The Little Things I’m Loving Lately

Because its all about the little things in life.

I started this post a few days ago, tried to post yesterday but didn’t have a stellar internet connection up in the air.  However, I can’t imagine a better time to post it as I am stranded in Atlanta en route to Gulfport for a special send-off.  I can’t lie, a lack of sleep and low blood sugar contributed to some emotionally low moments yesterday.  But after a good nights rest, a few cups of coffee and a fresh coat of mascara I’m ready to venture back out today! GPT or bust.

Without further adieu here goes a few things I am especially “lovin’ lately”:

Satellite Radio:


A five month subscription to Siris XM for $20? My free trial ended last August – and they have been trying to suck me in ever since! They finally made me an offer I couldn’t pass up.  Love the commercial free music stations, as well as NPR Now.  I listen in my car and through my Sonos music subscription at home.

Finding THE PERFECT birthday card:


Does that puppy look like Henry or what!?

Repurposed wrapping:

Recycled paper that POPS

and a Fun tulle bow spiffs up a DIY lamp

And lastly, restored faith in humanity. After witnessing my fair share of jerkitude yesterday both on the way to the airport and while held up in ATL, I was also the recipient of so much kindness. The “Dad” who offered me help, the old man who carried my bag up the stairs, the woman who gave me a packet of tissues and my companion at the spa who donated her points to me! #winning

Somehow in the midst of being held up in the Atlanta airport for hours, even days for some in the worst storm the southeast has seen in 10 YEARS we managed to make a joke here and there and make light of it…I am so thankful for those who made me laugh and especially the moms who made me OH so grateful to be flying solo and not with child in tow.

And finally I wouldn’t have made it to see the light of day today without the support of my fearless mother for getting me to the airport yesterday morning, friends and family opening their doors for me to stay over last night and my dedicated significant other for reminding me that it’s really NOT the end of the world.

Alright – here goes day 2 security check – in, for the sake of my well being, please say a prayer that I reach my destination today, not only smoothly but more importantly safely. Over and out!

UPDATED TO ADD: and I MADE IT, 24 hours later but safely and the sun was out to boot – peaceful feelings all around.


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