how someone could actually take those steps to end their own life but I do know that she deserved a chance at life just like we all do…she didn’t deserve to be in a place as dark as death with no way to escape.  Her family did not deserve to live with the whys and hows for the rest of their lives on earth without her.

So if you get a moment, give yourself a little check-in.   Express some extra gratitude that you are in a healthy mental health state – or if you are feeling less than healthy, still express some gratitude, and go seek help – in the form of a phone call to a friend, a walk through the great outdoors or even some professional help.  Don’t wait until the weight of the world is unbearable.

And that’s about where the real lows end.  On a much lighter note, here’s my just for kicks my other low:


1/2 Marathon:1, Toenail #2:0 – Gross, I know but I didn’t say this blog was going to be 100% pretty – just like my cooking! Shortly after my half marathon I was getting myself a manicure when I noticed my second baby toenail had turned blue…but was hoping it was just a little bruised.  Slowly by slowly it started feeling weaker and weaker and I knew it was only a matter of time before I lost it completely! Just a small battle wound to have after a stellar race. Nevertheless I did text my fiance just to be sure:

“Babe – if I only have 9 toenails will you still marry me?”

…..far too long of a pause

“Haha yes I would.” <— he’s the best, right?!


Meal Prep! Made my life so much easier this week – like I said in a previous post, I made PaleOMG’s 5 Ingredient Spaghetti Pie and Creamy Pumpkin Chicken.   I didn’t take too many pictures…because I am usually eating between working out and class or at my desk at work, but here’s a good close up of the Spaghetti Pie.  both dishes were fantastic!


*just as notes, I added mushrooms and fresh basil to the Spaghetti Pie and swapped acorn squash for the spaghetti squash in the  Creamy Chicken Casserole Recipe.  Also, let the Spaghetti Pie cook longer than you would think and REST – it shouldn’t be runny in the slightest.

I highly recommend making a few dishes on Sunday meal prep because you definitely don’t want to be eating the same 1 dish for lunch and dinner.  I swapped some and had each for lunch or dinner everyday.  (and a few eats out planned in that I already had scheduled)

Crossfit Yep – that’s a given.  Getting back to Crossfit on Monday made me so so happy.  I missed my coaches, my fellow athletes and lifting some heavy weight.

here’s a little short hand version of my workouts this week (today was a rest day) – my goal was just to not hurt myself during my first week back!

Monday – Squat Complex: 1 Squat Clean, 2 Front Squats x 7 – 63, 73, 83, 93, 93(f), 83, 88
Tuesday – 6 rounds, 30 DU + 15 T2B 14:13 ALL attempts – mainly knee ups
Wednesday – 5x5x5x5x5 Push Press 85# Max – 5# PR – focused on form for the msot part

Thursday – tough one! 1000 row, 21 thrusters (45#) and 21 Pull-Ups, 500 row, 15 thrusters and 15 Pull-Ups, 250 row, 9 thrusters and 9 Pull-Ups

Friday – 6 AM Hot Yoga – Go me!

And tomorrow calls for SOME type of activity – hopefully a run if its not too windy.

My New Toy I’m calling it my Jay-is-going-away-present, but really it is an expensive kindle upgrade.  Wi-fi only, refurbished. Self-explanatory. Thank you to my Uncle Rod and his partner Barry for donating some funds in the form of an American Express gift card.


Back in high school, maybe even middle school we used to share our highs and lows for the week in youth group as a kind of ice breaker – and as I create my own blog “brand” I think its a perfect conversation starter!  Hope you liked this version of a “check-in” post and that you will comment your own “highs & lows.”



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